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Saving Wild Horses Plan A — The Future of Wild Horse Herds on Public Lands

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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ― John Lennon

We need options to resolve the mess not only what our Public Lands are experiencing currently, but options for America’s Icon, the Wild Horses. We are currently placing together a Plan of Action (i.e. Biologists, Media People, Researchers, Terrestrial Biologists, Archeologists, and Marine Biologists),and have been in the works for a while, in regard toward a Priority Circumstance, and to place Wild Horses back onto Public Lands.

Within the frame-work of this particular plan is a technological situation of developing honest Wild Horse Head Counts and in regard to legal ratios of Sheep and Cattle head counts. But more than that, within the same technology we find the abilities to consider grassland studies as well as riparian studies measured accurately and appropriately and within a scientific data gathering process method.

As well we can also show with this same bit of technology, the patterns of cattle, compared to sheep, compared to wild horses, compared to other wildlife such as deer, Elk, et al. This methodology and equipment is available, and has been ignored by government, as it is plain and simple way too accurate – they would be held accountable – and accountability within these current government agencies is not to their liking.

The assumptive problem is, and has been no oversight toward the Bureau of Land Management or the Department of the Interior, as well as human involvement which has in most situations become criminal in method, and the most powerful of all is that no one being held responsible due to the vastness of operational involvement and management aspects.

We can resolve these issues. We are also placing into this plan Police-Action, which will monitor the sheep and cattle and rancher honesty (as they tell many American’s they are so honest, so that should not be a problem, should it?) We find this plan of action not only appropriate, but have assimilated a positive aspect from some legislators as well, within a confidential setting.

So to admonish and claim there is no plan of action from those against PZP as well as against welfare ranching – the options are building exponentially large, and after a while one or two may be implemented – and saving taxpayers Billions upon Billions of dollars $$$$$$ Saved.

We need to rid our system of all current wild horse management paradigms and current management situations, as being too costly, too criminal, and too greed-incentive to be of any use what so ever to our natural habitat on America’s Public Lands. There will be one day when it is needed, and it simply will not be available due to over-use, mismanagement, and used within criminal activity, which in a summation — our Public Lands are being destroyed for short-term profits . . . Options are available that are much better and superior to especially what is ongoing currently.

America needs to Wake Up to these apparent options available, and not the options that currently exist for short-term profit.


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Wild Horse To Slaughter — Part II BLM, Taxpayer Money, Corruption

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“And not only the pride of intellect, but the stupidity of intellect. And, above all, the dishonesty, yes, the dishonesty of intellect. Yes, indeed, the dishonesty and trickery of intellect.”
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Make no doubt the theft and stealing Wild Horses, then taking to slaughter, is an illegal criminal industry, and alive and well right here in the United States. The problem here is not only its illegality, but the fact taxpayers support this criminality, i.e. unknowingly. Many aspects of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) management of Wild Horses on Public Lands are illegal. It abounds in misconduct and criminal behavior of not only government employees, but private contractors as well.

We’re just now scratching the surface of this ongoing activity, for several decades now, and find it enormous in scale, and well organized from within a government agency.

We also find, as mentioned in Part I of this series of articles, when the criminal undercover investigation in 1991 started to issue federal felony arrest warrants, more than 1900 (i.e. to both BLM employees and private contractors) were to be issued but – called-off the night before the issuance. These same people – BLM employees and some private government contractors combined, still work for the BLM as well as acquire government contracts from the BLM and DOI – even though ethics policies and laws in place to prevent these types of situations, are simply ignored.

Keep in mind, first: the undercover investigation cost taxpayers $2 million+ tax dollars; second: the federal arrest warrants were not issued, not because of innocence, but due to the fear BLM would have a minimal work-force and incapable of operating as a government agency; thirdly, the Justice Department assumed the lengthy court process to be extensive, and would clog the courts for years to come . . . so rather than include an option to phase-out these criminal employees’, they were left to continue their criminal operations, using taxpayer money, and deriving large profits over the next two decades. Oversight become non-existent toward this government agency.

We have currently counted 58 BLM employees who were listed to receive a federal felony arrest warrant, and remain not only working for the BLM but serve as either administrative or management personnel, and many in charge of consulting with private contractors and in the matter of Wild Horse Herd management capacities. Two of which remain on the Wild Horse and Burro Board, which is certainly a questionable situation, as well as disrespectful toward taxpayers and the American citizen.

Rather than write about it, we continue the Interview from the undercover work of a Federal Agent. This interview takes place between a BLM Special Agent, and a BLM contractor and informant. The Special Agent and his material was then rejected by BLM Officials as being contrary to their ongoing policy, and then covered up.

The Special Agent, one of many within the Undercover Operation conducted by BLM and Justice Department oversight from the 1991 investigation, threatened within several disciplinary functions, administered by other BLM authorities as well as their legal department. Essentially, the interview transcript, thought to be the only copy, was destroyed by BLM legal department Attorneys. The Special Agent did keep a copy for himself. This is a patchwork of pertinent items taken from the actual interview.

Here is part of one Interview from the Undercover Investigation, and make no doubt the BLM is still operating as such today:

The Interview:

Agent: Let’s say you run 65 head in down here. You’ve got the BLM guy up on the mesa somewhere and he is watching with binoculars, you go and tell him there’s 50 head. Is that the way it works?

Informant: Right.

Agent: When in fact there is 65? What happens to the other 15 head?

Informant: The horses will be taken down to load out. Fifty head will be left there. The excess horses will be transported immediately out of there.

***Satellite Ranches (Journalist note: Paid for by taxpayer money and under false pretense, fraud)

Agent: What do you do with them then?

Informant: They’ll go to satellite ranches around the country.

This is an industry, Wild Horse Roundups and Horse Slaughter combined, and that makes money in abundance, most often from using taxpayer money. The BLM, the government agency responsible for Administering and Oversight, does not perform either function in a legal or responsible manner.

We can use here what was learned in Murderer’s Creek, Oregon Bait and Trap method of combined BLM/Forestry Roundups:

We discovered through perusal of FOIA BLM Inventory Sheets, 29 Wild Horses captured at Murderer’s Creek, inventoried as being loaded at the Trap Sight; although, eventually marked as DEAD. These 29 Wild Horses disappeared somewhere between Murderer’s Creek and shipment to the BLM corral and temporary storage facility in Burns, Oregon.

We spoke with both the Supervisor / Head Wrangler at Burns as well as being the person in charge of inventory at Murderer’s Creek since it was a BLM operation but the Forestry was conducting the roundup. He states clearly there were not 29 Wild Horses brought to the Burns, Oregon corrals, and insisted he did not know anything about this situation.

More troubling with this situation is the fact he was supposed to be On-Location whenever Wild Horses loaded into trailers for shipment to the Burns Corrals. This was a Forestry/BLM Trap and Bait Roundup, and there was a Forestry supervisor on location monitoring the trapping and loading of the Wild Horses. The Wild Horses were documented as being loaded, via inventory – receipts given, and payment given to the Private Contractor, which amounted to $1,000 per horse = $29,000 (i.e. taxpayer money lost to criminal behavior and conduct?) . . .

This is only a smaller example of what is ongoing in Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and other States where the BLM conduct Wild Horse Herd Rounds — and at Taxpayer Expense within the millions of dollars per roundup — which amounts to taxpayers covering the cost of roundups, storage, and transport for what is termed a Kill-Buyer, a person that has a truck and trailer to haul Wild Horses to Slaughter, either in Canada or Mexico, whoever has the best price for meat at the time. These are America’s Icons, the Wild Horses, and representative of America — and these people, BLM, Welfare Ranchers, and Kill-Buyers alike are spitting on and disrespecting every American by taking Our Wild Horses to Slaughter —

Keep in mind if this was legal, ethical, or morally correct, our government would be justifying these costs openly, rather than covering them up and consistently hiding them as they currently do so.

So once again we go to the Interview of an actual and admitted participant within the actual operation of how it all works, and placed together within an organized context (continued from Interview above):

Agent: Explain to me, satellite ranch.

Informant: Well, a satellite ranch is a number of ranches’ throughout the different areas that we catch horses that we distribute horses to, and it’s just holding pins. They are paid so much money to just hold these horses for a certain time period until we come and pick them up again. Depending on what we want done with them, or where those horses are going, some of the horses may be hot-branded with different distributors’ brands, or the horses will just be transported as slick.

Agent: Slick, no brand at all?

Informant: No brand at all.

Agent: Where would they go, the slick?

Informant: Well, they’ll – most of them will go to a distributor somewhere and in a time period be hot-branded, or some of them may just be distributed out as slicks, and let the general public . . . Some of them, if they’re decent stock, will go to regular cattle ranches. Most of them, over a time period, will go to killers, you know. They’ll be sold to somebody and they’ll find out, well, this son-of-a-bitch ain’t worth a shit, so they go down the road.

Agent: What was the largest amount stolen – horses you saw stolen from the BLM at one time or another?

Informant: Around 60, 70 head.

Agent: How much would a contractor (***i.e. Journalist note: Contracted with the BLM) get for these 60, 70 head of horses?

Informant: Oh, he’ll get anywhere from $300 to $500 a horse (***1997 price – not that much lower today), depending on their size and what the horse looks like. If he’s a well-built horse, he’s going to get more. If he’s a scrawny old nag, he ain’t going to get as much.

Agent: Have you ever personally drove any of those horses to a satellite ranch?

Informant: More than once.

Agent: How does that work? You don’t do it during working hours; how does it work?

Informant: It depends. Sometimes we do it during working hours, you know. If they’re paid to be gone, that’s when we go. Most of the time its been at night, you know, after the counts been jimmied around, those horses are moved. And you strictly drove down there to a certain location, open a gate and dump those horses out in a bunch of other horses.

Agent: At the satellite ranch?

Informant: At the satellite ranch.

Agent: The BLM guy . . . take them to the satellite ranch, and then be back by the next morning –

Informant: Yes, sir.

Agent: Business as usual?

Informant: Business as usual. . .

Agent: Do you think the BLM is aware of what’s going on with this thing, with the jimmy and the count?

Informant: I know some of them are.

Agent: Some on the inside – like the people that are supposed to be watching you guys, or the gather crew knows about it, you think?

Informant: Sure. Some of those guys are truck drivers, and they inform as to different guys that want horses. They supply names and addresses and stuff, and they receive a small percentage of the sale price for that information.

(***Journalists note: any time money is expressed as changing hands, that precisely, or eventually, comes out of the taxpayers pockets – conducive toward Fraud is understood, thereby the criminal behavior, as well as theft)

Agent: So they’re Brokers, actually? They’ll give the contractors names to take stolen horses to?

Informant: Sure.

Agent: You told me that you observed the contractor pay the BLM agent with a check – a check for him. Is that correct?

Informant: Well, we just removed the horses when they was gone. He was to be gone for a certain amount of time. When he was gone, we loaded up and those horses were gone.

Agent: Do you think this is – is this a big money deal?

Informant: We’re well paid.

Agent: I’m talking about for the contractor. Is there a lot of money in this for the contractor?

Informant: He’s making a lot of money.

Agent: Is this a pretty good organization? This sounds like something that’s pretty well planned out, it’s a big organization?

Informant: Well, its very well set up, you know. There’s nobody that participates in it that isn’t well known and don’t know what’s going on.

Agent: Do you feel like there’s people inside the BLM that know about this practice, that are a part of this practice?

Informant: Sure. We can’t operate unless they’re standing there.

[***We skip over Black-Booking and other illegal activities and bogus counts for a later article]

Agent: Tell me about the mind-set of the cowboy. How does this work in your guy’s mind? I mean, do you feel like it’s stealing? Do you feel like the BLM condones it, or what?

Journalists note: This will demonstrate there is not only abuse toward horses, but also the mind-set or intellectual level of the people who have been manipulated and chosen to carry-out the actual theft. The mind set and behavior toward abusive circumstances that are indeed involved here, and the cowboys involved, have been taken advantage of in several different psychological circumstances. Leadership from officials, or ranch owners toward their hired help, is definitely a prominent and obvious factor within this entire subject. In another words, those that know better, but are willing to sacrifice ethics and even break the law for money, within their organized efforts to rip off the taxpayer, has been allowed up to this point by many authorities.)

Informant: Well, it’s not actually stealing in our way of looking at it. It’s just a way of life, you know. It’s been a common practice for numbers and numbers of years, you know. There’s never been any paperwork ever required. If we wanted to trade horses, move horses, you know, it’s just a way of life, you know. . . You’ve got ranchers out there that are paying the permit fees on grazing, and then they have a bunch of wild horses move in, you know, they’re loosing money because they are paying for that grass. These wild horses come in and are eating up their grass, so they’re pissed off. It’s our job to disburse those horses, you know, so we do our best to get rid of as many as we can. I don’t really consider it stealing.
*** An HMA, or designated Horse Management Area, the area discussed here, serves as the legal and legislative aspect that Wild Horses are the priority. The ranchers leasing an abundant amount of land, in this case, has never had an under abundance of grass for grazing their stock, which is secondary anyway, on an HMA land and according to Law. There are simply not enough Wild Horses to overgraze the amount of land in discussion here. Then we go to the fact that Sales Receipts, from what we term Welfare Ranchers’, and their cattle that graze on America’s Public Lands, (GAO Report and DOI Report) less than 1% of overall sales of beef comes from Public Lands grazing-permit beef sales domestically in both 2012 and 2013; yet, this is at a taxpayer cost of $450 million dollars for BLM to just administer the Grazing Permit program yearly, and then subsidies in the minimal amount of $2.9 billion of taxpayer money –

Reference for Interview used within this article:

1997 April, Horses to Slaughter, Anatomy of a Cover-up within the Wild Horse and Burro Program of the Bureau of Land Management, PEER White Paper Number 14.

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America’s Wild Horses Killed: Sold often illegally to the Horse Slaughter Transport Network in the United States


“Government agencies are to be held responsible for their conduct, their integrity, and their moral compass of activity. Without holding them responsible, We then find corruption and certainly an agency that neither represents the American Taxpayer, nor is it representative of the Integrity all Americans demand to be upheld and within high regard.” — John Cox, Veteran, Animal Advocate

Conflict does not always lead toward resolution. Although, it is the opposing position that generates better policy, better laws, and better management. In this case, and the subject of this writing, is the Wild Horse Herds that roam our Public Lands.

The Wild Horses on Public Lands situation can be described within a context of ineptness, irresponsible behavior, criminality, abuse, fraud, and tawdry name calling from the BLM and DOI employees and toward American citizens concerned about the Wild Horses — as well, taxpayers being forced to pay for illegal activities; which all definitions highlight the inappropriate and often irresponsible behavior of the Bureau of Land Management as well as its supervisory agency, the Department of the Interior.

A Government Agency Gone Bad

But first allow a little history. This is where the mainline media would displace the wild horses into historical escapades of government rhetoric. Yes, misinformation is plenty about the Wild Horses and their situation. The term: . . . what you do not know will not hurt you, is in error within this portion of America’s Wild Horses and their ongoing history; as it is precisely hurting them, and in extreme proportions — costly in both animal-life and money, and BLM / DOI allows extreme abuse and cruelty by management operations — taxpayer supported.

Within a Report Document (White Paper) entitled Horses to Slaughter, we discover overwhelming criminality and cover-up within the Bureau of Land Management. This particular undercover investigation was as far back as the late 1980’s thru 1991.

“The report is not as much about horses as it is about human integrity. The documents in this report detail the inability of the Department of the Interior to Police its own misconduct. Consequently, the failings reported . . . but are those of the Bureau of Land management (BLM) Law Enforcement program, the Department of the Interior Inspector General and the Office of the Solicitor and Secretary of the Interior, himself.” 1997 April, Horses to Slaughter, Anatomy of a Cover-up within the Wild Horse and Burro Program of the Bureau of Land Management, PEER White Paper Number 14.

The problem? This continues, due to this particular investigation being canceled before many Felony and Misdemeanor Arrest Warrants issued, as a matter of fact the very night before — called off by “. . . someone in high office, as the word leaked out eventually.” And many of those people, named on the Arrest Warrants, eventually assumed Management Positions within the BLM and DOI, and work there presently. And yes, the criminality continued over the past decades, and as outlined below.

This particular White Paper, aforementioned above, was prepared by current and former Special Agents and Investigators at that time. Several were witnesses and participants to the events described in this report. They represent more than a century of Law Enforcement experience.

“The authors of this report remain anonymous in order to avoid further retaliation from the Department of the Interior . . .” (Ibid)

The BLM is responsible for the management of America’s Public Lands, and America’s Wild Horses as well (a very bad Conflict of Interest situation right from the start). Set-asides, called Horse Management Areas, and paid for through taxpayer money, as well as its administration and management virtues, is a regulatory situation governed by Federal Laws. With this in mind, the BLM tolerates, and often facilitates the illegal trafficking and slaughter of America’s Icon — the Wild Horses. This is wiping out not only a provable indigenous species, but of historical and iconic proportions a superior and dignified Western legend – the Horse. The majorities of American’s have, and currently do – other than the BLM and welfare ranchers — respect this heritage.

The BLM has obstructed efforts by its own law enforcement officers to expose commercial theft of Wild Horses, fraudulent adoption schemes, and fictitious “sanctuary” herds, not only to avoid embarrassment, but to also maintain the flow of Wild Horses off the range.

Why should America be concerned?

Our government’s basis, the integrity of our Union, is indeed its beneficial laws of and for the people – ALL the people, to govern our nation. If we, Americans all and include government personnel as well, do not respect these laws, then how indeed is America going to function as a nation, as a people of this world?

So we enter into the current criminal behavior within the BLM, which is quite obvious as well. We can discuss, for example, the where about of $662,000 dollars spent on Gift Cards in 2014, going to fellow BLM employees and others. We can assume, without a stretch of the imagination, Payoffs, bribes, and political contributions were part of this?

The vouchers for this large theft of government money apparently used and within the government voucher computer system, were available at one time; that is, until the BLM started an investigation, and only after the situation published in newspapers. Shortly thereafter, and not so ironic, the vouchers – all of them – disappeared.

“Yes — evidence disappeared. There must not be any crime then,” says Secretary Jewell over at the DOI,” as American’s look on in a “. . . what the hell just happened here . . .” confusion!

Or, we can also go to the Wild Horse Roundups and the Bait and Trap methodology in Oregon, for example. The Bait and Trap methods are used at Murderer’s Creek, and assumed very functional. And yet, at $1000 per horse caught and paid to contractors in 2013, via the BLM/Forestry Inventory of Wild Horses caught, we find in one instance, of many, 29 Dead ($1,000 x 29 = $29,000 spent). We speak with a Government Supervisor there and find the horses did not make it to the Burns Corral, and he did not know of the horses dead, so he says. The fact is they apparently disappeared between the Capture Site and the Burns Corrals.

Oh, the Supervisor was also asked, “. . .well, if your people there, standing at the trap site, and watching them load from the trap site to the trailers, and taking Inventory, how could these 29 Wild Horses possibly disappear from the face of the earth?” In another words, how could the trailers with the Wild Horses make it a few miles down the road, to the Burns Corrals from Murderer’s Creek, without being lost? Well, the answer to this and many more questions like this below.

We can also point out the 199 Wild Horses that died at the Burns Corrals, within a 2 year time period (i.e. $1,000 x 199 = $199,000 spent). Collaborated and confirmed by a documentary video on the Burns Corrals as the subject, and done by the Oregon Public Broadcasting System.

The fact is the BLM is one of the worst – the most corrupt and criminal agency that has ever existed in American History. It has far surpassed all-time lows with extreme lack of integrity, and more sad, morally corrupt.
Further articles within the near future will be completed and will break-down further the criminal aspects and how the BLM/DOI go about their behavior — becoming even much more precise. And our American Justice system and the BLM or DOI Police and Inspector General’s Office does nothing.

Criminality these illegal and unethical situations remain ongoing in the BLM:

1. Theft of Wild Horses during BLM planned or sponsored Roundups and gathers;

2. “Black Booking” of phony Double-Branding of Horses so duplicate branded horses can disappear without a trace;

3. Manipulation of Wild Horse adoptions where one person holds the proxies for a group of supposedly separate adopters, and the horses ALL end up at slaughter;

4. Use of Satellite Ranches to hold Wild Horses for days or weeks and as stopping points on their way to slaughter;

5. Fraudulent use of Wild Horse Sanctuaries’ – ranches subsidized by the Federal Government to care for unadoptable Wild Horses deemed excess and removed from the range – as fronts for commercial exploitation;

6. The fraudulent behavior of “Seeding” satellite and other horse storage facilities with a “Horses in Transit” transport across several western states, to establish Head-Counts for false budgets, with large non-profits involved as well as satellite corrals for very temporary, i.e. often over-night capacity of Wild Horses stolen from Public Lands;

7. The inappropriate use of PZP, defined simply as an experimental drug and pesticide, and used experimentally on America’s Wild Horses, with several organization promoting the use, via conflict of interest as well as violation of many government contracting laws while contracting with government agencies, and operate without regulatory oversight or any legal parameters or boundaries’ what so ever.

Costing America a Fortune in Taxpayer money spent

James Sebastian, accountant/CPA, generated the following from a perusal of BLM expenditure, precisely the Wild Horse Roundups, holding corrals, and shipping:

1. $2.6 Billion Dollars BLM Horse Herd Management of Taxpayer Money Spent;
2. Benefits to Taxpayers while spending taxpayer money = $0;
3. Benefits to Local Area Ranchers/politicians/oil industry accumulative, pay-offs and continuing profit = $12.4 billion dollars and rising.

A small example of Cost to Taxpayers of Contracted Roundups:

The abuse of Wild Horses and actual “Kill” percentage is extremely high for roundups in general, near the value of anywhere from 4% to 16% and left under a covered-up shroud of questionable conduct, with no excuse from the Private Contractor or BLM Supervisory staff, other than a “Go to Hell” attitude when questioned about the over-kill rates. To clarify the situation further as to why they hurry, it is to get the job done, at the horses’ expense or death, as they are paid per horse, and as shown further, incorrect horse counts in their favor. The faster they get done, the more profit they make. Your taxpayer money at work!

February 23, 2011 – Sun J Livestock received $82,648.20 for not even an entire weeks’ worth of roundup;
September 13, 2010 — Sun J Livestock received $82,966.00 for a little short of a weeks’ worth of roundup;
December 6, 2010 — Sun J Livestock received $649,850.20 for a little over a weeks’ worth of roundup;
January 10, 2011 — Sun J Livestock received $1,221,767.90 for about two weeks, if that, of roundup; etc.

Note: These Roundups occur several times monthly, and throughout the year. . . Conclusively what is found within BLM documents is not any “Real” reason to gather Wild Horses through a roundup and management methodology, and then take them to holding corrals. The unnecessary cost, within a cavalier and frivolous spending frenzy of taxpayer money, becomes more obvious. Not included within this document are the theft/stealing of horses for slaughter and private use without adoption; although, it has been stated by several informants that every 6 out of 10, or 12 out of every twenty horses in holding corrals are stolen. (i.e. via White Paper and Undercover Investigation aforementioned)


I will leave you with this interview and reference, from the early 1990 Undercover Investigation on Wild Horse Herd Theft – Interview with a BLM / DOI approved government private contractor, and works for them still, to this very day as outlined above on what they make per Roundup:

The illegal activity continues to this day. Below is one of many questions answered by an informant, questioned by one of very few honest BLM Agents. This particular discussion outlines how the BLM’s Private Contractors steal horses, in this portion the Agent asks the informant who is involved in the illegal activity:

“Agent: Is this a pretty good organization? This sounds like something that’s pretty well planned out, it’s a big organization.

Informant: Well, its very well set up, you know. There’s nobody that participates in it that isn’t well known and don’t know what’s going on.

Agent: Do you feel like there’s people inside the BLM that know about this practice, that are a part of this practice?

Informant: Sure. We can’t operate unless they’re standing there.”

(For the entire informative packet and interview see Horses Led To Slaughter, Anatomy of a Cover Up in the Wild Horse and Burro Program, PEER White Paper, Number 14, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington D.C. 20009-1125, , 1997.)

For addresses, FAX numbers, and listings go to:
Senators of the Congress:
Contacting the Congress:

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