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It is time to embrace wisdom, as ignorance is inexcusable, do I write about and photograph nature to convey its significance to us all. My opinions are conveyed from life, and are just what they are with no excuses. Just a simple thought here and there, take it or leave it.

Horses Wilderness and Attunement to Nature

Over the years I have grown to observe Nature within wilderness areas.  It is not just the horses, but the ultimate understanding that the entire realm of the area, Nature itself, is a full-blown working process or system, and the diversity of wildlife makes it all happen, positively.

Many people do not understand our presence is not needed in Nature, at all.  Attunement within Nature allows us to resolve issues and problems that would normally be covered-up by bias or an unnecessary intervention of useless management paradigms meant only to satisfy the human-mind, and not really appropriate for the wilderness area or wildlife what so ever.

What I see is the healthiest animals in the wilds, often the wild horses (when left alone), but also the Keystone Predators as well, wolves, bears, cougar, bobcats, and the rest, as well as a robust realm of insects, of small critters that enhance an area, all part of the living organism we call “Wilderness”;  Ironically, the human species bothered by all of this accumulated wildlife, the need to intervene takes over, and soon wildlife disposed of, and the excuses bothersome, bias, and based on an erroneous flow of misinformation based upon nothing more than bias.  We assume all wildlife disposable (but human’s think everything is disposable), which in truth is a disregard for life in general, and just wrong on many different levels.

Ideology versus Reality

But I also started to understand that one must not get caught up, or stuck into what we place categorically into our reality – which is a human-species problem that name calling and category placement becomes stationary, a perceived reality that simply does not work for long, especially when conflicts arise and there is no apparent resolution; which, there is no reality within a bias debate, and we only fool ourselves within an odd category or perception (bigotry – bias) – so the resolution merely a pretense rather than reality, which equates to bad decision making and ultimate destruction of both lands and animals alike. . . But those making these absurd decisions will never be convinced they are wrong, even though the world falling apart all around them, and due to awkward and bias decision making based upon false information.

Our aggressive nature toward managing wildlife and wilderness areas, mostly erroneous, as it is truly founded on principle’s and ideologies that have nothing to do with Nature, in reality an Attunement within Nature simply lacking, and humans become unable to receive a truthful feedback on our own performance with Nature – once again, superior attitudes replace reality, wrong decisions developed and destructive actions follow in the name of good management.

Attunement within Nature

So, we start to learn from these healthiest of animals in Nature, in the Wilds, and begin to see they are also the wisest and most attuned.  Their knowledge of navigation extraordinary, their understanding of their terrain and their ability to find food far superior than ours, unequivocally so.  Allow me to point out the fact a domestic animal, nor many a human as well, would not survive in the wilds, because all have lost the ability of attunement – their survival component’s essentially unavailable.

Without this attunement, we lose the ability to adjust our mistakes correctly, then assume all others wrong and we are right – in Nature this mind-set provides nothing more than eminent death . . . and it remains very destructive, as well, within our society – yet another flow of Nature and how it cleanses itself through a Natural Attrition of Reality versus ignorance.

Without this Attunement within Nature, the very intimate and direct interaction with Nature, our minds wander and pursue useless material things, our minds become delusional and our bodies become sick.  Often, we lose track of what is important and the world around us becomes distorted and before we realize that we have made a great mistake, we have already become a prisoner of the un-natural human-made world.  Things around us, and in particular when we deal with nature, things become convoluted, simple problems to resolve become unimaginably difficult and far more complex than needed.

Now we learn.  I have become, over time and while observing wildlife, that it is the overall environmental complex that is important.  Our intervention remains unnecessary.  The fact is we can actually love our Natural environment, and this inclusive of respect, reception, and the ability to accept the fact there is no need or desire to accomplish or see a particular outcome in order to follow our biased belief.  Events in Nature must unfold naturally, and I see the conflict of Universal Truth conflict with human truths (and the irrationality of human truth precisely) which have no place in wilderness areas.


We assume our facts to be superior, and we are in charge of the Earth.  Nature exists for all beings, we decided to break away from this most obvious, and Earth Born natural circumstance.  The reality is, and always has been, our Natural Resources are limited and belong to all species and should not be wasted.

Degrading forms of economic growth, special interests, and destructive mind-sets should be discouraged, always.  Sustainable forms of growth in nature should be encouraged.  With this in mind, it becomes quite apparent that learning more about the ways that Nature sustains itself, and using these lessons within a beneficial context, enhances our livability on this planet, our consciousness, and our very life.  We then accomplish the natural life form we were always meant to have, and develop into co-existing with all life around us, favorable, rather than rudely and destructively.

I see first hand Nature knows how to sustain itself, which can be a lesson to us as human’s, and enhance the ways we think and work, and use common sense that interacts with nature – co-exist – rather than destroy it.  We will not survive long within concrete, oil, beef, and asphalt – and we will starve ourselves, both mentally and physically . . . — John Cox, Cascades

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Wild Horses: Their Clear and Present Danger

We have gotten to the point that we need a detailed “program outline” to see who the honest player’s indeed are, and who the corrupt player’s are within the management and non-profit realms of saving the Wild Horses on Our Public Lands, as corruption and the Wild Horses becoming synonymous — not the Wild Horse’s doing at all, but money involved and too many pigs at the same trough . . . essentially, a government allowed chain of abuses and corruption, and we need to ask our representatives why this even exists. — John Cox — January 8, 2020

Had an excellent conversation last night with an old College friend (that was many years ago, we are all retiring now) — Elizabeth is a Psychiatrist PhD Psychology Professor Emeritus — and we speak off and on about the issues in the matters of the Wild Horses, which intrigues’ her entirely, she also owns horses . . . She is yet another Cowgirl at heart and a quality person.

She, as well as many others (as I am using a part of our conversation last night for this discussion), are quite aware of what our government employees, as well as some advocates, are doing, and as many others inclusive of myself as well, remain appalled at what we all see ongoing right now and on our Public Lands.

To make the Statement of “Government Sponsored Abuse” remains an Understated Fact, as disgusting as this sounds, yet a very true circumstance, and continues as I write here.

Then we go to the deplorable situation of some non-profit advocacy’s — What some groups do to beg for donations, for frivolous things — or, to manipulate emotional responses, in many cases using photography or video productions to initiate donation drive, emotionally, for people to donate — giving people the impression they care about the horses — well, this all can be placed into question easily . . .

To many of us, it seems there is more things to accomplish rather than just go to roundups, and when one thinks about it, it is kind of creepy, those that go and watch this stuff. Like a Fire Engine chaser or something. Arson’s go to fires because they like to watch the fire — abuser’s like to be around abuse and other weird things — darting horses is similar to shooting them, as awkward as that sounds, but a true Psychological aspect none the less . . . A person is “Shooting” a horse, a large mammal, despite it being a dart or a bullet. . . Basic psychology tells us this, clearly, so one can “Abuse” a horse and attempt to separate this from the use of a bullet, because in their minds, “. . . after all, the horse does not die.”

i.e. But this is untrue as well, as we see many horses actually die from immune system deficiencies, going septic and actually die from the abscess directly initiated from the dart-wound (Pesticide PZP) and the bullet type capsule explodes outward, after the PZP injected into the system of the Wild Horse for birth control. . .  By the way, of an Underpopulated Species (bias and ignorance here is profoundly so obvious and unbelievable, then we go to the reasoning, or the faltered mindsets of those that dart horses, and discover mental-deficient mind sets of excuse within that realm as well.  Many of these attributes very alarming, indeed.

Profoundly, a lot of the money these people bilk from the Public, mostly due to the more immediate emotional response, from either photos or information or attributable misinformation, a large part of the donations do not go to the Wild Horses what so ever, but to life-styles of the photographers or the video people, or the organization that sent them.

One instance of a video presentation, to actually obtain donations its end goal, was very disturbing to many.  The production company had a helicopter and was chasing horses, to appear as a natural setting, as a moving herd of horses much more dramatic than just standing around a large landscape grazing.  The owner of the Non-Profit stood to the front of the galloping herd in the background, associated herself with Wild Horses, as if she really cared about them.

The first take unacceptable, so they setup everything, and aggressively chased the Wild Horses with the Helicopter, and rather than a galloping herd, they stampeded — they trampled over a Yearling that could not keep up.  Helicopter Roundups are always abusive, and Trapping Horses in Bait and Trap Roundups are also, as we see via the statistic, ironically just as abusive. . .  Both of these situations cost taxpayer in the $-Millions of taxpayer dollars paid to accomplish — Always abusive, always detrimental to all the Wild Horses — and those darted with Pesticide PZP as well as other Birth Controls and experimentation used, ALL are eventually Rounded UP —

THERE IS NO OVER-POPULATION OF WILD HORSES ON PUBLIC LANDS — THE Government Agencies — BLM AND FORESTRY — STATISTICS ARE BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBILITIES, ALWAYS AND ONE CAN LOOK FOR THEMSELVES — and yet their lie after lie about wild horse over-population costs taxpayers in the now $-Billions over a five yer time period . . . All of this info can be found when appropriate research accomplished . . . 

The Yearling had broken legs, was eventually shot in the head, as it was having a problem breathing, as well.  But the disgusting fact is, this entire situation VIOLATED THE WH&B ACT OF 1971, as well as other laws that protect wildlife from direct abuse from visitors to Public Lands, Parks, or other Federal Properties.

This particular person heads up another non-profit, lacks knowledge of how to manage horses, yet Bilks the Public through emotional donation information packages, quite freely today . . .

So do we have a problem with government management of wild horses, as well as a problem with many groups that tell us they will defend the wild horses? 

Absolutely, it has come time that we need a  “program outline” to separate the players within this ongoing tragedy.  This has developed over the years, ironically, as very profitable to both government program budgets and quite profitable to non-profits who state they use donation money to defend the wild horses, but never do, really; nor, are they managed properly by our government, either.

So the Wild Horses lose out here — if they are not shot on the range, they are rounded up abusively, sent to government corrals, then disappear.  Some adopted, but most are stolen by government employee, then sent to slaughter to Mexico or Canada.  More troubling, and consistent information, we find not only government employee involvement within all of this, but we find non-profit groups also involved in it “All” . . .


Wild Horses Sacrificed: Rhetoric and Corruption and the Information Age of Confusion = Reality versus Immorality and Careful What You Ask For

Today in government, as well as Watchdog Groups and many Non-Profits, there exist problems of credibility.  How do we know this?  The money obtained within all of them, donation steams, or taxpayer dollars, all are based upon a tremendous amount of lies, misinformation, emotion-driven rhetoric, and perpetuation of situations that are so convoluted that in reality, no resolution would ever exist.  Only then the supposed guarantee of an outcome or a resolution develops (a made-up resolution to resolve a made-up crisis or what legally is termed Corruption or Organized Crimes), that in reality never happens; which, it was a situation based upon a lie, and how does one resolve a lie?

Well, by developing more misinformation, and as in today and the Wild Horses, for example, simply distort the misinformation so badly, that the slightest recommendation toward resolution, by both government misinformation and non-profits misinformation streams, obviously the collusion exists, create very profitable streams of emotion-driven monetary profits, for all involved.

One can become very rich by simply perpetuating a situation that will never, nor can ever, obtain resolution of any type.  This is one large factor of reality, why we have Over-Site of government agencies, and must keep them in check (obviously our Checks and Balance System of government is broken today).

Currently, we live in an information age that many people assume they know something about everything; that is, until we actually speak with them, and then find they really know nothing at all.  If one needs one of many other confirmable examples of this, simply peruse journalistic articles on the Wild Horses written by people on the East Coast, or in large cities, and about the ongoing developments on the range and in the mountains, on the west coast.

We find many of those journalists never get past the breakroom or office water cooler, and all of their info developed from their computer . . . so we convey here corruption creates more corruption, then ironically, and almost comically, those who write about the corruption and ignore the truth or simply ignorant of the truth, speak about how to resolve this same corruption . . .

This creates a collusion even more vast than those directly involved, whether knowingly or not, and profoundly all take part in the corrupt rhetoric of misinformation flows (e.g. using Bureau of Land Management statistics, when obvious their wild horse herd counts biologically impossibilities, and yet use those numbers) —  and the ol’ virtue of when repeated enough, it simply becomes acceptable?

The circumstance then becomes compounded by several reality situations, even more outstanding than others and within an academic observation (academic due to observable and quantified data gathering).  This fact is, and among the many other outstanding facts, that many people simply do not read well, or some hardly at all, and others perhaps not knowing how to read.  There also are people who know how to read, or listen to facts, but do not understand what it is they read, or facts are just not absorbed well within their mental process.  We then observe a twisted and distorted informational-mass of confusion.  Gibberish follows, and the truth, even though given the facts contrary to what they have seen or heard, turns into simply a vast quagmire of nonsense.

We then get to the emotional side of these situations, and discover how Canned-Presentations of Misinformation most often untrue or just enough truth combined with rhetoric, essentially hides the Communication meant to Manipulate rather than Inform.  Emotional-Driven donation streams have become a paramount fund-raising resource for many of the more questionable charitable non-profit organizations, as well as with government organizations that need streams of misinformation in order to enhance their budgets . . .

Ultimately, what myself and others are finding today through research, is the fact “Corruption” has changed faces, and is now actually manipulating their markets.  Using the “Information Age” for nothing more than upholding a mass amount of “Misinformation-Driven” rhetoric to the media streams, and

  1. Actually having the taxpayer’s or donators to non-profits, unknowingly taking part in the “Corrupt” flow of misinformation, with the assumption the Perpetuated Problems can be resolved – but only if “. . . we increase our budgets for better management paradigms. . .” (actually paradigms not meant to resolve, but rather enhance more and much larger budgets in the future, and corrupt in total); or,
  2. You donate to a non-profit, and they will take these corrupt people in government to task (again their attempts at resolving issues do not directly confront the issues, but simply confront subordinate issues which perpetuate further more emotional driven issues, all the while asking for more donations) and by golly save the wild horses – which in truth never happens because they never approach the reality issues, but the corrupt issues instead even though they are just as corrupt – and the money-trains become larger and larger still. . .

So, the corrupt just become more corrupt, and all those taking part in the corruption, are and remain just as corrupt.  The overlooked fact of truth here, is that to end corruption, first we must stop listening to their greed and lies, and then take-to-task the corruption directly – and not become a part of it, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

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Wildlife Moderation of Population is a Natural Process : Human’s Need Not Get Involved At All


Moderation within a Natural wilderness setting is not only doable, but backed by a tremendous amount of Science, Researchers, those experienced in the Ranges and Public Lands, as well as Biologists alike. Diversity and natural progression moderates the population of ALL WILDLIFE — this is why we have qualified, and experienced people stepping up and saying something, enough of the amateurs attempting to sound like they know something, and the situation for the wild horses getting worse, then worse again . . .

The things ongoing right now, in government and with non-profits alike, is pure bullshit, and I see only a few people that “may” have a plan of action that is any good at all — and that is my experience as well as many others experience on the ranges and in the mountains, we all state very clearly!

AMERICA’S WILD HORSES HAVE A “RIGHT” TO BE WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED ON PUBLIC LANDS — BY LAW — Whereas, industry and ranching is merely a Revocable Privilege, and taxpayer’s, that is the more that become aware of the reality and abuse, from corrupt government agencies, as well as corrupt ranchers and industry and how they use our Public Lands, is becoming Unacceptable to many American’s, and we are all tired of the lies and misinformation, and disrespect of these government agencies directed toward the American taxpayer’s — directly, and the kill-off of America’s Wildlife uselessly and out of bias and hatred. . .


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America’s Public Lands: will bigotry, bias, and corrupt government agencies destroy Our Public Lands?

The fact is this, Federal Courts, since day one have always backed the Rights of the Taxpayer’s of this land, and reinforce the situation (i.e. Federal Courts quite clear on the separation of private rights compared to the privilege of Grazing Permit Lands and the kited entitlement to them) of Grazing Permit Ranching on Public Lands, remains and always will be merely a “Privilege” given to ranchers by American’s (i.e. essentially taxpayer’s), and through their representative government politicians and agencies, but keep in mind, a “Revocable Privilege” when abused.

I suppose demeaning other American’s for a simplistic and arrogant reasoning, or intimidation because grazing permit ranchers do have to answer to American’s and the Taxpayer’s of this nation, to rightfully continue their privilege-only status, then the debate begins. Many see this as simply petty Bigotry, brought about by narrow thinking, greed, and low IQ’s, and not really understanding the Laws that protect American’s from Corrupt and Ignorant behaviors, entirely.

Whether one is a Right-Wing Conservative or a Liberal is inconsequential, as Our country is based upon Diversity; which, was fought for over the centuries, and the highest price of all, one’s life sacrificed, for America and this diversity.  This bigotry today, that seems to be acceptable to some, disrespects’ those that fought for this country, or served well and with respect.  Bigotry, remains unacceptable and will simply destroy this country which belongs to all of us – and this is something that bigotry nor bias can hide from others who have minds and think. 

Federal Court Law

The Federal Courts over the history of America, has decided, and very clear about our Public Lands being America’s Lands, and not to be used privately.  So those Right-Wing Extremists must accept the fact, in particular about Public lands, that they have no evidence to support their opinions of ownership, nor of total control of Our – American’s – Public Lands.  The assumption anyone who does not agree with them are Un-American, is and remains preposterous, and nothing supports that either, other than their own bigotry, their own bias, and total ignorance of the subject. Whether one sees a grazing right as a form of “property” depends ultimately on the view of property one has. Falen and Budd-Falen (1993, p. 505) cite a 19th Century Supreme Court decision in defining the contested term as embracing “all valuable interests which man may possess outside of. . . his life and liberty.”

Quoting from the dissent in that case, Falen and Budd-Falen do not entirely convey what the minority opinion in Campbell v. Holt (115 U.S. 620 (1885) was trying to say.. ‘The term ‘property’,” said the dissent, “. . .is not confined to mere tangible property, but extends to every species of vested right” (Campbell, p.630). But if property as relevant to the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments covers all “vested rights,” it does not cover grazing preferences or permits, both of which the courts have regularly declared not to be a kind of “vested right.” The case law does, however, support a “thing of value” view of property for grazing permits as outlined by the Red Canyon court and the IRS in Shufflebarner and other rulings. Such a view acknowledges the clear financial advantages of a grazer’s preference right against other ranchers, while stopping short of declaring that preference a vested right of private property, protected from uncompensated government action. . .

A difficult but essential first step is to broaden the views of the parties involved. Jurists, administrators, and their supporters need to realize that court decisions and legal precedents sometimes carry much less strength than they might imagine. The persuasion process merely starts with a legal decision rather than ending with it. As many organizational theorists have noted, the authority of a rule lies in its acceptance by the subordinate rather than the rule-maker (Barnard, 1938). Similarly, ranchers and private rights advocates need to acknowledge the relative weakness of their legal case and move on, rather than continuing to press for victory in a battle that has already been mostly fought and lost.

Their case is better made in the political and cultural realm, within the confines of current legal realities. At the risk of sounding naive, both sides need to see the world from another point of view. They need to use their “imaginations,” as Rose (1994, p. 297) urges, and realize that “what you see in property is what you and others have talked yourself into about those ‘things’.”

What will happen if either side is able to see things from another point of view is beyond prediction, but that it would be an improvement on the current situation seems clear. To truly understand another view requires a basic level of respect that brings with it a world of potential for resolution. As Rose (1994, p. 297) concludes, “given some imagination, you may always talk yourselves into seeing something else-with all the effects on understanding and action that a new ‘envisioning’ may bring.”

Today we have many misguided situations or interpretations of Law within the realm of government lands use. Whether it is from those unassociated with these laws (they should perhaps learn the Law and at least appear somewhat intelligent rather than totally ignorant), or those who assume their interpretation of some Laws while leaving out the essential aspects of the Law itself, is merely self-serving and ignores the actual legality of the issue. Yes, understanding what one is reading, and acknowledge the connections to all of the legal jargon, is then paramount in understanding the Laws.

Today, as well, we have a problem with government agencies misinterpretation of the Federal Laws, and assume “Corrupting” these Laws are or remain okay, in order to reach their Special Interests, or their political favor. If this truly the case, then why have any types of Laws at all? To be an American is to acknowledge we are a Land of Laws.

This is how America operates, and if we ignore this, then we become nothing more than a backward country, and extinction, or s the Roman Empire Fell due to corruption, may not be that far off – which history shows clearly; that, corruption within all of its vast ignorance, and when accepted simply turns into a National Cancer, then as history again shows, the Country Fails – destroyed from within . . .

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The Wild Horse Overpopulation Lie of lies – costing taxpayer’s $-millions a year

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Let’s Discuss Science and Wild Horses being Indigenous on Our Public Lands, and WHY . . .


The Bureau of Lands Management simply covers-up the truth entirely for a select few to use Our Public Lands, and to outright abuse it.  Time to Investigate the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of the Interior, as well as the USDA Forestry and the USDA Wildlife Services.  The worst of the worst in GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION TODAY!

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