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Activists, Government, Wild Horse Herds and Responsibility

Being an activist, or taking a vigorous and sometimes aggressive action in pursuing a political or social end, is a strange and often difficult task for most common folks.  Some activists are termed anarchists, or somebody who believes that governments should be changed or abolished.  This is not the roll of most activists, and those that remain active against Wild Horse Herd Roundups remain synonymous with positive attributes.

Change is Inevitable and Positive Change is not an Easy Task

Within a wayward definition, an anarchist and supposedly an activist, as opposing authorities believe the term, also defined as somebody who tries to overthrow a government or behaves in a lawless way.  Neither definition provides a likeable term toward activists, who, simply defined, are people that believe something wrong should be corrected.  Without activism the reality is we would have lost our Rights as citizens of the United States many decades ago. As it is there are not enough activists to uphold “all” of our current Rights.

Demonizing Activists

The other and more significant problem is demonizing the activist, so popular and used by politicians loosely in today’s media.  Some Journalists fall under this situation quite a bit, especially describing the opposition or those views contrary to the politician’s.  But when needed for their votes, suddenly activists become a popular necessity, and in reality can and often do sway results.

These terms are used by those who believe “hate” is acceptable in our culture.  One must wonder if politician’s consultants tell them that’s what a politician should do, or behave like, in today’s social environment; this compared to simply confronting and to actually resolve a problem or controversial situation.  Then activists would not be needed.  No, hate is not acceptable!

Rights to All Americans

Americans have Rights upheld by the Constitution and within the Bill of Rights.  There is no confusion within either document, that is, until our government agencies, and their employees attempt to persuade us toward confusion, especially when caught doing something contradictory toward either document.  Attorneys argue before our Courts, whether the arguments honest or being paid to be an ass, never the less many are most often dishonest and contrary to our existing Rights as Americans.  Fortunately, often our Rights remain upheld, whereas, there have been additions to the Bill of Rights, but nothing taken away or any existing situations edited for a different result.

Rights and the Law

Here is a quick example: Under other than perfect circumstances someone sees one of the lost arguments, although contrary to our Rights, and indeed lost in a Court of Law, assesses the questionable situation as a truth and the confusion begins; even though a quick check would show the error.  Confinement to a government agency’s Policy is another characteristic confused by most, often assumed law, but just as often contrary to the law and unenforceable; certainly debatable.

Common Folks and Activisim

Whichever the definable attribute is accepted, what makes many common folks activists today is motivated most often by our government and the way people in the government go about their daily responsibilities, or lack of. . .  Often the way our civil servants, who are responsible for safeguarding, for example taxpayer lands and wildlife, do so in a questionable or disrespectful manner toward those who actually own, in this case, our lands and wildlife and owned/managed by the government body, defined as American ownership, as the government is made up . . . for the people and of the people of the United States of America.

Manipulated Confusion

The difficulty arises when there is too much communication, or an overabundance of information, which often confuses many people; for example the controversial National Debt situation, with an overview and breakdown of the reality on the Internet and referenced here.  The breakdown of debt percentages may be enlightening to most, demonstrating that receiving the correct information most often corrects future problems of controversy.

Open Debate is Good for the Country

An Open-Debate platform, having correct information is good for our country, good for our freedoms of speech, our freedoms of daily movement and activities, and the very foundation good decisions are made upon.  Thereby, the necessity is for transparency in all matters concerning any government body.

This confusion, or overabundance of information, becomes a vast road-block to many activists that have, indeed, taken upon themselves the responsibility of correcting something wrong in our government system.

BLM and Dishonest Horse Counts

Good examples are the way the BLM do Wild Horse Counts, or how they are paid-off illegally and their fraudulent activity, or their theft of government property (steeling horses from BLM land and BLM employees paid to “Look the Other Way”) being okay, when it is not okay, and is a felony.  The BLM has the same responsibility toward upholding the laws of our nation, just as we do.

When the common folks finally have enough of this type of behavior from government employees, the common folks then become activists.  The reality is making something right, whether it is behavior or saving wildlife or icons such as our Wild Horses as far back as the 1950’s.  This roll then becomes a difficult task at best.

Activists are Patriots Make No Doubt

True-Activists are true patriots, believing in the American system in their attempts to develop the truth of the matter, in this case the lies and overall illegal nature of the current BLM activities, in the attempt to resolve problems.  As a Veteran of a foreign war myself, I can attest to the fact the roll of activist is not the same, but similar in performing an ideological and patriotic act.  Make no doubt these people that take on the activist roll are warriors, attempting resolution in an appropriate manner, legally.  It is one of our Rights as Americans; the Boston Tea Party participants were activists and patriots, as was our first Congress and President.

Sometimes I may not agree with an activist’s belief, but I believe in American Rights, and will again defend any American to have those beliefs and Rights as prescribed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Picking and choosing which Constitutional Right, or choosing only a few Rights from the Bill of Rights, and benefits me only, or any I may agree with and toss the others away, is simply wrong.  If that makes me a radical, or other derogatory remarks made by those wanting to usurp my rights, then whose wrong here?

Why Information Confusion?

Our government uses confusion and the overabundance of information, as well as derogatory terms and name-calling in order to side step controversy, to cover up questionable events, cover up theft and other felonies as if our laws inAmericaare not applicable for them as well.  Currently they do this often.  This needs to be stopped.

Activists Love Their Country

This is what true activists do out of love for their country, their environment, or their condition of living standards, make no doubt about this!  Joining rather than condemning activists is good for the human spirit; positive contribution always uplifts all of our spirits.  If a person has knowledge of government crimes, yet says nothing, then later yells about their rights when violated, should perhaps rethink their living arrangement or redefine how this country become free in the first place.

Our freedoms being upheld takes cooperation and involvement from us all.  Perhaps our country is the way it is today due to lack of involvement, hate, and information confusion.  So it’s a matter of stepping forward and stating such things as, “. . . the BLM is doing things in an abusive and illegal manner”.  Then demanding our legislators fix the problem, and if they don’t then asking, Why Not?  Too many excuses are present today to hate, when none of the excuses, in reality, are real and this equates to dissention and nothing getting done.


BLM Lies, Generates Misinformation About, and Abuses America’s Wild Horses

When we, as advocates, speak of abuse, we speak of some extremely serious situations.  We speak of legitimate animal abuse, in this case horses, which the abuse is not acceptable what so ever.  The BLM (i.e. Bureau of Land Management) would like to make us believe there is such a thing as “acceptable abuse.”  There is no such thing, situation, or attitude that makes an “acceptable abuse” situation legitimate what so ever.

Acceptable Abuse?

Government Speak: “After reviewing instances of alleged animal abuse during the recently completed Triple B wild horse gather in Nevada, a Bureau of Land Management team has found that helicopter contractor Sun J Livestock generally demonstrated appropriate, humane handling of wild horses over the course of the six-week gather that ended August 31. . .”  This is what BLM employees consider acceptable abuse?  But oh, there is so much more and this tale continues below. . .

Let’s Investigate This

Of course as we discover later as outlined within their “own” document, “The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s internal review of a wild horse roundup in Nevada found some animals were whipped in the face, kicked in the head, dragged by a rope around the neck and repeatedly shocked with electrical prods, but agency officials concluded none of the mistreatment rose to the level of being inhumane.”  As recorded within a BLM document, by eye witness testimony, and further covered in the Las Vegas Review Journal, and posted on the Internet March 26, 2012.

“Outlandish and irresponsible” is most often the advocates’ response within this situation.  There is no such thing as an “Acceptable Abuse” of animals, and this is what the supposed internal BLM investigation wants us to accept, conclusively.  Why?  The only assumptive thought on this matter is that BLM employees, because they are a government agency, assumes it is okay to abuse animals.

The BLM demonstrates this obvious and obscene and uncalled for rhetoric on every occasion, and yet the BLM PR person states that we, meaning Advocates — “. . . advocates are dishonest” and claim a “. . . sky is falling” attitude.  Therefore, we can assume as well that if the public, or American’s speak out on abuse by BLM and government officials toward animals, then we are called names, harassed, threatened and outright felonies by BLM employees and private contractors are overlooked.  Then we are led to believe these actions are okay?  They are not okay!

Keep in mind that this is the Sun J Livestock company which is an acceptable private contractor with the BLM; and yet, has a vast history within a small amount of time of animal abuse and activity that one can consider of a questionable nature.  They have made millions in tax payer money, as a private contractor, and for what?  Abusing our wild horse herds!  And appallingly getting away with it, under the guise of “acceptable abuse” of the horses!

Also ignored is the illegal actions, that consistently ignore FAA Laws.  The law is FAA   PART 91—GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES § 91.13 – Careless or reckless operation.  The law is quite clear, yet ignored.  This Journalist says “ignored” because there exists video taped evidence, in abundance, on the Internet, which is not edited what so ever.  This is a felony, and as outlined in FAA Part 91–#91.13, as well as within many state and federal jurisdictions on Vehicular Assault upon people or animals.

“Officials for Sun J Livestock in Vernal, Utah, the contractor for the Triple B Roundup between Elko and Ely, did not return messages seeking comment,” as the reporter at the Las Vegas Review Journal states in the article when asking them about the obvious abuse within the BLM report.

In this Journalist’s opinion there is guilt written all over this situation, and why?  Because those abusive situations did happen, and will happen again because these people get away with the abuse, supported by the BLM administrators!  And, I might add, get paid with tax payer dollars quite well, for abusing the horses.  Ignoring this situation, outright felonies, simply escalates the problem.

Using/Misusing Taxpayer Money for Abuse!

It is appalling for me to assume that my tax money is paying for what is termed “acceptable abuse” what so ever.  Within the research of this same appalling situation are the facts, we as taxpayers have supported this same “acceptable abuse” on many occasions, unwillingly and certainly unknowingly.

Here is a brief list of payments to this same Sun J Livestock company, as reported on the Government’s BLM “Contracts for Wildhorse/Burro Control Services (FY 2000-2009)” i.e. 2010, 2011, and 2012 not included, but their behavior far worse as witnessed and logged abuses accumulated ten-fold:

February 23, 2011 – Sun J Livestock received $82,648.20 for not even an entire weeks worth of roundup;

September 13, 2010 — Sun J Livestock received $82,966.00 for a little short of a weeks worth of roundup;

December 6, 2010 — Sun J Livestock received $649,850.20 for a little over a weeks worth of roundup;

January 10, 2011 — Sun J Livestock received $1,221,767.90 for about two weeks of roundup; etc. . . .

Exploring further we find even more appalling situations, and payment by all of us as tax payers, in the amount of $116,744,281 million dollars between the same period of i.e. 2000-2009, per their “Contracts for Wildhorse/Burro Control Services.”

Not so surprising is the fact that the abuse has indeed escalated due to lack of qualifications, inexperience of the roundup personnel, the cover-up of bad conduct by BLM employees, and the all around bad attitude and the Tribal Mentality of the BLM. It has indeed become a situation of employees and the private contractors versus the presence of the general public and witnesses at each of the roundups.

Why Does This Abuse Take Place?

BLM employees and Ranchers and other groups say the roundups are needed to protect fragile grazing lands that are used by cattle, bighorn sheep, and other wildlife.”  But the fact is this has been conclusively found to be a lie.  For one, the Bighorn Sheep have been extinct within that landscape for quite some time, run-out by the overgrazing and lack of proper management by BLM and the Ranchers in the area of their cattle.

Then we consider just how harsh are the wild horses to the environment.  “None what so ever,” states NSA retired Research Scientist James Culver, “. . . and the overwhelming fact is that horses are docile within their environment, and the horses are the least contributing factor to any of the change developing within that terrestrial biosphere.”  This is only one of several dozens of similar opinion and given by many Terrestrial and Range specific Research scientists.  For further discussion you can read research and studies of grasslands at a very good and informative Internet site, and made up of government researchers and previous scientists.

Sun J Livestock – Example of Questionable Conduct

Then we can go to several other roundups, and find more significant abuse, and by those same people, which only a couple are given here, but assuredly there exist many more examples that could fill a book, and of other companies who contracted with the BLM:

“November 11, 2010 “BLM Roundup in Oregon Claims Lives of 9 Wild Horses in First Week.”

“The tragic death of the stallion we call Braveheart in the BLM’s Silver King, NV roundup.”

“RENO, Nev. (Dec. 13, 2011) – During the helicopter roundup of wild horses and burros in the Calico Complex of northwestern Nevada last Thursday, Ginger Kathrens, director of the Cloud Foundation, filmed the hotshotting of a group of 10 burros that had been captured and were being loaded into a stock trailer by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contractors, Sun J Livestock.”

Or facts such as Contractor Qualifications, that are written for safety and competence standards – to qualify for government contracts:

“WASHINGTON (Jan. 20, 2012) – The Cloud Foundation (TCF) of Colorado Springs, CO has requested an investigation into the contracting process which led to Sun J Livestock of Vernal, Utah, receiving millions of dollars in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contracts to round up wild horses and burros in the West since the Fall of 2010.”

“. . . filed a protest with the U.S. Department of Interior in 2010 regarding the awarding of the contract to Sun J. The mandatory qualifications include “1,500 hours of flying experience… in similar projects” as well as 3,000 hours of “humanely capturing wild horses and or burros… while utilizing helicopter drive trapping,” The Cloud Foundation .

“When Kathrens questioned BLM about the experience of the Sun J crew, she was told that they had worked with Cook Livestock, also of Vernal,Utah.  Kathrens contacted the owner of Cook Livestock and former BLM roundup contractor, asking about Sun J’s work experience with her company.”

“Josh Hellyer was never on our payroll,” Kathrens was told. “And it’s seriously questionable whether the Sun J ground crew had the hours of prior experience required.” The Cloud Foundation .

But this goes much further, and you can read about more questionable conduct on The Could Foundations Internet site.  As well, you can read about much more of the “acceptable abuse” by BLM and their private contractors at their site, and find out how this entire advocacy began, and for what reasons.  Very interesting stories are there.

All requests for further information, FOIA requests, and anything else in regard to Sun J Livestock was denied by BLM administrators, even though the facts directly relate to Sun J Livestock indeed lied about their qualifications submitted to the BLM for private contract work.  As well, Public scrutiny of private contractors remains standard policy within every government agency, unless “government classified” issues involved, which there exist no issues involved in this private contractor situation, just a cover-up.

The Filing of a False Claim is Illegal

Make no doubt to the seriousness of this situation. The False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. §§ 37293733, also called the “Lincoln Law“) is an American federal law that imposes liability on persons and companies (typically federal contractors) who defraud governmental programs.  It is quite obvious there is an illegal act committed by Sun J Livestock, continuously – then why has BLM administrators ignored this?

Not to be ignored is the illegal activity that transpired here, in regard to false information given to the government, but as usual the BLM employees ignored, and at the expense of many horses being crippled and killed as well.  This is unacceptable, and there is just no excuse for this type of incompetence and/or attitude within our government agencies and their employees.  To actually allow felonies to occur, and being paid for the felonies, is beyond doubt an unscrupulous and uncalled for situation.

“In the war of words over the plan to round up thousands of wild horses on federal lands, it’s the images that speak loudest. Even as the Bureau of Land Management argues that the thinning of herds is for their own good, critics of the program keep coming up with damning footage showing abuse of the animals by BLM contractors,” Video: Wild horse roundups featuring burros being “hotshotted” are kinder, gentler?, Denver Westward Blogs, Internet site January 26, 2012.

The resolution is very apparent and source-specific – that there does exist felonies, and ongoing for quite some time that need to be approached by BLM and legal entities within the government.  More illegal activities with concerns toward destruction and theft of government property, horse theft, horse records in permanent management facilities, felony filings of false documentation and horse herd counts, private contractor qualifications, payment toward non-authorized purchases, false job-categories filed, and other BLM’s daily occurrences are all covered by Federal Law, and make no doubt many are serious Felonies.

There exist many more felonies, by BLM and private contractors too numerous to mention here.  Arrests need to be made, and the culmination of the roundups needs to happen immediately.  Then the wild horses need to be placed back onto public lands, and the ranchers and BLM need to leave them alone.  There is no such thing as “acceptable abuse”! Another agency must be appointed for the management of our Wild Horse Herds here in America.  The taxpayers “Buck” that is being thrown away on useless horse herd roundups – must stop Right Here, Right Now.


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BLM’s Betrayal to Public Trust Betrays America and Taxpayers Get Nothing

We’ve become so numb of our government agencies betraying our trust, that suddenly we awake one morning and realize the devastation it has caused.  Shortly the feelings of wanting to do something follow.  But what? (see link below to sign petition)

This conflicts and then dominates our soul and inner spirit because of the seriousness of the occasion.  In this case it is the useless slaughter, and what the BLM wants us to believe is “acceptable abuse” of animals and of our wild horse herds.

BLM Researchers Speak Out

Here is what BLM’s own scientists have said about their Grasslands Research and information.  Grasslands research and availability is part of the very basis of what the “other” more dishonest BLM employees’ state, without a doubt, the reasoning for removing the wild horse herds from public lands.

This is not meant to fulfill a complete and in-depth explanation, rather simply a brief perusal of information available in many documents. Previous BLM Researchers speak:

  1. BLM remains committed to maximizing livestock use levels, yet exempt them from any type of research data, and have done so for many years. This is just now coming to the forefront of the many issues and mismanagement principles the BLM continues to generate, irregardless of the consequences, i.e. the extermination of wild horse herds under false data presented;
  2. BLM’s refusal to ignore the premise of the “total landscape” and failure to admit such, has serious consequences – which are — the consideration toward a reduction in grazing allotments is unacceptable to BLM administrators, at the sacrifice of our public lands as well as taxpayer dollars. BLM scientists have suggested, but were ignored, the fact that environmental and economic resources would best be served by a reduction in BLM issued grazing permits;
  3. Industry domination of BLM has led to disastrous results, for example, “During a severe six-week drought in the West, BLM actually allowed grazing to increase. Meanwhile, BLM has fostered the destruction of thousands of natural springs and wetlands by encouraging grazers to construct troughs, pipelines and reservoirs as “range improvement facilities.”  Overgrazing (cattle only) has also led to the systematic extermination of wildlife, like the bighorn sheep, and now the wild horse herds, that were said to compete with livestock for resources on the range;
  4. BLM Grazing Fee incentive proposal is a shell game. They reward supposed “good” rangeland practices (but realistically create negative environmental impact), by offering up to 75% grazing fee reductions, and shown time and time again to be counterproductive, as well at a heavy cost to taxpayers, who receive nothing in return;
  5. BLM has no ability to monitor range practices, and the best example being livestock trespass, which is common on public lands, create overabundance of cattle in one area, and totally devastate the area. This is hidden by BLM employees and from their BLM management information, and the ranchers hide it from the public as well, which in both situations can be considered a crime in regard to falsification of filings of federal document laws;
  6. Worse yet, BLM lacks reliable rangeland condition data needed to measure range deterioration or improvement. All BLM administrators make it impossible for the BLM to collect stocking rate and carrying capacity data, yet quote this type of data in public documents. Again, falsification of necessary information, being an illegal activity, and only made by a “pretense” of being legal by using constructed and manipulated phrasing within the technical reports;
  7. Incentives proposed by BLM encourage those holding permits to construct rangeland improvement facilities, thereby creating an equity interest on public lands and fueling the political and legal attempts of ranchers to secure private property rights in order to redeem their economic investment. Again, falsification of documents, and only a “pretense” of being legal due to key word phrasing, that when broken-down into proper grammar usage would undeniably be of an illegal nature, and false.

Many Questions Unanswered

Overall, this information tells us that not only are significant issues being ignored, and information is manipulated to show false information as being correct, but we also find mismangement and incompetance.  This situation, or lack of, being leading factors quite costly to taxpayer money as well as destruction and slaughter of wild horses.  This is unforgivable, irresposible conduct, and just plain bad people running this government agency.  Because of the “Acceptable Abuse” and death standard, may God have mercy on their souls because the public will not!

Small Special Interest Groups

As usual, very small special interest groups win here, and taxpayers continue to receive nothing. The money goes into the ranchers’ pockets, who just happen to be friends of local and federal legislators, who also receive vast amounts of taxpayer dollars.  The fact is this region produces less than .012% to the beef industry in the United States, but will give the public erroneous information, as being a 3% contribution.

The problem also is they do not attempt to cover this up, and it is obvious this 3% figure is fraudulent, but due to lobby efforts or money-oriented belief systems, remains overlooked.  “Acceptable Abuse” toward our wild horse herds then becomes the norm, rather than the exception, but exemplifies how obscure and how far-off in responsibility and judgment both the BLM and this situation indeed is.

Information and the Truth

False information, especially when dispersed and given to the public by a government agency, leads to this information becoming referenced, then somewhere along the information highway it becomes real; That is, unless “Open Debate” exposes this type of fraudulent information for what it is, extremely destructive!

The fact is Horses from the wild horse herds die from this type of government agencies betrayal to the Public Trust.  It needs to STOP – NOW!

Wrong Information Leads to Destruction

The fact is these falsehoods from uncaring and irresponsible BLM employees and Department of the Interior employees, to include management and administrators, is just Wrong and on many levels.

The fact is the premise of horses being detrimental to this same environment is false.  This is proven time and time again, and yet, ignored and even demanded by BLM management and administrators too indeed leave this information out of “all” technical data and reference materials.

Need for Open Debate

If you have followed any of this Journalist’s previous articles, then understanding the need for “Open Debate” remains first and foremost of significance in order to change this deplorable situation of unneeded sacrifice and greed.  No balanced-debate of the issues exist, or have for quite sometime, due to the lack of correct information being given to the public.

The fact is the BLM favors the cattle industry, and at a heavy cost to the taxpayers, to wild horses, and everything that is of significance in America.  The lobby efforts of this industry place a lot of money in legislators pockets, and not only BLM employees but the Department of the Interior employees alike.  Make no doubt conflicts exist, and have been shown over the decades to exist, but covered up.  This situation continues, make no doubt.

These violations toward Public Interests can either be resolved, and illegal and certain questionable activity stopped, or simply another agency needs to take the management of our public lands over, with far more responsibility toward the Public Interest and toward wild life and horses, than has been the outcome so far.  It is irresponsible of our legislators as well, to allow this group to continue these questionable activities.

Conclusively, the general Public would rather spend $3 or $4 million dollars to investigate and punish this irresponsible conduct, rather than put $3 or $4 million dollars in the pocket of a friend of a legislator or BLM executive, and for nothing much more than being their neighbor, all the while killing our wild horse herds.


A White Paper by BLM Researchers titled, “Public Trust Betrayed: Employee Critique of Land Management Rangeland Management.  This can be obtained:, for your further consideration if interested. – Articles exploring other questionable practices and management principles of BLM’s lack of Public Trust and betrayal to America.


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Abuse, Wild Horse Herds, Lies, and BLM

“Newsgathering is protected by the First Amendment, and that applies even if the gatherer is an advocacy organization. Any attempt to keep people from exercising their freedom of speech or press by preventing them from collecting information is going to be constitutionally suspect. It’s particularly troubling in cases where the government is trying to use its power to prevent the public from documenting what many believe to be cruel treatment of animals.”

The problem starts when our government takes an Elitists position, and assumes everything they say is correct, and the common folks are idiots, and actually require their administrative and management capabilities.  Is takes little to observe their mismanaged budgets, their carefree spending, and their overwhelming lack of interest in our laws they assume are not for them, but for all of us.  Above and beyond everything else, this must cease before the United States can move forward out of its economic and ethical turmoil.

Our government has got to start realizing that the legal system is just not for use by favored corporations and government agencies to hide their illegal activities; Or for them to use for lawsuits and other legal actions providing them intimidation or coercive tools.  Our legal system is for the protection of the public from such abuse.

The reality is we are governed by laws in the United States, and we are a nation that demands those laws to be upheld for everyone.  Many of my military brothers-in-arms have died for this exact situation!  It is those same laws that apply not only to the common folks, but government employees as well.

Too often we are confronted by government employees in remote areas that turn into good-ol-boy networks, which ignore the laws.  They make-up their own laws favorable to themselves; in this case networking within their good-ol-boy network, to abuse those laws, and people outside their group, that protect the public from government employees who step into the realm of illegal behavior.


“. . . As I got to the top of the hill which is flatish for about 80 feet I could see only the blades of the helicopter hovering right over where I knew my car was parked. The helicopter was very low maybe twenty to thirty feet above my car. I walked to about the middle of the top of the hill and the helicopter lifted, the pilot saw me and flew over the top of me hovering and circling about twenty to thirty feet above me. . .” states Leslie.

This lone woman on an isolated dirt road and on public land was near a horse holding site for a wild horse herd roundup and gathering inNevada.  She continues, “. . . He was so close that I could see his face and he appeared very angry and continued to aggressively circle me and hover over me.”


§ 91.13   Careless or reckless operation

(a) Aircraft operations for the purpose of air navigation. No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another.

(b) Aircraft operations other than for the purpose of air navigation. No person may operate an aircraft, other than for the purpose of air navigation, on any part of the surface of an airport used by aircraft for air commerce (including areas used by those aircraft for receiving or discharging persons or cargo), in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another.

When criminal laws are egregiously violated, the guilty parties should face appropriate punishment.  Responsibility for illegal actions are taken seriously within the law, and good-ol-boy networks are not the judge, jury, or executioner, but simply random arrogance of those who should not be in public service what so ever.  After all, it is the law and the public demand responsibility from those that break the law.

Leslie continues, “. . . I was beginning to get scared and so I walked to my car, the helicopter followed at a distance of about 60 feet. I got in my car and just started driving very slow at about 5 MPH figuring he would go away but he did not, the helicopter continued to follow me and hover over the top of my car very close, again at twenty to thirty feet. I looked out the window and again waved, like “I see you, what’s your problem, go away” feeling very unnerved because he was so aggressive and I was alone and out of cell service range. I grabbed my camera and got out momentarily and shot another couple of photos. I was thinking that I should document what he was doing, as it was the only protection I had, and hoped it would make him go away. At this point he turned and flew away toward the east.”

The photography is a very-telling situation, and the pilot then knew he was indeed, in this Journalist’s opinion, in violation of FAA’s § 91.13 Careless or reckless operation.

He still has his pilot’s license because of the good-ol-boy network that exists in Nevada.  But make no doubt this type of networking exists in many other areas as well.  By the way this private BLM contractor, Dave Cattoor, received $13,885,657 for the roundup, was responsible for several thousands of dollars for destruction of government property, the horses, due to their helicopter roundup methods.  Also there is questionable use of private land, paid by tax dollars, to manage the roundup of the wild horses “out of sight” of the public (see 9th Federal Court Circuit Decision).  Why?

Destruction of Government Property – 18 U.S.C & 1361

Section 1361 protects “any property” of the United States or an agency or department thereof, or any property being manufactured or constructed for the United States or an agency or department thereof, from willful depredation or attempted depredation. “Depredation” has been characterized as the act of plundering, robbing, pillaging or laying waste. United States v. Jenkins, 554 F.2d 783, 786 (6th Cir. 1977); cf. Deal v. United States, 274U.S. 277, 283 (1927), et al. . . . (i.e. implied in government contracts as law).

We constantly see horrifying stories such as this: “HOUSTON, (Horseback Magazine) – Last winter when about 160 horses died in the bitter cold of aNevadadesert’s winter . . . climaxing when a foal, exhausted after being stampeded for miles over rocky ground, lost his hooves and perished.  Animal advocates will not witness such an event this year because the horses are being held in a compound on private property leased at taxpayer’s expense but closed to the public.”

By the way the 9th District Federal Circuit Court has upheld 1st Amendment Rights within the Constitution, that essentially states the BLM and their private contractors are in violation of the 1st Amendment; whereas, advocates do have the right to observe these roundups and without boundaries.  This certainly places into question the use of private land, paid for by taxpayer dollars, in order to “hide” their roundup management techniques, or lack of quantifiable correct, safe, and competent management skills.  An illegal activity will not, and does not usurp an Amendment or a Law.  A contract must abide by the law, an assumption within all contracts, whether written or left out of any contract.

Gene Lathrop, horse trainer and horse ranch owner for 54 years, after viewing several videos on the Internet of horse roundups using helicopters (his view the same as many other experienced ranch owners), states, “Beyond a doubt the harm that those horses take should not be happening.  But that’s a management decision, obviously a bad and negligent decision to use helicopters at all.  The profits must be extraordinary, for people to abuse horses like that needlessly.  Those are not cowboys by the way, that would be embarrassing to the rest of us.  Those people are animal abusers and should be treated as such!  I agree with Ol’ Gus, a rope is too good for those people.”

What is particularly disturbing is that a look at the evidence already in the public domain (much less what investigators already know from the 1990’s thru 2010) shows that violations of several types continue, and especially of FAA Law, and is aggressively done at all BLM horse herd roundups.  The purpose of prosecution not only is for punishment, but acts to deter further illegal activity and to restore public confidence in our system of governance.  Our nation desperately needs both of these benefits today.  Why has there been no legal action taken yet?

BLM Illegal Activity (the tip of the ice burg only)

“The chief prosecutor and grand jury foreman in the investigation wanted to bring criminal indictments against officials of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, but the case was closed down last summer after federal officials in Washington– including officials outside the investigation — intervened.”

She continues, “I believe that my investigation was obstructed all along by persons within the BLM because they did not want to be embarrassed,” the prosecutor, Mrs. Alia Ludlum, wrote in a memo last summer.  “I think there is a terrible problem with the program and with government agents placing themselves above the law.”

“Babbitt thought it might cause problems and he didn’t want any controversy, he didn’t want to make anybody unhappy, and so this program just festered,” Baca said.” When they wanted me to leave BLM, that was one of the reasons they gave me: `Why the hell are you raising problems about horses?”’ stated Jim Baca, BLM Director 1994.

Under federal law, the knowing when filing of a false affidavit with the court is a felony offense of perjury, punishable by a prison term of up to five years. An individual violates laws against perjury whether he or she personally appears in court and swears to a false statement or provides the court with a false affidavit.

Individual states have their own perjury laws, which have been, in this Journalists opinion, violated as well.  The above situations also suggests that individual BLM employees and private contractors may be guilty of obstruction of justice and the criminal violation of the  FEDERAL FALSE CLAIMS ACT 31 USC 3729-3733, and defined here in easier terms — False Claims Act, for the filling of falsified information in regard to illegal activity, etc…

Leslie, the woman who was bullied and essentially attacked by a helicopter pilot and his equipment, had filed her complaint, which her statement above was part of that complaint, with the FAA office in Nevada.  Apparently, other testimony redefined the situation, although the photographs contain the truth.  This Journalist has 45+ years of photography experience, and can say without a doubt her photographs were not edited or photoshoped in any way what so ever.

One of many of the greatest moral hazards that now confront our nation is what appears to be increasingly brazen criminal activity by the BLM and their private contractors as well.  With each decision not to prosecute, BLM employees and private contractors justifiably conclude that they are immune to the rules.  As a result, it appears that the BLM criminal activity is increasing in frequency and severity, as opposed to the reverse.

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BLM and Their Lack of Taking Responsibility

BLM Speak! Overall the roundup went well! — The BLM conducted an internal review of the helicopter incident and Triple B roundup, releasing its findings Dec. 7. The BLM and animal welfare experts agreed there were isolated instances of inhumane treatment, including dragging a horse into a trailer by its roped neck, hitting and kicking horses in the face, and using electric prods, but said overall the roundup went well. — This is typical of the current employee’s attitudes at the BLM.  Why?

Obvious Inhumane Behavior

It defies imagination when we look at the long obnoxious history of the BLM.  This is a government agency that wants the public to believe in “acceptable animal abuse”.  No one sees these activities as acceptable what so ever.  Yet, BLM’s continued use of helicopter roundups remain the cause of horses’ breaking legs, being run-down to exhaustion, broken necks, foals being trampled, horses’ being bumped by helicopter runners and sometimes knocked to the ground or off a cliff – and on and on and on.

Articles and eyewitness details plentiful on the Internet and magazines, and referenced by videos to document many, many occasions: One example here, “November 11, 2010 “BLM Roundup in Oregon Claims Lives of 9 Wild Horses in First Week.”

The facts, or the truth are simple; this same material is contrary to the BLM’s statements that abuse of horses does not exist.

“In July, more than 54 members of Congresses wrote to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar expressing their concerns and calling for a halt to the round ups. Department spokespersons have admitted (video available here) that they have a difficult time explaining the agency’s treatment of wild horses to the public, and as a result, the BLM has severely restricted public observation at most roundups this year.”  Here is an agency that defies our legislators, and yet, our legislators keep funding them yearly.  Why?

As a matter of fact the “Observation” debate resolved and has been overturned, due to Constitutional violation and from the 9th Circuit Supreme Court.  No Restrictions!

The BLM’s position remains complacent and totally arrogant to the truth.  Their attitudes are similar to the Nazi’s in WWII when questioned about the Jews being incarcerated and killed, or even Charles Manson’s attitude when asked if he was guilty or not, of murder.  BLM employees hold contempt for our Constitution as well as the American public, demonstrated daily by their actions!

America Speaks

In a descent persons mind there is simply no such thing as acceptable abuse.  This Journalist and others are now speaking up against this abuse that has plagued our Wild Horse Herds for so many years.  We are all stating, undeniably, beyond any misunderstanding – Stop the Roundups – Stop the Abuse!  It is that simple.

BLM and Abuse

Why is it ignored when so many people, the American taxpaying public, speak up and against the BLM’s abusive management techniques of the Wild Horse Herds?  In response employees at the BLM continue using abusive tactics toward the American public who ask these questions.  Apparently unknown to BLM employees’, their disrespectful response simply reflects their lack of passion toward not only the wild horse herds and indeed their abusive ways, but toward the American public as well.

Tom Gory – Public Relations BLM (Feb. 2012) in response to complaints from the general public about mismanagement of Wild Horse Herds on BLM Land, stated, “. . . is a typical tactic employed by anti-BLM partisans to push their anti-management agenda by any means possible. Their apocalypse-now, sky-is-falling rhetoric is flagrantly dishonest and is clearly aimed at preventing the BLM from gathering horses from overpopulated herds on the range. The BLM is not ‘managing for extinction.’ There is no conspiracy to put down healthy. . . ”

BLM Special Agent interviews an Informant on the subject of stealing horses from the BLM Wild Horse Herd Roundups:

“Agent: Is this a pretty good organization? This sounds like something that’s pretty well planned out, it’s a big organization.

Informant: Well, its very well set up, you know. There’s nobody that participates in it that isn’t well known and don’t know what’s going on.

Agent: Do you feel like there’s people inside the BLM that know about this practice, that are a part of this practice?

Informant: Sure. We can’t operate unless they’re standing there. . .”

BLM and Illegal Activity History

Let’s explore the virtue of the “dishonest” comment by Mr. Gory of the BLM.  There are many BLM employees under investigation for misuse of taxpayer’s money.  They have used BLM Credit Cards illegally, have at least three more investigations ongoing due to similar illegal activity, and investigators are looking into several BLM offices in different states for illegal activity.

A few years ago the FBI, over a several year investigation, found misappropriations of funds and corruption in the millions of dollars, by BLM employees and private contractors.  The fact is we are discussing here fraud and theft of several millions of dollars which includes paperwork, processed by other BLM employees, that had to be signed, releases given for payment, contracts verified by many rather than just a couple of people, contracts and those involved in contracts checked-out by mandatory background checks, and payment situations checked before an actual check is issued.

Either it is common to “Not” abide by approved government process; or, there exists many co-conspirators within each BLM scheme.  Yes, a cover-up again!

Abundant Illegal Activity by BLM Employees

Then we look into the 1990’s, to the early 2000s, and discover several investigations ongoing at that time.  Government authorities were ready to serve several hundred arrest warrants, with a million+ of taxpayer dollars spent to stop the BLM employees from numerous illegal activates, which already cost the taxpayers several millions of dollars stolen. Also review the actual undercover investigation, reports, techniques: , 1997.

Arrests not forthcoming!  Why?  There was someone in a high administrative office that used their authority in a questionable and certainly unethical manner, and canceled the Grand Jury session at the last minute.  One Justice Department Attorney stated there were too many employees from the BLM to arrest, and that were active in the illegal activities.  So it comes to this, the arrests were discontinued.

Unfortunate for taxpayers, since then the BLM employees took over this government agency, with no checks-n-balance system in place what so ever.

Listed here are only 10 issues, of many more, showing BLM’s documented illegal behavior:

  1. BLM Management personnel have authorized the transportation of wild horses to group adopters at the expense of the government;
  2. BLM management personnel have authorized the fee waiver and/or fee reduction of wild horses without delegated authority;
  3. BLM management failed to inspect and prepare written reports for group adopter facilities and property prior to receiving adopted wild horses;
  4. BLM personnel publicly and openly promoted the commercial us of wild horses, i.e., bucking stock and slaughter house;
  5. BLM personnel in concurrence with BLM management, entered false information regarding the wild horse documents into BLM DPS-8000 data base;
  6. BLM personnel through their government positions, arranged for special privileges and allowances pertaining to wild horse adoptions;
  7. BLM personnel and management knowingly converted to the use of another, wild horses belonging to theUnited States;
  8. BLM personnel and management did knowingly attempt to interfere with an ongoing investigation by discussing privileged information regarding the Investigation with other BLM personnel, some of whom were subjects of the Investigation;
  9. Many, many more “lack of document” charges, especially in regard to the Wild Horse Herd Counts and the financial income and expenditures mandatory at each BLM facility, were not completed, lost, or unavailable for confirmation – in order to appropriate funding for each facility;
  10. Several more listings expressed concern toward illegal activity, and lack of following directorial and mandated training and compliance of Inspectors, Wranglers, and Field Level Administrators of the Wild Horse and Burro Program.

BLM employees apparently think the current Activists are, again, “Dishonest”.  These Activists, they are calling dishonest are typical Americans, many Veterans of Wars, middle class wives and husbands who pay their taxes on time and all the time, and other honest folks of this nation, are dissatisfied with this particular agency and the ongoing and obvious abuse of Wild Horse Herds as well as their run-amuck budgets.

Rather than resolve the apparent issues, BLM employees lie!  Yes, we as Americans are speaking up and combating innuendo, misinformation, and outright lies with something as simple as “The Truth.”

BLM Complacency and Arrogance

Because there is abuse within the BLM, we can now perceive where the “acceptable abuse” standards are obtained.  Basically, they have none, as there is no acceptance of responsibility toward their actions.  There is no one policing the BLM employees and their irresponsible conduct.  “We can hold as a truth the BLM is morally and ethically corrupt, by their consistent and habitual chain of misinformation,” stated Stan Dimmick, NSA Research Scientist-Retired.

Today’s Activists are backed by solid and truthful reference material.  This same reference material has shown consistently the facts in regard to outright abuse of both wild horses and taxpayer money.  The reference material has shown fraudulent activity by government employees in order for them to make a buck, and has shown beyond doubt through grasslands research, or the vast amount of appropriate research, the Wild Horse and Burro Program is unnecessary.

So the BLM, backed by no valid reference material what so ever, rather innuendo, political agendas, agendas that serve only a small and specific special interest group, and studies that are filled with misinformation and, well, lies, are making millions upon millions of dollars on the taxpayers back.  Their funding by taxpayer money needs to stop!  There are no taxpayers wanting them to continue abusing the wild horses, or spending taxpayer money frivolously!

No, Mr. Gory, the Activists are not the “dishonest ones” here what so ever.  The Wild Horse Roundups are, indeed, abusive and for many, many different reasons!

Right now the BLM and their conduct does not represent America what so ever!  Their conduct represents everything that is wrong with our “spend without parameters” and “lack of ethics” government of today!  It is time to change that situation!


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BLM Wild Horse Herd Roundups and the FACTS!


§ 91.13   Careless or reckless operation

(a) Aircraft operations for the purpose of air navigation. No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another.

(b) Aircraft operations other than for the purpose of air navigation. No person may operate an aircraft, other than for the purpose of air navigation, on any part of the surface of an airport used by aircraft for air commerce (including areas used by those aircraft for receiving or discharging persons or cargo), in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another.

Dangerous and Unsafe to Horses

Sometimes things get so far fetched and out of hand that someone, anyone, must step forward and say something.  The situation where so many Americans and taxpayers are stepping forward and “saying something” about the Wild Horse Herd Roundups, continue being ignored, is very troubling indeed.  The thing about helicopter roundups, while doing a gather of Wild Horse Herds throughout the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands is this:

Wild Horse Herd Roundups while using a helicopter to do so, are dangerous for the horses, abusive for the horses, deadly to the horses, apparently (experience and witnessed) abusive toward people stating their opposition to it, and extremely questionable in regard to “Ethical” or “Sane” standards and principles of horse management.  The abuse is ongoing and the actual killing of wild horses’ is done on a daily basis within this type of procedure, Helicopter Roundups.

Just a few of the things witnessed or video tapped in regard to helicopters used in Wild Horse Herd Roundups.

  1. Helicopter pilot, while operating the helicopter, swooped down upon one horse, hit the horse with its bottom runner, pushing it over an embankment, breaking its leg, then its neck – the horse a mare, with foal, the foal so shook-up and scared also toppled over the embankment and broke its neck;
  2. Another similar incident on the flats, where a helicopter pilot swooped down upon one horse, tapped it with its bottom runner, the horse scared, eventually worn out from running, collapsed – this situation happens over and over again, with no supervisory staff from the BLM telling the pilot to stop this activity, and within any of the roundups;
  3. A private citizen, while searching for the roundup holding pen area, an  alone woman on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, was swooped down upon, then the pilot hovered over the woman for awhile at approximately 20 feet above her, while attempting to coerce or intimidate her to leave the area and not observe the roundup;
  4. A pilot swamped a small herd of horses with the helicopters backwash.  This scared and unnerved the horses to the point of one foal being trampled to death, another older mare running until exhausted, then keeled over dead, and many more incidents of similar if not the same types of situations happening.

The fact is our government, for money, treats the Mullet or “Sucker Fish” with more respect than a horse, and that’s downright unacceptable to us all.  Also keep in mind these incidents mentioned above are in no way isolated, rather, they happen almost daily and during the wild horse herd roundups when using helicopter.

Government Property (i.e. 52.245-1 “Government property”)

Currently our government and the BLM has condoned this situation of illegal activity, malpractice, abusive behavior, lack of ethics, or lack of consideration toward animals what so ever (review list of laws at end of article).  The killing of horses continues.  This is regarded by many decent people, Americans and taxpayers, as well as horse owners, to be a situation that is totally unacceptable.

The horses are considered government property (i.e. 52.245-1 “Government property”) which means all property owned or leased by the Government, in another words owned by you and I as taxpayers.  It is that simple, yet so neglected by officials of our government and the BLM – Why?

Illegal Activity as Prescribe by 18 U.S.C. #1361

It is time either these Private Contractors, hired by the BLM, pay the government back for neglectful treatment and destruction of government property, or be fined (as prescribed by law $100,000 per occasion) and jailed (minimum 1 year in jail) as described in “1666 — Destruction of Government Property—18 U.S.C. § 1361.”  This must not and cannot be tolerated, and should have never been tolerated what so ever.

Again, it is that simple, yet so neglected by our government officials and the BLM.  As taxpayers and Americans we all ask — Why?

For proof of such conduct we can review many reports, as well as newspaper and magazine articles such as the example below.  Never the less many more articles and eyewitness details remain plentiful on the Internet and magazines alike, and referenced by videos to document the occasion:  “November 11, 2010 “BLM Roundup in Oregon Claims Lives of 9 Wild Horses in First Week.”

This story – “Another Stallion Dies after Breaking Neck”, as well as many others, are abundant.  And just as similar to many more — it continues, “Nine mustangs have died in the first week of the Bureau of Land Management roundup in the Warm Springs Herd Management Area (HMA), southwest of Burns, Oregon.”

Many articles and observations by people such as you and I remain a deadly example of helicopter roundups, and the deadly situation that exists while using them.  They are killing America’s Wild Horse’s discriminately, with callous and arrogant attitudes to follow-up and when questioned about such activities.  Most often the excuse is they are either “Just doing our jobs,” or the other which consists of finishing their job faster.  When paid “Per Head” the faster they get done the more profitable the situation is to the private contractors.  But this is at the expense and killing of many horses, government property, and taxpayers’ property, and illegal as prescribed and mentioned again here so there is no confusion, by 1666 — Destruction of Government Property—18 U.S.C. § 1361

Apparently, the BLM Police Force, who should know this, ignores it, why?  Does the BLM have laws that we do not know of, or do they simply feel the laws in the United States do no apply to them what so ever?  These are significant questions, not innuendo any longer, and many taxpayers and Americans alike want answers.

Harassment to a person by Helicopter Pilot at Roundup

“The helicopter,” (i.e. see FAA   PART 91—GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES Rule 91-13 Careless or reckless operation), “was very low maybe twenty to thirty feet above my car. I walked to about the middle of the top of the hill and the helicopter lifted, the pilot saw me and flew over the top of me hovering and circling about twenty to thirty feet above me. I was confused and did not know what to do so I waved at him, in a kind of “Hi, What’s going on” way.”

“He was so close that I could see his face and he appeared very angry and continued to aggressively circle me and hover over me.  I was so surprised at first that I did not think to lift my camera and take a picture but as he continued to hover and follow me I remembered and took a couple of photos of the helicopter.” Lee Jones, Activist, horse owner, and practices true Horsemanship.

Miss Jones was simply a bystander at the roundup mentioned above, essentially being threatened by the pilot of the helicopter.  Ironically, she was not within proximity of the roundup what so ever.  She was also by herself, unprotected, on an isolated dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and one can even say without any imagination, “Bullied”.  We can certainly ask, how did this pilot get away with this, such an atrocity and obviously and beyond question illegal.

Some have suggested this situation occurred at the request of government authorities who were “on-site” at the time.  This is certainly an obvious violation of FAA 91-13Careless or reckless operation of that helicopter pilot’s actions (sited above), and if the government officials at that site ordered that to be done, then we have an even larger problem, surmountable to a felony, make no doubt about that.

Abuse and Killing of Wild Horses Abundant

More examples are available for review at such Internet sites as “Wild Horse Education” and “American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign” and abound with on-the-spot witnessing of these occasions.  But these Internet sites, as already mentioned, are not rare, and many are available for perusal, with information and especially non-edited “Videos” of abuses and callous roundup activity.

All are during and while using a helicopter, and in violation of the same FAA PART 91—GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES 91-13 Careless and reckless operation regulation.  As well, almost all of the videos on the Internet show abuse by the helicopter pilots being abundant, and on many, many occasions.  As a matter of fact it can be said at almost “all” of the wild horse herd roundups when helicopters are used.  Also, as cited above, this type of behavior is illegal, or once again laws that pertain to the common folks inAmerica not applicable to the BLM or their private contractors?  Why not?  We need some answers here, and very soon.

BLM and Government Contractors

The helicopter companies, with ground crew to setup and coral the horses, are considered government contractors.  Consideration toward the horses does not exist at all.  When it is pointed out by spectators that the treatment is abusive, these same government contractors threaten law-suits, and costly maneuvering within the court system that costs taxpayers more money.  These threats have been abundant, ironically these same contractors use taxpayer money to file legal briefs and pay attorneys fees, as is the same with BLM administrators.  Once again everybody makes money on these Wild Horse Herd Roundups and at the expense of taxpayer money, with “0” return to the taxpayer.

There exists no reimbursement, or penalty within the contracts, toward the private contractors when they maim or kill a horse, and especially reimbursement to the taxpayers.  Above and beyond the contracts are the U.S.C. Codes of law, apparently ignored, which also define responsibilities of private contractors to manage the horses and conduct themselves in a responsible and “Legal” manner.  A contract is not needed here, or mentioned thereof to obey existing laws, in order to obey the laws first and foremost.

Taxpayers and Government Property

Make no doubt that these horses are defined as government property (i.e. 52.245-1 “Government property”).  Broken necks and broken legs are abundant as well, often leading to death, and again  are not reimbursed or compensated for at all, to the taxpayers.  There exist too many alternatives for there to be any death of horses what so ever, but are ignored by private contractors and BLM personnel alike.

Once again the taxpayers receive “the finger” from government agencies (the BLM especially) and when questioned about spending our hard earned money for activities that the majority of Americans and taxpayers are totally against.

This Journalist suggests going to the Internet and do a search yourself.  What you will find are a minimal amount of sites, to include the BLM sites, favorable to Wild Horse Herd Roundups.  In opposition to that you will find an overwhelming amount of not only Internet sites, but magazine articles, newspaper articles, and other information in regard to these roundups being unfavorable, people against the roundups, and not to be ignored, and for very specific and valid reasons.

Despite what the BLM offers as information, many other folks have observed the opposite, to include mistreatment.  Factual research and other pertinent information in regard to Wild Horse Herd Roundups are prevalent and “ALL” state beyond a doubt the roundups either unneeded, profoundly cruel, and mismanaged by the BLM.

1st Amendment Rights Confirmed to Witness and Observe

Another situation decided by the Supreme Court, in District 9,San Francisco, states clearly that observers/press/witnesses can and should be at roundup sites.  This despite the millions of dollars the BLM spent to fight this issue in Courts; yes, our government agency versus the taxpayers, which is quite disturbing when considering their questionable conduct.  This was yet another frivolous use of taxpayer money, by the BLM, to defend a small specific special interest group, to essentially protect them from public scrutiny because of questionable and often illegal activities.

Yes, friends of legislators and attorneys, in a useless manner and attempt at taking away Constitutional Rights of all Americans, again, to make a buck for a few, and to hell with the taxpayers and Americans.

The BLM legal briefs placed in more than an obvious light, and do not want the roundups and their treatment of wild horses observed what so ever.  They lost their case!  Is this paramount to guilty?  In this case absolutely, make no doubt about that.  The Judge felt observation was required, a 1st Amendment right to do so, by and for the public interest, to stop the insane mistreatment of horses, especially during the roundups.

This Journalist view is that we can be assured we live in a questionable time within American History.  Never has taxpayer money been used “Against Americans” within such a callous and deviant manner, by government agencies (in this case the BLM).

And yet it remains going unchecked by those entities, such as the Department of Justice, or a few legislators, as if nothing is happening at all.  Yes, once again we are confronted by yet another situation where the law only applies to a few, and evidently not the people who work at the BLM, or the private contractors that break these same laws almost daily.

The FAA law, in this case, is quite clear.  But apparently friends of friends of friends abuse these laws, while doing contrived favors for one another and within their position of responsibility while working for the government; which by the way is considered illegal activity and against policy, and supposedly not condoned by government administrators or the legal community – and yet . . .

What you can do here:  Non-Partisan Federal Investigation into the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of the Interior


A Brief Reference to Laws and violations of Roundups:

18 USC § 641 – Public money, property or records; 

10 USC § 909 – Art. 109. Property other than military property of United States—Waste, spoilage, or destruction

TITLE 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE — § 1361. Government property or contract

Revision to Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 45 and its Associated Clauses (FAR Case 2004-025) still liable for loss, damage, destruction, or theft of Government property that occurs under fixed-price contracts

FAA PART 91—GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES 91-13 Careless and reckless operation regulation

1666 — Destruction of Government Property—18 U.S.C. § 1361

OMB circular No. A-123, Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control”

FAR clauses at 52.245-1> and 52.245-9, DFARS clauses 252.211-7007, 252.245-7001, 252.245-7002,   252.245-7003, and 252.245-7004

DFARS 242.202, Assignment of Contract Administration

Issue a Contract Deficiency Report (CDR) in Electronic Document Access (EDA) for those contracts lacking appropriate terms and conditions.  See  Contract Receipt and Review Instruction, paragraph 2.5.

Proper Property Loss Reports from Contractors:


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Welfare Ranchers: Abominations to Both This Country and Wild Horses

Once again we are confronted by Welfare Ranchers attempting to rid our public lands of wild horses!  This is frustrating, as these same people are adamant in regard to city folks in ghettos and the like, to get off welfare, but Welfare Ranchers do not see themselves as leaches upon our land and using taxpayer money irresponsibly.  Yes, hypocrisy is alive and well with these people, who obviously have contacts, other ranchers appointed to offices within “Our” government, that take special care of their friends; Ironically, at the expense of our nations wild horse herds, America’s horses!  And their attitude is “To hell with everyone else!”  This needs to STOP!

Many American’s, including this American, demands that the government look into, that is a thorough investigation, of the vented and bias interests these welfare ranchers receive from those in government office, or friends in “High Places”.

This is nothing more, nor nothing less, than theft of not only our public lands and taxpayer money, but our Wild Horse Herds as well.  And for What?  1% to 2% of our nations beef?  This is way out of proportion with reality!

Yes, allotments and special interest situations such as Welfare Ranching, and in the previous decades, demonstrate beyond a doubt the unfair and out of proportion circumstances that are now out-dated and suspect of having no further use to the American public, the common folks of this land.  It is nothing more than “Taking Advantage” of an already bad situation, and ripping off in a disrespectful and ugly way, 99% of the common folks in America.

Why are we writing about ranchers and cattle that use Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands, America’s Lands, to graze?  Allow this Journalist to get something straight right now: No one, at least within my articles and many others, are attacking the honest ranchers of this nation, or the farmers, as we all have a continued and healthy respect for those men and women who remain a significant part of America’s food chain.

No, this goes further, and strikes the hearts and emotions of those who own horses, admire, or are dedicated American’s that want the Wild Horse Herds to remain part of our natural resource and our heritage.  This heritage is being taken away from American’s in such an abrupt and abusive manner, promoted by nothing more than outright lies, political agendas, profiteering at taxpayer expense, and rounding up and killing “Our” Wild Horses for no purpose other than. . .  Well, no one knows for sure the why, other than there is no valid reason at all.

Welfare Ranchers

On the other hand there is a segment of the ranching community called “Welfare Ranching.”  This is a BLM program that costs taxpayers several millions of dollars per year, with no significant return what so ever.

“The federal grazing program doesn’t pay for itself-not by a long-shot,” said Greta Anderson, Arizona Director for Western Watersheds Project. “It’s effectively a hand-out for a special interest group.”

BLM and Wild Horse Herd Roundups

We then assimilate the BLM’s Wild Horse Herd Program and discover yet another useless and profoundly awkward program, started under false pretense.  Yes, it is simply designed, for a lack of better understanding, to assume profit for the same “Welfare Ranchers” at taxpayer expense, and also in the millions of dollars per year.  Also a critical and outright disgusting note: At the unneeded elimination of America’s Wild Horse Herds, with many “healthy” horses and burros often taken to Slaughter.

BLM’s Misinformed and Erroneous Research

The best example is that of BLM spending in excess of $40 million dollars on “Research” but Scientists specifically told by BLM managers to “Not Consider Grazing Due to Fear of Lawsuits and Data Gaps.”  Since when does legal action trump a truthful assessment of Public Lands?  And the effect of grazing, which in this case are the “Data Gaps”, are of real concern, since the very premise of the Wild Horse Herd Roundups (also costing taxpayers millions of dollars yearly) are predicated on Grasslands Data that supposedly exists, which now we find out doesn’t exist at all, and never has existed!  A situation rather reminiscent of the 15 minute gap in the Nixon Tapes, and which later we find was filled with conclusive evidence of illegal activity.

Going from Bad to Worse – The BLM Decision Process

Worse, after getting caught in this lie, the BLM is essentially saying, “Please don’t say anything about cattle grazing, as it ruins the Public Lands and it may get the “Welfare Ranchers” pissed off, and they may sue us.”  Huh?  Quite a Pandora’s Box the BLM and the Department of the Interior has accomplished here, and obviously difficult to rid themselves of.  But oh, it does get far worse, especially at the expense of the taxpayer.  Arrogance is blissful too but a few, as others pay the price!

“Livestock grazing is permitted on two-thirds of all BLM lands, with 21,000 grazing allotments covering 157 million acres across the West.”  In order to “cover their tracks” the BLM deferred:  “In the face of this reaction, BLM initially deferred a decision but ultimately opted to –

  • Remove livestock grazing from all eco – regional assessments, citing insufficient data. As a result, the assessments do not consider massive grazing impacts even though trivial disturbance factors such as rock hounding are included; and
  • Limit consideration of grazing-related information only when combined in an undifferentiated lump with other native and introduced ungulates (such as deer, elk, wild horses and feral donkeys).”

“This is one of the oddest things I have ever heard of.  BLM is taking the peculiar position that it can no longer distinguish the landscape imprint of antelope from that of herds of cattle,” remarked PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, noting BLM has far more data on grazing than it does on other change agents, such as climate change or urban sprawl, that it chose to follow. “Grazing is one of the few ‘change agents’ within the agency’s mandate to manage, suggesting that BLM only wants analysis on what it cannot control.”

Department of the Interior Flawed With Lies

Ironically, “. . . earlier this year, the Interior Department, parent agency for BLM, adopted its first scientific integrity policies prohibiting political interference with, or manipulation of, scientific work.”  A double “Huh”, as this is what writer’s call a “paradox” within fictional dramatic structure.  The problem here, folks, is this is not a fictional story, but true.  This can perhaps be compared to the old Indian man saying in the movie Kalifornia, when observing the actions of the psychotic character Brad Pitt played in the movie, “. . . that boy’s watched too much television.”

Thereby, their definition of “Research” is not only politically driven, and meant not to “Offend” the ever-present and drain to taxpayer money, the “Welfare Ranchers”, but BLM Administrators want to manipulate the research as well, to make sure the data is enriched with self-promotion and profitable to a specific group of people, and certainly not the taxpayers.  They as well as the BLM say, “To hell with the Taxpayers!  To Hell with American’s!”

After all, the BLM Administrators have already spent several billions of taxpayer’s money on specifically the Wild Horse Herd Roundups, both via questionable budgets and theft.  And this must be covered up somehow.  One has got to wonder first, 1. How in the hell did these people get hired within a government agency, and; 2. How in the hell do they keep their jobs when obviously there is so much corruption happening here.

Yet more obvious, the BLM having any type of responsible conduct is non-existent.  These government employees can be compared to the worthless gunslinger hired by the ruthless and dishonest rancher, as in the old westerns of years ago, that attempt to “Steal” the honest folk’s lands and animals for profit.

Extrapolate of the Burns (Reid) Amendment

We can also portray those who originated the Burns (Reid) Amendment, which it has been stated time and again unethically, and those that remain supporting that same amendment as those “pulling the strings” so to speak for all the other questionable and illegal activity – portrayed in old western movies as the dishonest rancher who hired all the gunslingers.  We as Americans need to understand who it is we vote for, and what their potential toward abuse of our laws they can pose within the future, and especially contrary to what the majority of American’s want; after all they are there to represent the people, or American’s as a whole, not specific special interest groups that place money into the politician’s pocket.

Grazing Fees for Welfare Ranchers

BLM’s annual grazing fee since the 1980’s $1.35 per animal unit month (AUM), which was recently increased to $2.35 AUM, the minimum fee allowed under current law.  The fee, which is charged on most Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service grazing allotments, does not come close to recouping the costs of the federal grazing program.  In comparison, the average grazing fee on equivalent, non-irrigated private lands in the West was $15.90 per AUM in 2007, and remains profitable for those ranchers who pay that price.  Assuredly that figure has probably increased in the past 5 years.

“Given the massive budget shortfall our country is facing, we can no longer afford to subsidize a small group of ranchers to pursue their preferred lifestyle on public lands at public expense,” said Mark Salvo, Director of the Sagebrush Sea Campaign for WildEarth Guardians.

[Journalist Note: This Journalist is a Vietnam Veteran, and I also take note, with disgust, that Veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan do not receive appropriate care, and this is due to lack of funds at the VA, and “Welfare Ranching” is simply one of many government programs that consumes taxpayer money uselessly, which can be directed toward assisting those war Veterans needs, rather than giving taxpayer money to a small special interest group who are as well involved in highly questionable activity, and I must say — quite a lot of taxpayer money.]

“Welfare Ranchers” produce and contribute less than 1% (some estimate an inconsistent 3%, but unsure and the less than 1% appears more accurate) of food product to the public.  The reality is the public pays twice for this small amount of product supplied to America’s food chain, in millions of tax dollars spent to support these ranches, and also at the markets that sell at standard and often above market prices.  The margin, or profit base, simply goes into the “Welfare Ranchers” pockets, which receive a profit anyway, but with taxpayer’s assistance receive much more profit.  Then add stolen horse (i.e. stolen government property) storage paid to these same “Welfare Ranchers” until moving the horses to slaughter, which taxpayers also pay for, and subject of a later article, and this special interest group makes a lot of money.

“. . . the GAO reported in 2005 that the BLM would need to charge $7.64 per AUM to recoup grazing program expenses, and the Forest Service would need to charge $12.26/AUM.”  Obviously those figures over the past few years have increased as well.

Legislators and Laws

In 2005 conservation organizations submitted a petition for rule making to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of the Interior to update the fee formula to produce fees that cover the costs of the federal grazing program. Under the Administrative Procedures Act, the agencies are supposed to respond within a “reasonable period” of time.  One has got to wonder what our legislative people assume to be a “reasonable period” as it has not been accomplished yet.

“The Obama Administration needs to respond now to the grazing fee petition to comply with the law,” said Jon Marvel, Executive Director of Western Watersheds Project.  The $1.00 increase applied last month simply does not cover the situation within a responsible manner.  As well, why has the Administration not reacted to the illegal schemes ongoing for so many years?

Bad Conduct, The Horse, and BLM

Apparently, taxpayers have succumbed once again, being subordinate, to someone’s political agenda; perhaps the same someone who stopped the Federal Grand Jury investigations and indictment of BLM employees for theft and misuse of government money from the 1990’s onward.

The continued conduct and irresponsible acts by government employees must stop.  As the old westerns use of drama, it is time for the hard-working ranch hand whose past gave him the ability to fight the bad guys, to step forward and cleanup the BLM, and then place America’s Wild Horse Herds back onto America’s lands, and manage them appropriately.

It is simply time to take into consideration the contemptible and incompetence of BLM employees in managing our public lands.  This particular incompetence has been quite costly, in the billions of dollars, to the taxpayers of this nation, and done repeatedly over the years.  Decisions based on bad science, bad research, covering up illegal activities, make-believe posturing of land-management principles, costs of unnecessary wild horse herd roundups and storage, and just plain ignorance of terrestrial science has caused this glut of irresponsibility to explode into unbelievable proportions — yet obvious even to the children of our nation.

Welfare Ranching has got to stop as well.  These ranchers need to pull their own weight on our Public Lands, and pay the correct price to do so.  Gone is the era of putting to pasture 1% of the beef cattle for this nation, to actually sacrifice so much to do so little, and sacrifices by so many.

This being a good excuse to charge only $2.35 per AUM is ridiculous in todays markets.  It is no longer feasible to do so, and the taxpayers are paying the price directly, as food on our tables essentially disappears due to not having the ability to afford the cost of the food.  Then we are told by our government agencies that sacrifices must be made!  And yet, the Welfare Ranchers, with no sacrifice what so ever, sustain a rich and profitable environment, taking from War Veterans, taking from impoverished families, taking from the common folks where a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk now costs in total $7.00 or more!

Make no doubt — Pandora’s Box has been opened.  What an opportunity for a politician to become the man or woman in the white hat.  To actually save America’s Wild Horse Herds, become a hero and obtain a unique value of accomplishment as well as that of being a true American.  This is what makes the common-folks heroes, and then placed into the annals of history for protecting one of America’s true resources, meaning people, and those animals who worked alongside many Americans in the past to make our country stable, The Horse.  It is quite apparent, certain government agencies and Welfare Ranchers consider people and horses secondary to their own needs and their own greed!


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