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Bureau of Land Management Uses Bad-Science – Costs Taxpayers Billions

We find not only the BLM’s (Bureau of Land Management) and DOI’s (Department of the Interior) research and scientific data compromised and erroneous, but often manipulated and formed into purposeful misinformation for several reasons.  This includes the worst types of political agendas as well as bias toward less than 00.1% of the population in America.  This leads to many disturbing situations.

Ethics and BLM / DOI Employees

One situation, sadly, is the fact that Wild Horses are crippled and even killed.  Yes, the count up to this point is many Wild Horses killed.  Just as sad, the killing of the horses, during roundups (approved by outright lies combined with bad-science) and those sent to slaughter, are based on this same stream of continuous and fraudulent information.  This is what the BLM and DOI refer to as their Science or Range Management Data.  These are the types of people who manage both the BLM and DOI.

BLM and Bad Science

This bad-science contradicts their policy, and legal guidelines toward their methodology of assimilated scientific data.  The DOI Policy for the Integrity of Scientific and Scholarly Activities states its central policy as:

§ 3.4 Policy “The Department… will not tolerate loss of integrity in the performance of scientific and scholarly activities or in the application of science and scholarship in decision making…”

As detailed above, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) staff and Department of the Interior (DOI) staff has set aside recovery criteria and designation of suitable habitat based upon the best available science in favor of what is termed, Welfare Ranchers who acquired preferential grazing permits on Public Lands.

Further, BLM and DOI allowed:

  1. The politics of a Cattlemen Lobby Group to suggest and make decisions contrary to proper Wild Horse and range management;
  2. Mr. Salazar – Current Director of the Department of the Interior and oversees the BLM and the Wild Horse and Burro Program – questionable Ethical Conflict and more, who is a Rancher, owns ranches and has many Rancher friends, maintains blatantly bias principles and ideologies against America’s Wild Horse Herds and environment/ecosystems (i.e. cattle only) and remains quite costly;
  3. the Wild Horse and Burro Program’s Consultants, who are all Ranchers and horse breeders and selected to the Consulting Board due to their bias “Same Objective to Salazar” ideology, which unethically dictates a non-positive criteria or habitat could be even considered for America’s Wild Horse Herds and Ecosystems, remains extremely bias (cattle only on Public Lands) with political agendas contrary to the health of our environment and wildlife;
  4. the BLM staff also conducts their daily routine, research, and data gathering in accord with, consulting with, and favoring overwhelming bias with what is termed Welfare Ranchers — those ranchers who are private or corporate owned, hold current grazing permits and on Public Land;
  5. BLM staff, in several areas, have access to information and/or have made friends with those hired by Welfare Ranchers to Shoot Wild Horses on sight (via witnesses collaborating events) which are Felony in accord with Federal Law;
  6. BLM staff have knowledge of, for example, a Wild Horse (e.g. Branded BLM wild Horse and owner brags of capturing and killing) killed and stuffed within a living room of one rancher near Ely, NV;
  7. BLM Staff, sells Wild Horses to friends of Director Salazar, a for profit business, and takes them to slaughter into Mexico and/or Canada, costly to taxpayers, profitable for Director Salazar’s friends;
  8. More information, both illegal and compromising integrity, available – etc.

In short, America’s Wild Horse Herds management ideology and principles’ has become the antithesis of scientific integrity.  The land management methods and research data gather is centered around profit for Welfare Ranchers, ignoring water standards, ignoring wildlife areas, and ignoring significant Ecosystem and habitat growth and decay, mostly decay to complete ruin, and water polluted beyond acceptable standards on Public Lands.

Public Venting

The policy further requires that scientific findings and conclusions be made subject to public vetting:

§ 3.4.C “ Document the scientific and scholarly findings considered in decision making and ensure public access to that information and supporting data through established Departmental and Bureau procedures…”

In this instance, Environmental Assessment documents were leaked to politicians and selected lobby groups and other friends of BLM and DOI staff and other groups. By contrast, the deliberations between BLM, DOI, WH&B Consultants, Welfare Ranchers, other groups and state agencies in the EIS, EA, or other process situations were kept behind closed door, with no public access to the scientific data until changed within bias parameter.  This information then manipulated directly relating to circumstances more profitable to Welfare Ranchers, etc, conclusions or the standard by which decisions were and continue to be made.  EIS remained corrupt, FONSI access and information either non-existent and/or corrupt.

The DOI rules define misconduct to include:

§3.5(M)(1) “Misconduct also includes: (a) intentionally circumventing policy that ensures the integrity of science and scholarship, and (b) actions that compromise scientific and scholarly integrity.”

§3.5(M)(3) “A finding of scientific and scholarly misconduct requires that:

(a) There be a significant departure from accepted practices of the relevant scientific and scholarly community.

(b) The misconduct be committed intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly.

(c) The allegation be proven by a preponderance of evidence.

In this instance, all actions by subjects of this complaint appear to be intentional rather than the product of mistake or confusion. The intricate interference denotes an acute awareness by the actors of the consequences of their actions with respect to what steps would be taken in current Wild Horse Herd Management and circumventing Ecosystem adjustments appropriately.

As detailed above, the work product of scientific experts reflecting both their collective judgment applying the accepted practices of the scientific community was variously set aside, delayed, skewed or manipulated into irrelevance by the actions detailed above. As a result, the ESA and even NEPA mandates that ecosystem management and recovery planning be based upon best available science was set aside.

The downward adjustment of recovery criteria and the exclusion of suitable habitat on the basis of political and other socioeconomic factors represent significant departures from accepted practices of the relevant scientific and scholarly community. In short, the end result of the NEPA or EA/EIS process was, and throughout the years, meant to reach a politically acceptable pre-determined result regardless of the science.

Finally, this complaint is supported by more than a preponderance of the evidence. Further, we know of no information which contradicts this narrative of events.


The purpose of the DOI Policy for the Integrity of Scientific and Scholarly Activities is to prevent political manipulation of science in precisely the manner in which it has occurred in the case of Wild Horse Herd Management planning and the Public Lands are mismanaged on a continuous incompetent basis.

The ultimate outreach of this situation is misinformed and even questionable research when accompanied by BLM or DOI research and or involvement at any level, to include college research or even other government agencies.

The biggest problem is that American taxpayers pay for all this bogus information.  When this information used, obviously ecosystems and Public Land Management suffers.  So taxpayers pay for the abuse of not only dead horses from the Wild Horse Herds, but ruined ecosystems due to poorly or undervalued plans, which then cost millions of more dollars to repair.  All BLM and DOI research and information must be re-evaluated, otherwise the taxpayers loose, again!


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Deplorable Conduct by Bureau of Land Management Ignores Environmetal Assessments

The Law and foundation for an Environmental Assessment (EA)

“The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) requires the BLM to consider significant environmental impacts prior to approval of actions on public lands. When an activity or action is proposed within the Uncompahgre Field Office, BLM staff conducts an interdisciplinary review of the potential environmental impacts in order to make more informed decisions and identify measures to protect, restore, and enhance the environment.”

Thereby, Public Comment is also required from Americans’ (mandatory for all EA situations) and taxpayers paying for this situation – Then why does BLM staff “Throw-Away” or simply “Ignore” comments from the Public when legitimate questions and debate exist?

The Question:  Is BLM currently developing and generating Wild Horse Herd Roundups in accord to law, to include an appropriate Environmental Assessment?

The Answer:  No – the Bureau of Land Management, under the supervision of the Department of the Interior is not, and remains adverse to Law and to (EA and NEPA requirements) Environmental Impact to the areas they conduct Wild Horse Herd Roundups.

It is also well known that the BLM and DOI do not make a profit (the outright Lie that they do make a profit according to some speculators consider this the reasoning behind allowing such adverse behavior to our Public Lands by the BLM and DOI); rather, they take a loss yearly on expenses and liabilities, to include Welfare Ranchers and Court Costs to name just a couple (Justice Department expenses and Court costs not assimilated within BLM or DOI bookkeeping) and being the most litigated and sued government agency in history.

Problem with Special Interests

It is commonly known that previous ranchers (Ethics violations do exist here) remain substantial within both BLM and DOI administrative and management positions.  This is an obvious conflict, as over the past decade and more, the Welfare Ranching special interest groups (i.e. Welfare Ranchers) have profoundly taken $$$$ millions of dollars of taxpayer money, as well as essentially ruined millions of acres of Public Lands.  Their cost is at $1.43 per AUM for grazing, which is way below current and even past commercial grazing costs.  As well, cost to the Ecosystem, and Ecosystem clean up or improvement is non-existent.

This is, and was, accomplished by ignoring the principles’ in conducting Environmental Assessments, no-sustainable management principles in place, with the situation of land management being ignored in total, range management and Ecosystem necessities neglected and ruined our Public Lands, and false blame placed on Wild Horse Herds rather than the actual source – unmanaged and/or simply too many cattle on Public Lands. This is more than displaced Environmentalists vs. Cattle Ranchers situation that the DOI or BLM like to tell legislators, or for others to excuse BLM / DOI lack of management criteria — which both government agencies are paid to manage legally and responsibly, but do not — and still paid by our tax dollars.

Change in Management Demanded by the Public

There is no doubt a change within management, at both the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of the Interior, which is required to straighten this mess out.  Our Public Lands cannot, environmentally, take any further Special Interest Group manipulation and/or cannot sustain viability under total duress of bad management, absurd political processes, and bias decisions.

The Department of the Interior’s management principle stating BLM / DOI absurd, ridding our Public Lands of Wild Horse Herds (and Wolves by the same group of ranchers, with continuous distasteful lies to the public and supported by BLM and DOI) remains neither a legitimate option, nor has ever been a valid option.  This will prove quite costly in years to come and to the taxpayers of America.

A Retrospect of Our History

Sadly, without a doubt the abuse and slaughter of Wild Horses and Wolves will also be a severe blight within our civilization’s history, especially when considering the treatment of such respected and profound animals necessary within our Ecosystems’.  A disgusting Legacy to leave within our generation — even though it is government sanctioned – Does Not Make It Right!  It is despicable, make no doubt!

The abusive treatment toward Americas’ Wild Life demonstrated by our present government agencies – history will show these people as irresponsible, as future generations of children study this situation in their history class.  They no doubt will ponder exactly how far our civilization had truthfully advanced within humane charateristics and into the 21st Century!

Yes, the reality is our legislators’ should start considering our Legacy we are leaving for future civilizations to study, and ponder the reasons why!  It is as simple as developing a more humane way of going about business and without such significant and abusive sacrifices!  WAKE UP!


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BLM DOI Tells taxpayers – Go to Hell

Let’s discuss The Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management within a Public Debate Platform right here, right now.  This is especially in regard to America’s Wild Horse Herds. The situation serves us well, as it exemplifies many politicians, scientists, researchers, and land management people’s opinion that current management within these aforementioned agencies, all the way to District office levels within the DOI and BLM, be terminated before our Public Lands are totally ruined.

Not only incompetence and mismanaged Ecosystems top the list of this necessity, proving costly to taxpayers in the long-haul of the life cycle; but outright illegal behavior and irresponsible spending of our taxpayer dollars as well.  Yes, as obvious to many, there are thieves and scoundrels within the BLM and DOI, as well as those who cater to special interest groups, to include Ken Salazar.

Irresponsible Leadership

First we go to Leadership and the head of the Department of the Interior, Ken Salazar, a rancher.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM who oversee our Public Lands for the taxpayers) also remains Ken Salazar’s responsibility, as being under the Management and Administrative arms of the Department of the Interior (DOI).  The lack of leadership within these agencies is obvious, due to their special-interest group priorities and a basic attitude of “the taxpayers can go to hell” mentality.

One does not have to ponder the situation much to acknowledge Welfare Ranching (in excess of $890 million dollars a year-plus and rising per year) on our Public Lands is not necessary.  They simply put that money in their pockets.  But there is a rancher that heads-up DOI, ranchers as consultants on the Wild Horse and Burro Program, and ranchers with BLM at all significant agency departments, in both DOI and BLM.

Conflict of Interest – Absolutely!  Make no doubt!  And using our Public Lands as their playground to make more and more money!  Of course, at taxpayer expense!

Billions of dollars spent needlessly over the past four years (i.e. see government budgets and GAO Reports for Public scrutiny and on the Internet), and one can even say beyond a doubt and with harsh accuracy, since the early 1990’s even, reflects this mismanaged agency and sub-agency. This is not a hollow statement, as an undercover investigation in the early 1990’s provided many felony arrest warrants, in excess of 1,250 just within BLM and their employees at that time.  The situation called off by one or two legislators, as their involvement and illegal activity was to be highlighted next. Reports and a thorough White Paper can be reviewed on the entire 1990’s undercover investigation at .

The people mentioned within these executed felonies in the early 1990’s, via filing for arrest warrants, are now within many management levels of the DOI, BLM, and even USFWS.  Mr. Salazar has had access to this information, with full knowledge of the employees involved (i.e. as the head management person responsible for agency conduct), and has essentially allowed their behavior to continue, after all, he is the head of it all.

How profound to assume Mr. Salazar knows nothing!  And what of the wild horses being shot in Nevada, with Welfare Ranchers hiring the people to shoot the horses, as nothing more than pests in regard to Public Lands?  Or the stuffed wild horse in one of the shooters’ living room, proudly displaying his capture as a trophy – all the while BLM employees’ awareness of all of these felony situations exists, and even guests at this particular fellows home (as testimony will show in the future).  So Mr. Salazar does not know about this situation either?

Missing 1,700 Wild Horses from the Roundups

Illegal and certainly questionable activities have been brought to the public’s attention recently, exemplified by the Tom Davis situation.  It involves the BLM selling Wild Horses to Mr. Davis, which he then takes to slaughter into Mexico or Canada.  Mr. Salazar has an assumed (based on much more information and his conduct) knowledge about this situation; Ironically, not only by obvious approval to BLM staff to sell Tom Davis roundup Horses’ from the Wild Horse Herds (essentially America’s horses and sponsored via taxpayer money) and selling them at a tremendous discount to Mr. Davis, but Mr. Salazar’s brother (undefined statements) lives next door to Mr. Davis.

Happenstance of circumstance?  Coincidence?  An odd and ironic accident?  Or should it be defined as an Ethics violation, certainly illegal behavior, and perhaps considered to be several events of fraudulent activity?  Who really knows the number of wild horses sold to Mr. Davis, as no one is allowed to do an appropriate headcount of the wild horses supposedly in permanent and well protected corrals throughout the southwest as well as Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah.  These corrals are BLM and BLM contractors’ access only?  This fact alone generates many questions in regard to even more illegal activities.

The assumed amount (known at this point) to be 1,700 wild horses sold to Tom Davis, and sold to slaughter plants in excess of $700 each, reflects quite a profitable run for the criminal behavior.  And again Mr. Salazar’s attitude, as well as the BLM employees as well, is that the Public Can Go To Hell!  But our tax dollars, sir – what about our tax dollars?  What about America’s wild horse herds, sir, what about them, they belong to all American’s and not something you can do with them as you please!

Illegal and Unethical behavior and to hell with Taxpayers!

And of course, the taxpayers are footing the bill for the wild horses, conducive to the BLM estimated numbers of 40,000 wild horses (yes, fraud comes into play again and again with these same DOI and BLM people).  This costs taxpayers $58+ million dollars per year – and on the basis of what BLM employees and independent contractors tell the taxpayers (see GAO Reports).

But who knows, as BLM outright lies about how much money they make in a year from licensing or permits – and keep in mind BLM is the most litigated and sued agency in United States history – and yes, exemplifies their common employee attitude that the taxpayers can go to hell!

Lawsuits are quite costly, and the Justice Department (yet another obvious and outright unethical situation, as their mission is to protect the public from such shenanigans by government agencies) is the BLM / DOI Justice Department Attorney’s that defend the DOI and BLM staff – another quite costly situation to the taxpayers of America.

Leaving wild horse herds on the range costs the taxpayers nothing, and the wild horse herds do NO HARM to the ECOSYSTEM what so ever.  This is validated by sound and legitimate independent research time and again (see and other terrestrial and range management science sites or — simply Google cattle grazing on Public Lands).

An overall abundance of technical and terrestrial reports as well as legitimate range management reports attest to the No Harm from Horses paradigm on Public Lands.  Of course, not so ironic, these same reports dispute the narrow and non-legitimate BLM rangeland reports, due to BLM researchers and data gatherers’ leaving out cattle as being a studied group within those same reports.  And, of course the special interest groups (Welfare Ranchers) actually define BLM / DOI researcher’s data, via bias, and what goes into the actual studies.  This is also what reaches the public and taxpayers, essentially false information.

This only leaves other mammals’ with hooves to take the blame for cattle and ruining of many Ecosystems, which is more erroneous information deduced by bias research; and within the BLM and Mr. Salazars’ attitude and condescension toward the public, of telling the public to go to hell.  Just as ridiculous as it sounds here, the fact is the BLM and their data gatherers expect us to believe their data.

Recommendation?  Open Debate Platform

This is the reasoning behind Public Debate, and it being so important.  The facts must come out, as we are being ripped-off within this non-transparent situation.  Simply attempt to obtain information, or ask the BLM Administrators where our publically owned Wild Horse Herd horses are located.

More than that, how did just a narrow scope of interests become so dominant within a government agency.  Welfare Ranchers are continuing to rip-off taxpayers, and even setup No Trespassing signs on Public Lands, all the while they only have grazing permits to use on that same land.  Is the situation out of hand?  Completely, and at the expense of taxpayers, and at a significantly large amount.

It is simply time to remove all those with previous ranching backgrounds from BLM and DOI.  They have proven themselves as non-Americans’, scoundrels, only using our tax dollars for themselves – they figured out early on how to rip us off.  It is time to obtain legitimate Environmentalists to manage our Public Lands and become Administrators of our over all environment through the Department of the Interior.  And by the way, I must say this for all taxpayers — Mr. Salazar, you go to hell.


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