Wild Horse Herd Advocates versus BLM and PZP Supporters Who Want to Liquidate America’s Wild Horses

cascade mtn pasture    “Conservation is getting nowhere because it is incompatible with our Abrahamic concept of land. We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” — Aldo Leopold

Interesting is the fact that when we discuss the subject of Wild Horses on Public Lands, and their rights to be there, we discover surprising results. What we discover is that government agencies, the Department of the Interior as well as its subordinate agency, the Bureau of Land Management — simply ignore Law.

Ironic, since we consider ourselves to be a Nation of Laws. This ideology is what creates our social-civility as well as humane interactions with others and conduct through our life. These two agencies mentioned here, indeed ignore Congressional mandates that limit, and even prohibit particular management situations of America’s Wild Horses. We can determine from this that indeed, it prohibits the humane and even the ethical treatment of our nation’s Wild Horse Herds, favoring commercialism, the placement of too many cattle onto Public Lands, only for short term profits instead. And yet . . .

Laws directly related to humane and ethical conduct

Recently, the profound interest and use of PZP on America’s Wild Horses, is a fact of misinterpretation as well as misinformation leading to such a drastic measure. The misleading and false information that we have only “limited options” and that such a drastic measure as unorthodox breeding-control is acceptable remains troublesome to many. Lies and bad conduct, mixed with government intrusion upon America’s wild life often is of unscrupulous, certainly debatable, and by many considered mismanagement.

No options? Really? Within a profound context, and simply a light perusal of our laws governing America’s Public Lands, and that includes America’s Wild Horses, we easily locate a chest full with good and robust options for the correct management of our Wild Horses as well as our Public Lands.

Not so ironic, all we have to do is go by several laws already established to manage our Public Lands, which indeed creates diversity as well – I mention this as when we discuss Public Lands, the discussion actually centers around this same diversity of use. When knowledgeable of the subject, yes combating ignorance at high levels of government always an extraordinary experience to say the least, we find many laws quite compatible with not only Public Land Management usage, diversity, but quite receptive to and compatible with Wild Life, to include Wild Horses.

In reality that the lands and resources managed by the Bureau of Land Management can best be—and must be—sustainably managed for the American people under the conservation mandate set forth in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA). Other Laws do exist, and support one another within this same capacity, i.e. NEPA, the Taylor Grazing Act, and so forth . . . and very similar is sustainability and biodiversity methodology and putting ideology toward common sense solutions and workable resolutions.

The Multiple Use and Sustained Yield direction given within FLPMA requires government agencies to be competent, objective, restrain themselves toward professional management (compared to current and unsatisfactory criminal behavior and special interest only endeavors), and to work with well informed responsible public land users.  It involves a multitude of resources, uses, and issues perhaps toward equitable resolution, all with major environmental, social and economic consequences . . .

Why is there conflict? The major cause is the misinterpretation of Laws that already exist. The attempts to misinform the American Taxpaying Public, then base pertinent decisions on this misinformation, conclusively generates not only bad management, but spending of taxpayer money, pretty much wasted in total – one can say BLM employees irresponsibly frivolous with so much taxpayer money.

FLPMA, for example, has set forth four broad principles, which we all believe should guide BLM.  These four principles: Renewability, Adaptability, Stewardship, and Equity, if diligently adhered to in the policy, during the development of plans, and daily on-the-ground decision making in conformity with the FLPMA mandate, can precisely result in the lands and resources of Public Lands being truly sustainable.

Misinformation and disruptive special interest priorities have made void these very precise principles and, least we not forget, Law; thereby, we can say this government agency, the BLM, has indeed ignored the law, favoring short-term profit over good management.

There is criminal behavior involved in the ignoring of this law as well, when we consider budgets and procurement policies set aside, in particular from fraudulent information in the matters of decisions to provide financing for such knowingly misguided and misinformed conduct. One has got to wonder about PZP, and if a thorough research of the drug, a pesticide, would have been enough for the approval to responsibly Procure using taxpayer money. Evidence shows it was procured, despite the many regulatory situations leading to Procurement that were indeed ignored, or even waived (?) — the situation to purchase violated not only regulatory situations, but Laws as well, both in Procurement and in FLPMA – there is no Long-Term studies available (as noted in the EPA application) that are applicable to the pesticide safety within such environments as Public Lands, or any environmental circumstances other than captivity . . . for that matter. This is very serious within itself.

Then we can also go to the very real situation of Environmental Assessments, for example, are not in accord with FLPMA or the intent what so ever – to manage Public Lands appropriately and by law. Further perusal of such items as EA’s or the use of PZP by a government agency, and we also discover several Procurement regulatory situations as well as Laws broken . . . fraudulent behavior, which is nothing more than to supply a government agency with false or misleading information to obtain taxpayer money.

Defining Multiple Use

“The term “multiple use” means the management of the public lands and their various resource values so that they are utilized in the combination that will best meet the present and future needs of the American people; making the most judicious use of the land for some or all of these resources or related services over areas large enough to provide sufficient latitude for periodic adjustments in use to conform to changing needs and conditions; the use of some land for less than all of the resources; a combination of balanced and diverse resource uses that takes into account the long-term needs of future generations for renewable and nonrenewable resources, including, but not limited to, recreation, range, timber, minerals, watershed, wildlife and fish, and natural scenic, scientific and historical values; and harmonious and coordinated management of the various resources without permanent impairment of the productivity of the land and the quality of the environment with consideration being given to the relative values of the resources and not necessarily to the combination of uses that will give the greatest economic return or the greatest unit output.

The term “sustained yield” means the achievement and maintenance in perpetuity of a high-level annual or regular periodic output of the various renewable resources of the public lands consistent with multiple use.”

It is simply time for Ethical Ingenuity and Behavior

Aldo Leopold wrote brilliantly about what is needed to achieve an ethical relationship with land.  What stewardship requires, he pointed out is an intense consciousness of land. His concept of a “land ethic” is undeniably necessary for us to achieve sustainability for our public lands and resources.  What we all must do, he said, is to, “Examine each question in terms of what is ethically and esthetically right, as well as what is economically expedient.  A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.  It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

Sustainable development balance is relatively easy de novo, but what happens when sustainable management decisions negatively impact the expectations and benefits deriving from precedent social and economic values and uses of public lands and resources?

The answer to that question usually involves bureaucratic mandates, political trumpery and litigation.  The principle of equity means that sustainability for the public lands can not come about overnight, rather it requires a fair and orderly process over sufficient time to reasonably adjust historical expectations and accommodate the social and economic changes concomitant with that adjustment.  This will require longer term thinking than public land agencies usually apply (unfortunately never apparently exceeding four years).

A very strong reality, the fact that BLM conduct should be predicated in accord with law, rather than ignoring and generating questionable situations and many situations even contrary to law, would make the Public Lands landscape superior just from attritional aspects – basically doing the right things to manage our Public Lands . . .

By the same token, the sustainability principle of equity requires adequate reimbursement in support of Public Land Management in return for the profits and benefits made possible through the use of those lands and public resources.  This process must account for and assure to the Public Lands appropriate reimbursement for the external costs of public land and resource uses.

Addressing this principle will require a change in historic laws and policies such as the Mining Law of 1872 and grazing fees where a responsible market value of the resources taken is not presently returned to the public to pay the costs of Public Land Management. These factors also control the usage, rather than random use and unorthodox welfare ranching practice of receiving subsidies for nothing, other than high-profits – the American Taxpayer receives nothing (zero) even though paying these high subsidies to welfare ranchers where they purchase planes, new RV’s, Boats, their kids to college, mansions, pools, and we are stuck with their bills.

Biodiversity — Sustainability

Biodiversity can simply be defined as the variation of life at a given site or ecosystem. However, it is through this diversity that natural systems adapt, evolve, and thrive. This link is so strong that the term biodiversity is regarded as synonymous with ecosystem health. Diverse ecosystems usually have “increased stability, increased productivity, and resistance to invasion and other disturbances.” It is these features that make biodiversity desirable within a given biological community/biome. Most importantly, biodiversity holds enormous value for the entire planet!

Reality within Conclusion

Many of us find it disturbing that DOI / BLM misinterpret, and on many occasions even ignore America’s Laws in regard to Public Lands Management. The astounding fact is the BLM is a cirrupt government agency, where they represent commercialist endeavors, and to hell with all else – and that includes human and wildlife – the ethics and morals of this government agency can be well-defined as — Having None!

The PZP situation, ignoring of Environmental Assessments, taxpayers covering the cost of horses being stolen from BLM inventory and sent to slaughter, the corrupt Welfare Ranching Program, and on and on. . . Illegal? Absolutely! Being done? Yes, and well confirmed by not only observation and witnesses, but BLM’s own government paperwork. Can Public Lands survive? Only if the laws, policy, and regulatory aspects of land management, already in place and perfectly functional, are used.

The fact is the BLM is the most litigated government agency in American History – not because of land-litigations, but because the BLM ignores current laws and policies they are directed to obey. Restructuring and ridding the BLM of many current employees, many criminals, can indeed make it a superior agency – but the way it is now, it is absurd and a waste of taxpayer money – Wild Horses depend on us, just as our environment – and nothing can survive the ever present and current criminal behavior that exists right now, and within the BLM / DOI.

FLPMA PDF Document —

Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA) (PDF)

O&C Lands Act of 1937 (PDF)

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) (42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq.) (PDF)

Endangered Species Act (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.) (PDF)

Reauthorized Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act (PDF)

Payment Information

Omnibus Public Land Management Act (Public Law 111-11) (PDF)

General Mining Laws (overview only, actual legislation in the future)

Mineral Leasing Act and Amendments (30 U.S.C. 181 et seq.) (PDF)

The Federal Land Transfer Facilitation Act (P.L. 106-248) (PDF)

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, as amended through 1/2006 (PDF)

Cultural/Historic Protection and Preservation Acts

Fee System for Commercial Filming Activities on Federal land (PDF)

See Final Rule 43 CFR Parts 3000, 3150, 3200, 3500, 3730, 3740, 3810, and 3830–Minerals Management:  Adjustment of Cost Recovery, 9/5/07, Federal Register (72 FR 50882-50889)

Leopold, Aldo, “A Sand County Almanac.”  Oxford University Press. 1949.

The Tragedy of the Commons is a dilemma in which multiple individuals acting independently in their own self interest can ultimately destroy a shared resource even where it is clear that it is not in anyone’s long term interest for this to happen.  (Hardin, Garrett,

“The Tragedy of the Commons.”  Science. 1968.  Wikipedia.) & tabid=1052&language=en-US & tabid=1052&language=en-US, pg.18


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Death to America’s Wild Horses: Public Lands at the Crossroad and Time For Change

say no to blm

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

American’s, the taxpaying public, needs to start looking at – and understanding what the problems are, existing right now on our Public Lands. Ignoring such a large segment of our lands, and the management conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (i.e. BLM), has led to nothing less than criminality and single-purpose destruction by industrial and corporate entities – who indeed remain untrustworthy and even irresponsible toward America’s needs, taxpayer dollars, America’s wild horses, and Public Lands.

Public Lands, or what is termed “The Smell of Money” – diversity, mainly Special Interest and Lobby Groups, who fulfill their needs of high-profit methodology only. The sacrifice of our Public Lands, and the ever present and extensive destruction, both to land and wildlife, quite costly, and with taxpayers having no idea they subsidize this destruction daily — in the $-billions of dollars yearly.

The GAO (i.e. Government Accountability Office) states in several reports it costs the American Taxpayer $450 million yearly just to administer Welfare Ranching and the BLM Grazing Permit program – this is a program for ranchers to graze their cattle on Public Lands. Subsidies for ranchers and corporations on Public Lands and on a yearly basis, are given directly — $-millions of dollars more.

Ironically, the demand by these Welfare Rancher’s to remove Wild Horses from Public Lands, which also cost millions of dollars more, and on a yearly basis to complete, certainly compound the Public Lands expenses tremendously; although, if the Wild Horses left alone, would cost American Taxpayer’s next to nothing.

The Bureau of Land Management, or what some term as a government agency that is in reality a Special Interest and Corporate Clone, ignores Federal Law and legislation. Instead this Public Lands Management oversight agency ignores its legislative purpose of managing for multi-purpose use, then simply segments into Special-Interest use only – while ignoring ethics and actual-reality and honest Stewardship.

By the way, and certainly not to be ignored, it is of paramount reasoning for taxpayers to subsidize within a budget approved process, these government agencies – the BLM and DOI, with the use of taxpayer money entirely. It is time to question this financing as well, and the implications as to why explained within the context below – a few reasons of many, many more that exist. . .

Wild Horses on Public Lands

The BLM ignores the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act (WFRHBA) which provides protections to wild horses and burros on lands where they existed in 1971; as well as FLPMA, Taylor Grazing Act, NEPA, and other laws that involve protections of our Public Lands that directly prohibit destruction or abuse by ranchers and industry. They permanently removed, and continue at a costly price, wild horses and/or burros from approximately 22.2 million acres, and blame the wild horses for the destruction. Ridiculous? Absolutely! Founded on Fact? Not at all, and none exists!

The BLM continues to justify these decisions to “zero-out” herds based on pure Non-Fact. This is accomplished, actually by lies, now obvious to all involved, and reasoning why there exists no transparency at all (as discussed further):

1. checkerboard (private/public) land ownership;

2. a lack of critical resources required to sustain wild horse and/or burro populations (i.e., water, food, space, cover);

3. land transfers;

4. substantial conflict with other resource values; legal decisions or for other reasons.

But the situations here compounded, and disastrous to America’s Wild Horse Herds . . . “The capture, handling, and transportation process inherent to wild horse removals has destroyed wild horse bands, disrupted social dynamics of wild populations, and led to injuries and deaths of captured animals. While some amount of injuries/mortalities are expected when handling wild animals, many of the incidents that have occurred are entirely preventable; the result of negligence, abusive capture techniques, or cruel handling practices employed by those contracted to conduct the roundups.

Thriving Natural Ecological Balance

This author, after thorough research has found no official definition of a “thriving natural ecological balance” (TNEB) given to the public by any government agency, especially the BLM or DOI. This becomes extremely significant, as this is what defines the measures used by the BLM to assess whether a TNEB exists. But not so ironic, without a formal definition TNEB criteria, or standards to assess TNEB, the BLM has an awkward discretion in determining if a TNEB exists or not. This provides the BLM the opportunity to make claims that a TNEB does not exist which are then difficult to challenge.

Further, it sets-up a definable illegal-aspect of fraud. Well defined within government procurement policy and law, (in author synoptic form here) that situations must develop within a well-defined parameter of management and actual operational aspects via pre-explained and well structured and objective plans; in another words, to actually explain in well-defined terms, the reasoning for not only an appropriate budget expense while using taxpayer dollars (often in the millions of dollars), but to summarize the necessity as well as the management principles to appeal to such an arrangement. Does it actually resolve a problem, or create new problems?

So in reality the TNEB becomes nothing more than Cart Blanc or a freestyle-spending of taxpayer money, because no objective is ever given on such false and undefined, lack of data procedure. Although, what we do discover is more problems, and not so surprising, cost taxpayers much more money; as well we cannot neglect the situation job-security for the managers of such cumbersome and non-factual circumstances – to simply spend taxpayer money even more freely, and with little to no transparency or explanation while doing so.

Facts and Data? Just immaterial to a BLM employee and their supervisory staff. No one is watching – because no on really knows what is the ongoing situation on Public Lands.

But if it was defined, then most often there would be the big question – Is this Legal and is it Needed? And most often the aspects and reasoning for a roundup would not be applicable, needed or required, or legal. But the aspect of the overabundance of cattle would become prevalent, would it not? Of course it would, because this is the only reality-fact of this entire circumstance, the cattle, the overall and factual reasoning toward the destruction of Public Lands.

The BLM claims that such removals are required to restore the “thriving natural ecological balance” and to permit “multiple-use” of the land. But the fact is the situation has always been questionable; especially when no legitimate facts or data is given for the extreme and costly roundups.

BLM DOI and Bad Science

The fact is the subject of cattle, or even the mention of cattle have been taken from any Range Management Research – or decision makers have been told to simply ignore the facts of the cattle and their destructive elements of grazing. Once again, these government agencies are responsible for spending large amounts of taxpayer money, in the $-millions, and for corrupt data, no data, bad science. Budgets are based on this information often within government procurement situations.

Bad Science + False information = Costly / Corrupt Decisions. There is a fact here though, the fact of no-resolution achieved. What follows is simply compounded – to cover-up a bad decision (incompetence actually) other programs such as PZP and breeding control started, costing taxpayers millions more in hidden agenda budgets, grants, and scholarships; which have become quite outstanding currently.

In one conversation we found a Contract Scientist, a PZP researcher, was asked to supply data from any long term studies he may have in regard to the use and safety, and future results to Wild Horses health, when administering PZP into their bodies. His response was simply, (in synoptic form here), “. . . sure we had the data in our heads, but no one wrote it down. But we know what it is we’re doing.”

This comment, he tried to make us believe, would resolve the “no data present” issue and cover over 30 years of no data – the PZP questionable today, and highly suspect in regard to unsafe or unwanted and extreme negative health situations – the data if accurate, would have pointed this out and prevention or No Sale to this government agency would have developed. Instead, it is based on false information as well as no information what so ever – so BLM incompetence strikes again, and again . . .

“. . . Though any effort to prevent pregnancy will result in an impact to individual animals, herd structure, and mare/stallion behavior, the vast majority of scientists have determined that those impacts are miniscule or inconsequential, and pale in comparison to the disruptive impacts of roundups and removals.” PZP research staff and principles

This statement brought to us by those who have no “long-term-data” on their research, and expect administering PZP via roundups to operate this way. Well, even this has been proven in error, and in accord with Agricultural Reports of horses going to slaughter in both Canada and Mexico (export data overwhelming) and directly related to the PZP added roundups situation and operations. We have found since the conception of this supposed “new” resolution to cover-up older cover-ups, more wild horses are going to slaughter than ever before – and those mares who received PZP injections, often do not make it back to Public Lands what so ever – rather many are simply sent to slaughter, as well as with stallions that are also rounded up during the PZP plan, simply loaded and taken directly to slaughter. (i.e. confirmed)

Currently, there is no way to check for the hazards of PZP, other than experiment on the Wild Horses, costing taxpayers $-millions of dollars more, even though the PZP program did fail in 1996 and for similar reasoning brought up here – bad data, no data, and incompetent handling of wild horses, and horses health and ecological systems placed into jeopardy.

One has got to suspect how costly the next situation will cost the taxpayers, to cover up the falsehoods of the PZP situation, that is covering up the falsehoods of the roundups situation, that is covering up the falsehoods of BLM personnel, who are in reality extremely incompetent and do not know much about wild horses or their band behaviors.

This is the way BLM operates. If the data not there, well, of course they know what they are doing, after all it is in their heads. The problem is the fact it is in their head, and the dollar signs for everyone involved are quite overwhelming at times – and while covering up this situation, they have also hidden the fact, due to no transparency, that none of those involved in the Wild Horse and Burro Program are really qualified to do so.

I think it legitimate to state, unequivocally, it is time for change – To actually get the BLM out of the wild horse management business – The taxpayer money extended to this government agency is simply a waste of money and waste of time – Many of us would like to see these situations investigated, as taxpayers also pay a substantial amount of money to be protected from criminal behavior within government agencies. . .


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Wild Horses Bears Wolves Cougars: Ignorance verses Humanity

john babe oak trees winter

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

One thing I learned about animals is the fact they have a lot to teach us. I continue to observe horses, cougars, and wolves and what I refer to as their humane and noteworthy kinship. This is very important for all of us to consider, as it is humans, who have indeed lost the very thread of kinship entirely.

This kinship I speak of holds humanity and respect toward all things together. It is and remains not just the ideology, or perspective of “all is connected” within this world, but a working mentality these animals have instinctually, an in-born cause and effect if you will, of a decency we as people left in our past sadly long, long ago.

We create effective notoriety, take what you need and to hell with the rest, within iconic ideologies such as religion, politics, social structure, media presence, and other things of not really that much significance. And yet we as a social group, ignore in its entirety any perspective or respect toward another life – the reality, to all living matter that surrounds us daily. Ironically, these things I mention were meant to bring us all together, not develop into excuses as to why we can abuse or even kill other people or animals.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

The acceptable mode is comfort in our living rooms, or within heavily controlled outdoor activity; the facts ignored, of the sacrifices developed to have these things. After all, no one really wants to get depressed because an animal was tortured before being put to death for a bite or two of their meat, and the rest most often thrown away . . . How arrogant of those people who would remind us of such things, so the ignorant state in a plausible note of scorn, or excuse to run-down or condemn those who do see this awful reality, and then actually say something about it!

In achieving one goal toward any of these ideologies and or idiosyncratic creations of perspective, we override, essentially sacrifice and forget in total the humane treatment of all animals, our surroundings, and do not even ponder the disrespect we give toward God’s creation and all the other animals of this planet.

Humanity is being left behind for monetary results, egos, and troubled and conflicted minds. The lack of compassion, currently even to other humans by politicians, by representatives of several religions, or by those who know better — is the disease we fight currently – noteworthy as well, it is Ignorance!

It is an epidemic, make no doubt — because ignorance is just that – an unforgiving epidemic that often appears to have no resolution. Who are these people that negotiate better ways of, for example of oh so many more examples that exist, killing Cougars by being hunted down by dogs and shot – even though unneeded – but the compromise exists because of perceptive, not reality or based on facts . . . And those who actually met and negotiated these results feel they should be held with respect?

I say no, that is disgusting – they should be held in contempt, as they have disregarded the very basis of humanity, of decency, of ethics, or of simply living together with others who have just as much right on this planet as they do – Yes, Ignorance is a terrible and disgusting situation human-kind had evolved into on our planet of today — right now, and as I write this down, and while you are reading it.

To better ourselves as humans, within a humane mental outlook and a spirit of love – sadly many people call this an unachievable dream – Really? That is simply too bad, isn’t it — for all involved.

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Saving Wild Horses Plan A — The Future of Wild Horse Herds on Public Lands

touched by nature

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ― John Lennon

We need options to resolve the mess not only what our Public Lands are experiencing currently, but options for America’s Icon, the Wild Horses. We are currently placing together a Plan of Action (i.e. Biologists, Media People, Researchers, Terrestrial Biologists, Archeologists, and Marine Biologists),and have been in the works for a while, in regard toward a Priority Circumstance, and to place Wild Horses back onto Public Lands.

Within the frame-work of this particular plan is a technological situation of developing honest Wild Horse Head Counts and in regard to legal ratios of Sheep and Cattle head counts. But more than that, within the same technology we find the abilities to consider grassland studies as well as riparian studies measured accurately and appropriately and within a scientific data gathering process method.

As well we can also show with this same bit of technology, the patterns of cattle, compared to sheep, compared to wild horses, compared to other wildlife such as deer, Elk, et al. This methodology and equipment is available, and has been ignored by government, as it is plain and simple way too accurate – they would be held accountable – and accountability within these current government agencies is not to their liking.

The assumptive problem is, and has been no oversight toward the Bureau of Land Management or the Department of the Interior, as well as human involvement which has in most situations become criminal in method, and the most powerful of all is that no one being held responsible due to the vastness of operational involvement and management aspects.

We can resolve these issues. We are also placing into this plan Police-Action, which will monitor the sheep and cattle and rancher honesty (as they tell many American’s they are so honest, so that should not be a problem, should it?) We find this plan of action not only appropriate, but have assimilated a positive aspect from some legislators as well, within a confidential setting.

So to admonish and claim there is no plan of action from those against PZP as well as against welfare ranching – the options are building exponentially large, and after a while one or two may be implemented – and saving taxpayers Billions upon Billions of dollars $$$$$$ Saved.

We need to rid our system of all current wild horse management paradigms and current management situations, as being too costly, too criminal, and too greed-incentive to be of any use what so ever to our natural habitat on America’s Public Lands. There will be one day when it is needed, and it simply will not be available due to over-use, mismanagement, and used within criminal activity, which in a summation — our Public Lands are being destroyed for short-term profits . . . Options are available that are much better and superior to especially what is ongoing currently.

America needs to Wake Up to these apparent options available, and not the options that currently exist for short-term profit.


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Wild Horse To Slaughter — Part II BLM, Taxpayer Money, Corruption

kl trail williamson

“And not only the pride of intellect, but the stupidity of intellect. And, above all, the dishonesty, yes, the dishonesty of intellect. Yes, indeed, the dishonesty and trickery of intellect.”
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Make no doubt the theft and stealing Wild Horses, then taking to slaughter, is an illegal criminal industry, and alive and well right here in the United States. The problem here is not only its illegality, but the fact taxpayers support this criminality, i.e. unknowingly. Many aspects of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) management of Wild Horses on Public Lands are illegal. It abounds in misconduct and criminal behavior of not only government employees, but private contractors as well.

We’re just now scratching the surface of this ongoing activity, for several decades now, and find it enormous in scale, and well organized from within a government agency.

We also find, as mentioned in Part I of this series of articles, when the criminal undercover investigation in 1991 started to issue federal felony arrest warrants, more than 1900 (i.e. to both BLM employees and private contractors) were to be issued but – called-off the night before the issuance. These same people – BLM employees and some private government contractors combined, still work for the BLM as well as acquire government contracts from the BLM and DOI – even though ethics policies and laws in place to prevent these types of situations, are simply ignored.

Keep in mind, first: the undercover investigation cost taxpayers $2 million+ tax dollars; second: the federal arrest warrants were not issued, not because of innocence, but due to the fear BLM would have a minimal work-force and incapable of operating as a government agency; thirdly, the Justice Department assumed the lengthy court process to be extensive, and would clog the courts for years to come . . . so rather than include an option to phase-out these criminal employees’, they were left to continue their criminal operations, using taxpayer money, and deriving large profits over the next two decades. Oversight become non-existent toward this government agency.

We have currently counted 58 BLM employees who were listed to receive a federal felony arrest warrant, and remain not only working for the BLM but serve as either administrative or management personnel, and many in charge of consulting with private contractors and in the matter of Wild Horse Herd management capacities. Two of which remain on the Wild Horse and Burro Board, which is certainly a questionable situation, as well as disrespectful toward taxpayers and the American citizen.

Rather than write about it, we continue the Interview from the undercover work of a Federal Agent. This interview takes place between a BLM Special Agent, and a BLM contractor and informant. The Special Agent and his material was then rejected by BLM Officials as being contrary to their ongoing policy, and then covered up.

The Special Agent, one of many within the Undercover Operation conducted by BLM and Justice Department oversight from the 1991 investigation, threatened within several disciplinary functions, administered by other BLM authorities as well as their legal department. Essentially, the interview transcript, thought to be the only copy, was destroyed by BLM legal department Attorneys. The Special Agent did keep a copy for himself. This is a patchwork of pertinent items taken from the actual interview.

Here is part of one Interview from the Undercover Investigation, and make no doubt the BLM is still operating as such today:

The Interview:

Agent: Let’s say you run 65 head in down here. You’ve got the BLM guy up on the mesa somewhere and he is watching with binoculars, you go and tell him there’s 50 head. Is that the way it works?

Informant: Right.

Agent: When in fact there is 65? What happens to the other 15 head?

Informant: The horses will be taken down to load out. Fifty head will be left there. The excess horses will be transported immediately out of there.

***Satellite Ranches (Journalist note: Paid for by taxpayer money and under false pretense, fraud)

Agent: What do you do with them then?

Informant: They’ll go to satellite ranches around the country.

This is an industry, Wild Horse Roundups and Horse Slaughter combined, and that makes money in abundance, most often from using taxpayer money. The BLM, the government agency responsible for Administering and Oversight, does not perform either function in a legal or responsible manner.

We can use here what was learned in Murderer’s Creek, Oregon Bait and Trap method of combined BLM/Forestry Roundups:

We discovered through perusal of FOIA BLM Inventory Sheets, 29 Wild Horses captured at Murderer’s Creek, inventoried as being loaded at the Trap Sight; although, eventually marked as DEAD. These 29 Wild Horses disappeared somewhere between Murderer’s Creek and shipment to the BLM corral and temporary storage facility in Burns, Oregon.

We spoke with both the Supervisor / Head Wrangler at Burns as well as being the person in charge of inventory at Murderer’s Creek since it was a BLM operation but the Forestry was conducting the roundup. He states clearly there were not 29 Wild Horses brought to the Burns, Oregon corrals, and insisted he did not know anything about this situation.

More troubling with this situation is the fact he was supposed to be On-Location whenever Wild Horses loaded into trailers for shipment to the Burns Corrals. This was a Forestry/BLM Trap and Bait Roundup, and there was a Forestry supervisor on location monitoring the trapping and loading of the Wild Horses. The Wild Horses were documented as being loaded, via inventory – receipts given, and payment given to the Private Contractor, which amounted to $1,000 per horse = $29,000 (i.e. taxpayer money lost to criminal behavior and conduct?) . . .

This is only a smaller example of what is ongoing in Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and other States where the BLM conduct Wild Horse Herd Rounds — and at Taxpayer Expense within the millions of dollars per roundup — which amounts to taxpayers covering the cost of roundups, storage, and transport for what is termed a Kill-Buyer, a person that has a truck and trailer to haul Wild Horses to Slaughter, either in Canada or Mexico, whoever has the best price for meat at the time. These are America’s Icons, the Wild Horses, and representative of America — and these people, BLM, Welfare Ranchers, and Kill-Buyers alike are spitting on and disrespecting every American by taking Our Wild Horses to Slaughter —

Keep in mind if this was legal, ethical, or morally correct, our government would be justifying these costs openly, rather than covering them up and consistently hiding them as they currently do so.

So once again we go to the Interview of an actual and admitted participant within the actual operation of how it all works, and placed together within an organized context (continued from Interview above):

Agent: Explain to me, satellite ranch.

Informant: Well, a satellite ranch is a number of ranches’ throughout the different areas that we catch horses that we distribute horses to, and it’s just holding pins. They are paid so much money to just hold these horses for a certain time period until we come and pick them up again. Depending on what we want done with them, or where those horses are going, some of the horses may be hot-branded with different distributors’ brands, or the horses will just be transported as slick.

Agent: Slick, no brand at all?

Informant: No brand at all.

Agent: Where would they go, the slick?

Informant: Well, they’ll – most of them will go to a distributor somewhere and in a time period be hot-branded, or some of them may just be distributed out as slicks, and let the general public . . . Some of them, if they’re decent stock, will go to regular cattle ranches. Most of them, over a time period, will go to killers, you know. They’ll be sold to somebody and they’ll find out, well, this son-of-a-bitch ain’t worth a shit, so they go down the road.

Agent: What was the largest amount stolen – horses you saw stolen from the BLM at one time or another?

Informant: Around 60, 70 head.

Agent: How much would a contractor (***i.e. Journalist note: Contracted with the BLM) get for these 60, 70 head of horses?

Informant: Oh, he’ll get anywhere from $300 to $500 a horse (***1997 price – not that much lower today), depending on their size and what the horse looks like. If he’s a well-built horse, he’s going to get more. If he’s a scrawny old nag, he ain’t going to get as much.

Agent: Have you ever personally drove any of those horses to a satellite ranch?

Informant: More than once.

Agent: How does that work? You don’t do it during working hours; how does it work?

Informant: It depends. Sometimes we do it during working hours, you know. If they’re paid to be gone, that’s when we go. Most of the time its been at night, you know, after the counts been jimmied around, those horses are moved. And you strictly drove down there to a certain location, open a gate and dump those horses out in a bunch of other horses.

Agent: At the satellite ranch?

Informant: At the satellite ranch.

Agent: The BLM guy . . . take them to the satellite ranch, and then be back by the next morning –

Informant: Yes, sir.

Agent: Business as usual?

Informant: Business as usual. . .

Agent: Do you think the BLM is aware of what’s going on with this thing, with the jimmy and the count?

Informant: I know some of them are.

Agent: Some on the inside – like the people that are supposed to be watching you guys, or the gather crew knows about it, you think?

Informant: Sure. Some of those guys are truck drivers, and they inform as to different guys that want horses. They supply names and addresses and stuff, and they receive a small percentage of the sale price for that information.

(***Journalists note: any time money is expressed as changing hands, that precisely, or eventually, comes out of the taxpayers pockets – conducive toward Fraud is understood, thereby the criminal behavior, as well as theft)

Agent: So they’re Brokers, actually? They’ll give the contractors names to take stolen horses to?

Informant: Sure.

Agent: You told me that you observed the contractor pay the BLM agent with a check – a check for him. Is that correct?

Informant: Well, we just removed the horses when they was gone. He was to be gone for a certain amount of time. When he was gone, we loaded up and those horses were gone.

Agent: Do you think this is – is this a big money deal?

Informant: We’re well paid.

Agent: I’m talking about for the contractor. Is there a lot of money in this for the contractor?

Informant: He’s making a lot of money.

Agent: Is this a pretty good organization? This sounds like something that’s pretty well planned out, it’s a big organization?

Informant: Well, its very well set up, you know. There’s nobody that participates in it that isn’t well known and don’t know what’s going on.

Agent: Do you feel like there’s people inside the BLM that know about this practice, that are a part of this practice?

Informant: Sure. We can’t operate unless they’re standing there.

[***We skip over Black-Booking and other illegal activities and bogus counts for a later article]

Agent: Tell me about the mind-set of the cowboy. How does this work in your guy’s mind? I mean, do you feel like it’s stealing? Do you feel like the BLM condones it, or what?

Journalists note: This will demonstrate there is not only abuse toward horses, but also the mind-set or intellectual level of the people who have been manipulated and chosen to carry-out the actual theft. The mind set and behavior toward abusive circumstances that are indeed involved here, and the cowboys involved, have been taken advantage of in several different psychological circumstances. Leadership from officials, or ranch owners toward their hired help, is definitely a prominent and obvious factor within this entire subject. In another words, those that know better, but are willing to sacrifice ethics and even break the law for money, within their organized efforts to rip off the taxpayer, has been allowed up to this point by many authorities.)

Informant: Well, it’s not actually stealing in our way of looking at it. It’s just a way of life, you know. It’s been a common practice for numbers and numbers of years, you know. There’s never been any paperwork ever required. If we wanted to trade horses, move horses, you know, it’s just a way of life, you know. . . You’ve got ranchers out there that are paying the permit fees on grazing, and then they have a bunch of wild horses move in, you know, they’re loosing money because they are paying for that grass. These wild horses come in and are eating up their grass, so they’re pissed off. It’s our job to disburse those horses, you know, so we do our best to get rid of as many as we can. I don’t really consider it stealing.
*** An HMA, or designated Horse Management Area, the area discussed here, serves as the legal and legislative aspect that Wild Horses are the priority. The ranchers leasing an abundant amount of land, in this case, has never had an under abundance of grass for grazing their stock, which is secondary anyway, on an HMA land and according to Law. There are simply not enough Wild Horses to overgraze the amount of land in discussion here. Then we go to the fact that Sales Receipts, from what we term Welfare Ranchers’, and their cattle that graze on America’s Public Lands, (GAO Report and DOI Report) less than 1% of overall sales of beef comes from Public Lands grazing-permit beef sales domestically in both 2012 and 2013; yet, this is at a taxpayer cost of $450 million dollars for BLM to just administer the Grazing Permit program yearly, and then subsidies in the minimal amount of $2.9 billion of taxpayer money –

Reference for Interview used within this article:

1997 April, Horses to Slaughter, Anatomy of a Cover-up within the Wild Horse and Burro Program of the Bureau of Land Management, PEER White Paper Number 14.

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America’s Wild Horses Killed: Sold often illegally to the Horse Slaughter Transport Network in the United States


“Government agencies are to be held responsible for their conduct, their integrity, and their moral compass of activity. Without holding them responsible, We then find corruption and certainly an agency that neither represents the American Taxpayer, nor is it representative of the Integrity all Americans demand to be upheld and within high regard.” — John Cox, Veteran, Animal Advocate

Conflict does not always lead toward resolution. Although, it is the opposing position that generates better policy, better laws, and better management. In this case, and the subject of this writing, is the Wild Horse Herds that roam our Public Lands.

The Wild Horses on Public Lands situation can be described within a context of ineptness, irresponsible behavior, criminality, abuse, fraud, and tawdry name calling from the BLM and DOI employees and toward American citizens concerned about the Wild Horses — as well, taxpayers being forced to pay for illegal activities; which all definitions highlight the inappropriate and often irresponsible behavior of the Bureau of Land Management as well as its supervisory agency, the Department of the Interior.

A Government Agency Gone Bad

But first allow a little history. This is where the mainline media would displace the wild horses into historical escapades of government rhetoric. Yes, misinformation is plenty about the Wild Horses and their situation. The term: . . . what you do not know will not hurt you, is in error within this portion of America’s Wild Horses and their ongoing history; as it is precisely hurting them, and in extreme proportions — costly in both animal-life and money, and BLM / DOI allows extreme abuse and cruelty by management operations — taxpayer supported.

Within a Report Document (White Paper) entitled Horses to Slaughter, we discover overwhelming criminality and cover-up within the Bureau of Land Management. This particular undercover investigation was as far back as the late 1980’s thru 1991.

“The report is not as much about horses as it is about human integrity. The documents in this report detail the inability of the Department of the Interior to Police its own misconduct. Consequently, the failings reported . . . but are those of the Bureau of Land management (BLM) Law Enforcement program, the Department of the Interior Inspector General and the Office of the Solicitor and Secretary of the Interior, himself.” 1997 April, Horses to Slaughter, Anatomy of a Cover-up within the Wild Horse and Burro Program of the Bureau of Land Management, PEER White Paper Number 14.

The problem? This continues, due to this particular investigation being canceled before many Felony and Misdemeanor Arrest Warrants issued, as a matter of fact the very night before — called off by “. . . someone in high office, as the word leaked out eventually.” And many of those people, named on the Arrest Warrants, eventually assumed Management Positions within the BLM and DOI, and work there presently. And yes, the criminality continued over the past decades, and as outlined below.

This particular White Paper, aforementioned above, was prepared by current and former Special Agents and Investigators at that time. Several were witnesses and participants to the events described in this report. They represent more than a century of Law Enforcement experience.

“The authors of this report remain anonymous in order to avoid further retaliation from the Department of the Interior . . .” (Ibid)

The BLM is responsible for the management of America’s Public Lands, and America’s Wild Horses as well (a very bad Conflict of Interest situation right from the start). Set-asides, called Horse Management Areas, and paid for through taxpayer money, as well as its administration and management virtues, is a regulatory situation governed by Federal Laws. With this in mind, the BLM tolerates, and often facilitates the illegal trafficking and slaughter of America’s Icon — the Wild Horses. This is wiping out not only a provable indigenous species, but of historical and iconic proportions a superior and dignified Western legend – the Horse. The majorities of American’s have, and currently do – other than the BLM and welfare ranchers — respect this heritage.

The BLM has obstructed efforts by its own law enforcement officers to expose commercial theft of Wild Horses, fraudulent adoption schemes, and fictitious “sanctuary” herds, not only to avoid embarrassment, but to also maintain the flow of Wild Horses off the range.

Why should America be concerned?

Our government’s basis, the integrity of our Union, is indeed its beneficial laws of and for the people – ALL the people, to govern our nation. If we, Americans all and include government personnel as well, do not respect these laws, then how indeed is America going to function as a nation, as a people of this world?

So we enter into the current criminal behavior within the BLM, which is quite obvious as well. We can discuss, for example, the where about of $662,000 dollars spent on Gift Cards in 2014, going to fellow BLM employees and others. We can assume, without a stretch of the imagination, Payoffs, bribes, and political contributions were part of this?

The vouchers for this large theft of government money apparently used and within the government voucher computer system, were available at one time; that is, until the BLM started an investigation, and only after the situation published in newspapers. Shortly thereafter, and not so ironic, the vouchers – all of them – disappeared.

“Yes — evidence disappeared. There must not be any crime then,” says Secretary Jewell over at the DOI,” as American’s look on in a “. . . what the hell just happened here . . .” confusion!

Or, we can also go to the Wild Horse Roundups and the Bait and Trap methodology in Oregon, for example. The Bait and Trap methods are used at Murderer’s Creek, and assumed very functional. And yet, at $1000 per horse caught and paid to contractors in 2013, via the BLM/Forestry Inventory of Wild Horses caught, we find in one instance, of many, 29 Dead ($1,000 x 29 = $29,000 spent). We speak with a Government Supervisor there and find the horses did not make it to the Burns Corral, and he did not know of the horses dead, so he says. The fact is they apparently disappeared between the Capture Site and the Burns Corrals.

Oh, the Supervisor was also asked, “. . .well, if your people there, standing at the trap site, and watching them load from the trap site to the trailers, and taking Inventory, how could these 29 Wild Horses possibly disappear from the face of the earth?” In another words, how could the trailers with the Wild Horses make it a few miles down the road, to the Burns Corrals from Murderer’s Creek, without being lost? Well, the answer to this and many more questions like this below.

We can also point out the 199 Wild Horses that died at the Burns Corrals, within a 2 year time period (i.e. $1,000 x 199 = $199,000 spent). Collaborated and confirmed by a documentary video on the Burns Corrals as the subject, and done by the Oregon Public Broadcasting System.

The fact is the BLM is one of the worst – the most corrupt and criminal agency that has ever existed in American History. It has far surpassed all-time lows with extreme lack of integrity, and more sad, morally corrupt.
Further articles within the near future will be completed and will break-down further the criminal aspects and how the BLM/DOI go about their behavior — becoming even much more precise. And our American Justice system and the BLM or DOI Police and Inspector General’s Office does nothing.

Criminality these illegal and unethical situations remain ongoing in the BLM:

1. Theft of Wild Horses during BLM planned or sponsored Roundups and gathers;

2. “Black Booking” of phony Double-Branding of Horses so duplicate branded horses can disappear without a trace;

3. Manipulation of Wild Horse adoptions where one person holds the proxies for a group of supposedly separate adopters, and the horses ALL end up at slaughter;

4. Use of Satellite Ranches to hold Wild Horses for days or weeks and as stopping points on their way to slaughter;

5. Fraudulent use of Wild Horse Sanctuaries’ – ranches subsidized by the Federal Government to care for unadoptable Wild Horses deemed excess and removed from the range – as fronts for commercial exploitation;

6. The fraudulent behavior of “Seeding” satellite and other horse storage facilities with a “Horses in Transit” transport across several western states, to establish Head-Counts for false budgets, with large non-profits involved as well as satellite corrals for very temporary, i.e. often over-night capacity of Wild Horses stolen from Public Lands;

7. The inappropriate use of PZP, defined simply as an experimental drug and pesticide, and used experimentally on America’s Wild Horses, with several organization promoting the use, via conflict of interest as well as violation of many government contracting laws while contracting with government agencies, and operate without regulatory oversight or any legal parameters or boundaries’ what so ever.

Costing America a Fortune in Taxpayer money spent

James Sebastian, accountant/CPA, generated the following from a perusal of BLM expenditure, precisely the Wild Horse Roundups, holding corrals, and shipping:

1. $2.6 Billion Dollars BLM Horse Herd Management of Taxpayer Money Spent;
2. Benefits to Taxpayers while spending taxpayer money = $0;
3. Benefits to Local Area Ranchers/politicians/oil industry accumulative, pay-offs and continuing profit = $12.4 billion dollars and rising.

A small example of Cost to Taxpayers of Contracted Roundups:

The abuse of Wild Horses and actual “Kill” percentage is extremely high for roundups in general, near the value of anywhere from 4% to 16% and left under a covered-up shroud of questionable conduct, with no excuse from the Private Contractor or BLM Supervisory staff, other than a “Go to Hell” attitude when questioned about the over-kill rates. To clarify the situation further as to why they hurry, it is to get the job done, at the horses’ expense or death, as they are paid per horse, and as shown further, incorrect horse counts in their favor. The faster they get done, the more profit they make. Your taxpayer money at work!

February 23, 2011 – Sun J Livestock received $82,648.20 for not even an entire weeks’ worth of roundup;
September 13, 2010 — Sun J Livestock received $82,966.00 for a little short of a weeks’ worth of roundup;
December 6, 2010 — Sun J Livestock received $649,850.20 for a little over a weeks’ worth of roundup;
January 10, 2011 — Sun J Livestock received $1,221,767.90 for about two weeks, if that, of roundup; etc.

Note: These Roundups occur several times monthly, and throughout the year. . . Conclusively what is found within BLM documents is not any “Real” reason to gather Wild Horses through a roundup and management methodology, and then take them to holding corrals. The unnecessary cost, within a cavalier and frivolous spending frenzy of taxpayer money, becomes more obvious. Not included within this document are the theft/stealing of horses for slaughter and private use without adoption; although, it has been stated by several informants that every 6 out of 10, or 12 out of every twenty horses in holding corrals are stolen. (i.e. via White Paper and Undercover Investigation aforementioned)


I will leave you with this interview and reference, from the early 1990 Undercover Investigation on Wild Horse Herd Theft – Interview with a BLM / DOI approved government private contractor, and works for them still, to this very day as outlined above on what they make per Roundup:

The illegal activity continues to this day. Below is one of many questions answered by an informant, questioned by one of very few honest BLM Agents. This particular discussion outlines how the BLM’s Private Contractors steal horses, in this portion the Agent asks the informant who is involved in the illegal activity:

“Agent: Is this a pretty good organization? This sounds like something that’s pretty well planned out, it’s a big organization.

Informant: Well, its very well set up, you know. There’s nobody that participates in it that isn’t well known and don’t know what’s going on.

Agent: Do you feel like there’s people inside the BLM that know about this practice, that are a part of this practice?

Informant: Sure. We can’t operate unless they’re standing there.”

(For the entire informative packet and interview see Horses Led To Slaughter, Anatomy of a Cover Up in the Wild Horse and Burro Program, PEER White Paper, Number 14, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington D.C. 20009-1125, , 1997.)

For addresses, FAX numbers, and listings go to:
Senators of the Congress:
Contacting the Congress:

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Wild Horses, Welfare Ranching Economics and the Truth; What the Bureau of Land Management do not want Taxpayers to know

article photo sm

“The fact is the BLM and Welfare Ranchers are now stooping to levels of coercion and bully tactics to keep functioning as they have in the past. But the truth has an odd way of seeking power over misinformation, lies, and criminality. . .” — John Cox, Horse Advocate

Many people assume, since most of the western landscape is given over to livestock production, that ranching must be economically important. But, as economist Thomas Power points out “. . . the livestock industry contributes almost nothing to western economies, even at the local level.”

The western rancher is dependent on what can be classified as no more than a welfare program. Not so ironic, the low fees paid by ranchers to graze upon federal lands only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

“Other subsidies include taxpayer-supported research at western land grant universities, as well as agricultural exemptions that lower property taxes paid by ranchers. Most often Welfare Ranchers pay no tax at all on their subsidies, even though nothing more than profit. There are handouts to help with nearly every problem: drought relief, low-interest agricultural loans, emergency livestock feed programs, emergency grazing on Conservation Reserve Program lands, to name a few.

Even many of the fences crisscrossing the West’s “open” spaces are paid for by American taxpayers, and not so surprising, the maintaining of those fences costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year in subsidies, going directly to the Welfare Rancher Grazing Permit Holder. Scam!

Seeing the actual Welfare Rancher invoices and budgets simply makes one’s head spin, with a big neon-sign in the brain that screams — SCAM – SCAM – SCAM.

Bureau of Land Management and Welfare Ranchers

If this is not enough to make one’s disappointment in our government and welfare ranching programs questionable as authentic-necessity, the big lie, it goes much further. Ranchers are literally mortgaging the public’s resources for their private benefit. There exists a connection between the banking industry and public lands ranching, and ranchers are able to take out loans based on the “value” of their grazing permits. This certainly questionable arrangement forces government officials to consider the status of a rancher’s debt when making range management decisions, rather than focusing on what is best for the land.

Beyond the economic subsidies are the health, social, and environmental costs of the animal agriculture industry in general – the larger context within which public lands livestock grazing is properly viewed, but awkwardly at best. Welfare Ranching’s non-essential aspects sticks-out definitively.

Situations such as loss of arable land, wild horse assassination and evacuation, wildlife killed, ecosystems destroyed, land desertification, tropical deforestation, simply add to urban overcrowding, and poverty, may appear unconnected to problems of ecosystem degradation in the arid West – but in reality — it is all connected.

It is all enshrined into the chaos of government mismanagement and awkward loop-holes in law, which is not confronted by our lawmakers in Congress at present. One has to wonder why this is, so obvious and yet ignored so much – and costing taxpayers billions of dollars – SCAM!

“The important situation here is a disgusting fact that all these difficulties are linked-directly or indirectly to an international system of meat production and an increasingly global pattern of meat consumption.” Welfare Ranching is simply a part of these destructive worldwide trends. But the despicable fact that taxpayers should be especially attentive toward, is the unqualified and unproductive resource of Welfare Ranching itself and on Public Lands, especially in the west.”

In reality it is and remains today and as stated earlier, simply a Welfare Program, or what many refer to as a Monetary-Scam, to obtain taxpayer money. The fact is Welfare Rancher’s, as well as the Bureau of Land management, do not want taxpayer’s to know or acknowledge that they would not exist in the commercial world of ranching, and for several legitimate reasons. And that indeed, their entire scheme or rancher landscape virtues, are based on acquiring a Grazing Permit for what one can term, pretending to be a rancher, but in reality they are not at all. They are simply profitable-posers, based on misinformation and lies – Yes, this simple.

Burdensome to the Bureau of Land management, as well as Welfare Ranchers, is the fact their less than 1% of domestic sales figures, more than demonstrate the unnecessary need for Welfare Ranching. And yet, American Taxpayer’s subsidies this supposed non-industry in the $$$Billions. The latest estimated figure of one pound of not so good hamburger from these Welfare Rancher’s in the west would cost in excess of $942.00 per pound. Wrap your mind around that figure (GAO Report)

Burdensome as well, is the fact this situation requires a tremendous amount of lies, innuendo, misinformation, intimidation and coercion, and throw in many facets of criminal conduct in the pile as well, and we have a situation that actually disrespects’ the American Public and Taxpayers tremendously.


It becomes very obvious to many of us who endeavor into the research and writing about Public Lands and Wild Horses that Welfare Ranching is simply an unneeded necessity in America.

The fact is, if a rancher has 10 acres near Public Lands, perhaps running 10 AUM Units of cattle – 1 Unit = 1 cow/1 calf, and obtains a Grazing Permit, that another millionaire is made purely from taxpayer subsidies. We can also make the statement another way, and simply state what it really is = Welfare.

A very common example: Just as quick as a rancher receives a Grazing Permit, he then receives a loan substantial enough to purchase 3,000 AUM Units of cattle, in order to graze his cattle on America’s Public Lands, and within his allotment of several hundred thousand acres. Often another problem does arise, and the land-issue and ecological system, most often will not support this amount of cattle – so as mentioned above many circumstances develop, and also quite costly to taxpayers.

The misinformation and lies remains substantial, to keep cattle on Public Lands, which overburden the entire Environmental System. Good science also references this quite abundantly — except BLM, who demanded cattle be taken out of any research data that they may fund — so they can blame wild horses and other hooved animals for the tremendous ecosystem-destruction that cattle indeed do …

Now the Bureau of Land Management, because the Grazing Permit has secured this situation of the loan, their land management perspective changes entirely. Now this incompetent government agency’s paradigm, toward this also incompetent Welfare Rancher, has changed, and has to make sure the rancher does not default on their loan. And worse, this non-ending funnel of extravagance and very profitable to Welfare Ranchers, this fellow can also purchase a water well within his allotment – yes, Public lands. And it gets worse . . .

Need we not forget this is on Public Lands, and the Grazing Permit gives them the right to purchase the water-well within their Grazing Permit allotment (i.e. By Policy). This rancher, in this scenario and very true of most Welfare Ranchers, now have control of water, an extravagance in the desert arid areas, that they also sell-back to the government.

Ironically, this rancher will invoice and charge taxpayers, within the realm of subsidies, the amount of gallons used from their purchased water-well to water his own cattle. No one is there to monitor the water used, so an unethical situation turns into an even Large and unmonitored, unchecked, and unregulated money-stream for the Welfare Rancher.

The above is often in the amount of several hundred thousands of dollars to the Welfare Rancher. In Oregon, for example, one Welfare Rancher receives $638,000.00 dollars in subsidies yearly – simply from maintaining a fence-line, that taxpayers subsidized as well, and in total; and also he had purchased a water-well, on Public Lands, and sells it back to himself to water his cattle and pasture lands within his Grazing Permit allotment – his mortgage, which is subsidized through the Grazing Permit as Security to the bank, is $22.4 million dollars, and he had purchased not just a ranch home, but new equipment every few years, a plane, a helicopter, and lord knows how many extravagant vacations and much more.


So it is of no surprise that during a Public meeting in Reno, Nevada the other night, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) personnel blocked any attempt from Wild Horse Advocates to speak. This was a Public Meeting, and “Open” to the Public at large — specifically to question and make suggestions to the BLM in regard to future plans of America’s Public Lands Use.

Welfare Ranchers spoke, Bureau of Land Management personnel spoke and controlled the meeting, and even BLM advocates spoke, as they spoke within the contrived-situation of supporting BLM and Welfare Ranchers.

But the American taxpayers of this land was not represented what so ever and never has been in such meeting as this – and in truth one can say the American Taxpayer was coerced, even bullied off the stage when an attempt was made. So one can honestly can make the statement that BLM, as a government agency, as well as Welfare Ranchers, are out-of-line in total – Both remain a waste of taxpayer money – and both out-of-control and need to be scrutinized as too their necessity and any benefit what so ever to America. From those of us who have studied Public Lands for years now, find no benefit to America’s Public Lands for either the Bureau of Land Management of Welfare Ranching on Public Lands.

We are now confronted with not only misinformation, but bully tactics and coercion tactics from a government agency, and toward the very American Public that pays their tax money yearly, and honestly, and are finally questioning the use of that money. Truthfully, it is about time American’s start questioning the BLM about how frivolous and misguided our tax money is being used!

Just from the fraud, and waste, and misinformation, we are speaking about $-billions upon $-billions of dollars – perhaps why it existed for so long – but now is the time to stop enabling such activity, such criminal behavior, and such unethical actions taking place on America’s Public Lands and by BLM and Welfare Ranching.

The things we have to look at is the necessity — and that can be measured easily — Would America be better off without both the Bureau of Land Management and Welfare Ranching on Public Lands? I posed this question to many biologists, blue-collar workers, veterans, and many other American Taxpayers alike — After discovering the truth — UNEQUVICALLY THE RESPONSE WAS ABOSULTELY YES — AMERICA WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITH BOTH GONE IN TOTAL — American’s have had enough!


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