Wild Horses, Evolution, Conjecture

grey-horse-lookingBut in view of the rapid pace evolution can take, and the extreme incompleteness of fossil deposits, we are fortunate to have as many transitions as we do. The creationist argument that if evolution were true we should have an abundance of intermediate fossils is built by denying the richness of paleontological collections, by denying the transitional series that exist, and by distorting, or misunderstanding, the genetical theory of evolution.”  — Lawrence A. Moran

Ignorance way too often promotes conjecture, and conjecture by misquotation and the false authority of “common knowledge” engendered by the repetition of abstract legendary histories from one generation, of bitter conversation mostly, or in text books (myth turned to reality) to the next.

So what is needed within Saving Wild Horses, Saving Domestic Horses from abuse and slaughter? Obviously, if the current larger non-profits who have designated themselves saviors of horses, as well as the supposed authority-ridden commercial enterprises, well, the fact is simple — Horses are not safe today – and this fact alone speaks volumes!

We can only hope, presently, that strong new trails and the eradication of the weaker ones, will indeed lead us to a balanced and integrated understanding that Wild Horses need their homeland and roam freely on Public Lands – and Domestic Horses need responsible ownership and strongly regulated breeding circumstances; which, also cannot be forgotten within this context, the Working Horse requires more concerned involvement within their safety and regulatory means to do so – with strong legal actions to punish the irresponsible oppressor.

Wild Horses

When one introduced to the realm of Wild Horses, it becomes quite apparent that today ignorance leads the pack of vultures toward making as much money off of Wild Horse Herds and so to speak, strike while the iron is hot.

Our human species seems to drift on a plain where the creatures of this planet, apparently within our human mind set, are perceived as “below us” within all aspects of life. A non-priority that certainly lacks Humane Reasoning what so ever, or facts stating otherwise, which are mostly ignored.

Then, no matter what the perception, human or animal, are caught in the ever present current of “time”; which, often abandons apparent paragons of development, such as the Wild Horses, for reasons that remain obscure at best – or excuses, which by the way remain unsupported by any facts what so ever, to actually liquidate them – i.e. cattle versus Wild Horses for example, and which species destroys Public Lands (Fact: overpopulation of cattle destroys Public Lands, but is ignored in order to destroy Wild Horses).

Wild Horses – An Indigenous Species

What about the Indigenous Species aspect of the Wild Horses? Well, conjecture and innuendo as defined by misquotation and the false authority of “common knowledge” engendered by the repetition of legendary histories (or myth generated for special interests) from one generation to the next – and suddenly we have aspects of misinformation such as the term “feral horses” of misinformed and ignorantly portrayed laws, such as those developed by the Wild Horse and Burro Board, which many of their recommendations remain not Ratified legally — so contempt in over-riding law by suggestion, and due to special interests and their suggestion, apparently prevails. This is yet another overlooked or ignored circumstance, or ignorance in total, we can truthfully bring to the debate of non-prescriptive circumstance, or invalid.

Yes, ignorance prevails within the Wild Horse establishment, and Wild Horses die, or sent to die in an extremely crude and hateful manner. Yes, ignorance leads to hate, we have found and very clear I might add, which also leads to bigotry, to profound excuse of death by false premise (or bad reasoning); which we can then combine with falsified information, greed, and falsified authority commentary, being extremely out of proportion with any type of reality what so ever. If this resembles at all previous events in history, and what war or revolutions had been based upon, then we can surmise perhaps one up and coming sooner than later – as a historically-based fact in the matters of a historical premise one cannot deny.


The Horse – Domestic and Wild

Keep this mind for further discussion: An estimated 1 to 10 percent of all species that ever lived have left fossils, and, an estimated 1 to 10 percent of those will ever be found.

So when we discuss the legitimate concern of a government agency wiping out “in total” the Wild Horses, we also understand, those that know and have obtained that knowledge in a real-time and thorough process of investigation framework, know Wild horses are Indigenous, and protected by law; but as stated previously, the laws in the matters of Wild Horses apparently overridden by suggestion and innuendo, and not law at all.

How is this possible, then, that government agencies simply ignore the present information? Once again we go to the aspects of misquotation and the false authority of “common knowledge” engendered by the repetition of false legendary histories . . . and overwhelming ignorance, brought about by illegitimate excuse as well as information geared toward Special Interests – or plainly, people are paid off = profoundly ignorant people are paid off, and within many ways. For Example: Politician’s paid off in monetary amounts, government employees paid off in job security, non-profits paid off in grant money, etc…

The true landscape of the Wild Horse’s today? They do not have a chance . . .

Oddly, a species such as the Wild Horse, the origins of which can be traced through a clear progression of fossils, and one of the only species that can do so, is more the exception than the rule. Distraction through different levels of ignorance certainly equates to deception becoming a science also, and government agencies and many non-profits, as well as ignorant individuals within their own perceptions of definition in the matters of Wild Horses, and suddenly we have a heap of nothing more than confusion; which, more Wild Horses die.

But even evolutionary certainties have their doubtful aspects. The Wild Horses, yes, but not within the fossils found, or the carbon dating, or the DNA, all these are quite telling, and factual – no, the certainties that lead to confusion with Paleontologists are nothing more than debates upon their behavior, diet, proximity of grasslands, metabolism, and of course ecology.

Also keep in mind, as a natural fact of this planet, that our current living world is not much different than that of worlds long ago, and those we only surmise through deductive relevance of information, of text books, whether myth or reality – or of any difference at all . . . Yes, this is where our connection with all that is around us starts to become a reality as well.

And the insurmountable fact? Wild Horses, just as then, just as now, have and always will be symbols of heavenly permanence and power and connected with all those who understand them – guided directly to the Heart and Soul of this Universe, which when all is connected, to our human species and our very heart and souls, as well.

imagesWild Horses – Darwin – Christianity – Spiritual Existence

There exist many situations beyond the basic debates of Darwinian Evolution Principles versus Creation Standard Beliefs, or dimensions of Spiritual existence. Yes, there does exist other ways of life on this planet other than competitive, or of the belief our superiority remains priority above all else; which we see consistently out here in our Natural Environment and Ecological Systems alike – yes, Our Landscapes of truth and obtained from fact, rather than perception.

Let’s take the picture of a conventional Darwinian peaceful landscape, which underneath is a seething battle for survival, which in reality, or a truth – whichever you may accept, is nothing more than a picture, an element of the academic; which, in truth nothing more than an artifact superimposed over the physical reality.

So rather than an “if” or an “or” situation of choice, we have the reality, as we stand and look at it in real-time, as well as explore it. We then discover a Circle of Life beyond what, indeed, we have accepted as conventional reasoning, or perception. We find a peaceful landscape is just that, Peaceful – within the Circle of Life. In truth these landscapes have evolved from cooperation among organisms as well as from competition.

If we speak of the finite details of how cooperative organisms can indeed develop, and within a very systematized and sophisticated chain of events, then we can also deduct within a separate system, non-competitive by the way, that a few systems are competitive – but only within their separate chain of events. This is what makes the whole, the positive and negative of the Universe, which established beyond doubt we are all connected to everything on this planet – and it is indeed, in its entirety, the Circle of Life – the Diversity of it all.

To accept one, yet deny the other, is a human species fault, not of Nature, but of swayed perceptions. To accept false-premise, in order to wipe-out an entire species, and neglect the truth of all aspects of the matters of concern, or what that species may give back to its habitat and ecology, and develop contrary falsehoods to do so, is just wrong – on a Universal Level as well as wrong within any Human Species aspects also!

The Wild Horses, currently, serves as a good example of poor Human Species flaws that have developed over time – and it is time to change these flaws to something of a Humane Reasoning Standard of acceptance of all living creatures on this planet.  — White Paper – John Cox, The Cascades

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A Short Note on Wild Horses and Saving Them

murderer's creek horses

“A leader should always be open to criticism, not silencing dissent. Any leader who does not tolerate criticism from the public is afraid of their dirty hands to be revealed under heavy light. And such a leader is dangerous, because they only feel secure in the darkness. Only a leader who is free from corruption welcomes scrutiny; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be an even greater leader.”  

The very premise of the Wild Horse and Burro Board is and remains corrupt. They break the Law in support of the Wild Horses on a continuous basis. There is no way, and others should be of the same mind set, that Horse Advocates who truly have the Wild Horse’s safety and life of freedom on our Public Lands in mind, would indeed neither attend nor even pay attention to such corrupt situations as the BLM, the DOI, the Humane Society, or the WH&B Board.

The significance here is the aspects of also the Pesticide known as PZP. It is a birth control. This birth control is used upon an under-populated species, the Wild Horse. When we consider the situation within its entirety, we see a couple of major points, negative toward the wild Horse’s longevity and freedom on America’s Public Lands:

  1. It provides a birth control situation so more Wild Horses can be rounded up and sent to holding corrals, without concerns of increased foaling populations developing;
  2. It provides access to KB’s, while wild horses whether captive or being rounded up, at taxpayer’s expense, to go either directly or indirectly to slaughter;
  3. In reality, real-time realty, the Pesticide PZP, or other birth controls, combined with the WH&B Board, the Humane Society, combined with BLM and DOI and Forestry Corruption (mind-sets and perspective corrupt as well) simply make rounding up the wild horses easier; indeed, they disappear easier from the BLM inventories, and much easier to convince the public of false information (i.e. over-population) when compared especially to cattle, when indeed on their legal and prescribed HMA, and in accord with law, the Wild Horses are and remain Under-populated.

The corruption increases exponentially with what is allowed. Joining the corruption does not, nor ever has been favorable toward any type of positive resolution for the Wild Horses – Look it up, it is history, and well defined. Getting Corruption out of government, is the only resolution that will assist the Wild Horses. Anything else simply caters toward the Wild Horse’s demise – As we are seeing today if we look at the situation within a truthful, non-prejudice nor narrow perspective.

To actually cater to corruption and misinformation, developed on False Pretense, not only does not help the Wild Horses – But will lead to the very extinction of Wild Horses! And this will happen much faster than ever before in the history of Wild Horse Roundups – it is much worse and much more efficient today, as well as much more misinformation to the public is given by government and the Humane Society as well.


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Wild Horses, Cougars, Bears, Wolves, and Over-kill: America’s Wildlife Management System Broken


“It has come to the point we are outsmarting ourselves. Is education possibly the process of trading awareness for things of lesser worth? The goose who trades his, is soon a pile of feathers.” — Aldo Leopold

I read a brochure the other day, in the matters (for Welfare Ranching) of a Predator Control initiative being placed as a ballot measure in an upcoming election. There were many questions come to mind when reading the brochure. The fact that no credible science involved at all, obvious. Frankly, it was misinformation at its lowest quality, similar  in the form of an 8th grader’s blatant (rants) of ignorance within any wildlife or predatory wildlife issue.

I called the person who wrote the brochure (his number on the pamphlet), as both a concerned taxpayer and as a concerned Wildlife Advocate. I had seen ballot measures like this pass in previous years, and also seen the ecological-destruction it caused afterward. I asked about references and science. Right away I was accused of being a left-wing radical with an agenda. From past issues I have found, one does not debate fools and stupidity, as there is no winner, no loser, just blatant remarks having no substance; which, eventually turn into coercion and threats to ironically force the opposition into agreement. . .

Change in Conservation

Eventually, many hunters, trappers, and ranchers will lose their influence in the matters of their type of conservation, and from nothing more than people waking up to reality, and finally seeing these hunters, trappers, and ranchers are not, nor never have been, conservationists what so ever. To the majority of American taxpayers, their type of conservationism is not conservation; but rather when attention is paid to the occasion, their conservation is nothing more than a kill anything that moves paradigm, with tremendous excuses as to why, which none seem to develop into nothing more than ignorance established from myth – or some type of heh-haw supposed tradition that really did not exist either. And the worst of the worst, the outright destruction and death of America’s Federal and Public Lands as well as such American Icons as the Wild Horse, the Cougar, the Bear, the Coyote, or the Wolf – all killed and not due to science nor population control — but rather killed due to a fear-based hatred, and spawned by ignorance and bigotry.

We are all part of an intricate circle of life, the human species is also within this circle. This circle of life requires “all” to remain healthy in order for all others to remain healthy – to include our environment and ecological systems. . . Yes, the truth is one supports the other, continuous, as good science shows us time and again — consistently.

But in truth it is the facts that will place an end to their prejudice myth of what conservation is, and is not. The facts are that other groups and interests (i.e. other than special-interest hunting, trapping, or ranching venues) are on the increase in America’s wildlife and wilderness controversy.

This is largely due to the majority of American’s overwhelming taxpayer support. This exists now in all States, anywhere from 70% to 95% of Wildlife and Fish and Game Management agencies budgets supported by the general taxpayer population. Many people are becoming aware of this fact. Many people are now demanding their voice be heard, and special interest priorities be taken out of the decision making process. The majority of American’s, taxpayer’s, want healthy ecological systems be developed as a priority, rather than killing-playgrounds, or financial stability profit base, for special interests only.

The twisted-at-best conservationist-terminology used by the Special Interest Groups, have indeed run-down the wildlife population and environment to such proportion, over the past few decades, that urgent efforts now need to be developed and placed into action within proper management paradigms.

Fact: The supposed North American Model of Wildlife Management is inadequate (as history also shows us and within undeniable science) yet ignored for Scarcity-Economics which leads to misinformation, or ideologies based on a False-Premise, to maintain any wildlife or ecological system types of management on Federal or State lands.

The cattle ranching paradigms are destructive in total – as well as hunting or trapping management paradigms – which all are based upon nothing more than myth, or fear-based conjecture. This arrangement is then adapted toward profit margin within the sales of Specialized Permits or License by State or by Federal government agencies – all profit oriented rather than based on any type of science what so ever.

In Oregon State, for example, 3 Legislators, as well as several non-profits, lied to pass State Laws in order to remove Wolves from the Endangered Species List, in order to kill them later by hunters or trappers, but oh boy, the license and permit sales will escalate among other, well, questionable situations – Science was not used, but stated it was, most definitely, to the Oregon Public and taxpayers — the Law Passed in accord with good science, supposedly, but sadly and in reality, it was not at all..

The other ugly fact is corruption develops from such false science, misinformation, and government agencies bending to Special Interests. The fact is our overall wildlife and ecological environments destroyed, by nothing more than ignorance and corrupt government agencies who deny the public honest appraisals of, for example, truth in the matters of land management situations, or Environmental Assessments. . .

Special Interests / Population Increase = Corruption and Destruction

“This increase in human population, combined with the technology of the early industrial era, and the demands of a market economy, caused wildlife populations to plummet from a combination of unchecked exploitation and environmental alteration. Some examples:

  • The vast migratory herds of bison on the Great Plains were systematically slaughtered or died of cattle-borne diseases until only a few hundred individuals were left;
  • The passenger pigeon, whose numbers were once reckoned to be in the billions, became extinct in the wild. Both adults and young were harvested commercially. The last bird died in captivity in 1914;
  • Heron and egret populations were decimated by hunters shooting them in their breeding colonies for plumes for ladies’ hats;
  • The ranges of large predators such as grizzly bears, mountain lions, and wolves became greatly reduced. Mountain lions and wolves were virtually eliminated from eastern North America, as were grizzly bears from California.
  • White-tailed deer became extremely scarce in the eastern United States through a combination of habitat loss and over-hunting;
  • Runs of salmon and shad disappeared from many eastern rivers, their runs blocked by mill dams or killed by factory wastes in combination with unlimited fishing . . .

The massive-killing of wildlife is not really surprising, considering the attitudes of most people living in that era, which were largely characteristic of the combined agricultural situations and early industrial society of the times. Nature was regarded as something that got in the way of civilization and “progress”, and a source of goods to sell on the market.” — Aldo Leopold, America’s Wildlife: Cityward or Landward in 2016 – Have We Learned Nothing?

In another words, these special interest have, and continue, to deplete all wildlife and our living environment, to non-life standards of depredation and intrusive destruction – all the while calling themselves good-conservationists. Well, no they are not! No, they never have been.

Bad Science and Misinformation

Many of these mythic and often very aggressive fake conservationists– the hunters, ranchers, and trappers – give the public the impression that they are indeed the only ones who know the reality of what they speak – and of course have the only true-facts; which, if that is unacceptable, well, then they will threaten, coax, and even coerce many people into an uncomfortable truth – that they are right and everyone else is wrong. They portray the general public as ignorant, and honest advocates and those honest and good scientific researchers, as against hunting or against aggressive predator control.

This has essentially shut-out the majority of people that have legitimate demands, especially toward how and where to enjoy America’s Wildlife and Ecological Systems. As well, there exist currently concerns over the developments of our Wildlife being sacrificed for things most American’s do not want it sacrificed for – and if at all – when finding out the truth — which, by the way, our government agencies are paid to tell the taxpayer’s, the owners of this Public Lands and federal lands. . . So why are they not doing so?

Killing is based upon False Premise. . .

For example, Wild Horses on America’s Public Lands are sacrificed for an over-abundance of cattle on our Public Lands;john tree header

First, government management never provides honest or scientifically accurate Environmental Assessments or other regulatory situations to demonstrate cattle should even roam over much of America’s Public Lands, and simply due to this, our Public Lands destroyed;

Secondly, the False Premise of an underpopulated species, the Wild Horses on Public Lands, is stated, falsely I might add, by government management to be over-populated – yet cattle out-number the Wild Horses within a 5,000 to 1 ratio – costing the taxpayers millions of dollars yearly for this False Premise – and billions for supported an unneeded industry, Welfare Ranching and in support of Grazing Permits on Public Lands. (There is much more to this situation, but merely an example here and limited within this conversation)

But, there is much more, and the 48% Overkill situation, that legitimate science has discovered since the year 2000. This Overkill is over and above the normal death rate of wildlife yearly, and certainly, from good science also, threatens the human-species very life on this planet. As we now see, within the next few decades — and if this Overkill situation continues, an end to the human-species – as all is connected on this planet, and links to life that should not, EVER, become severed, are being severed through extinction. Yes, these matters of significant wildlife having to do with enhancing our environment, our forestry, and our waters, is ignorantly being sent to extinction and primarily due to humans hunting, trapping, or for more over-abundant cattle to be placed upon America’s Public Lands.


We can define ignorance in many, many ways. But one definitive method is the fact of acknowledgement, or learning from the past, of wrongs and how to go about things the right way.

Early settlers killed wolves and other predators with abandon, blaming them for declines in game populations. And not so surprisingly Wilderness areas suffered tremendously, and Conservation situations and regulatory relief was implemented, out of necessity, to save many Ecological systems and environments from destruction, actually protecting these areas from hunter-trappers-ranchers and their extremes of Overkill of America’s Wildlife and their false representation of Conservation.

At that time, just as today, to control these destructive mind-sets becomes mandatory.

It is now time for the American taxpayers to take part in the regulatory and wildlife conservation situation – through knowledge and voting for their interests, to essentially save America’s Wildlife. The ownership of America’s Wildlife is for everyone, not just a select few to kill as they please. It is time for politically based science, and special interest groups to take a back seat, to the priority – Saving Our World – and that is a pretty significant situation to many . . .

All of American’s need to take part in our Natural Resources, and Wildlife Management has got to change to a more Conservation-Management Premise toward Wildlife situations and ideologies — as 48% of our wildlife wiped-out, Over-killed since the year 2,000, certainly shows us the fact that ignorance can no longer dictate sound Wildlife Conservation what so ever — and Special Interests need to be removed — SOONER THAN LATER! —


America’s Wildlife: Cityward or Landward in 2016 – Have We Learned Nothing?  // – John Cox, 2016

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A Tavern, Vietnam Vet, and Jim The Greek

john icon 222
Ya know, Nature gives us all the power of Freedom, and like the Wild Horses, many want to take that away and convince us that it is their perspective of Freedom that is the only Freedom.

Well, Nature and the Great Spirit gives us the choices of Wisdom and Compassion as well. Neither one of what Nature gives us agrees that freedom is only what corporations and our government give us.

This Natural Freedom is within us all. Reach deep, as it is hidden due to all the crap we have had and are right now being pumped into all of us. The Freedom in there is for all of us, and the Wisdom, Love, Integrity, and Compassion as well. – John Cox, The Cascades

In 1971, I come back from Vietnam. One evening and not long after getting back to the states, went down to the Pastime Tavern, with many friends since childhood — born and raised.  One beer and I needed some fresh air. The screen door slammed shut behind me, as I stepped out back.  I took a place and sat down, on the old and worn out brick and concrete sidewalk.  It that had been there, and never changed, for as long as I can remember. . .  Nothing really changes much in a small town.

Anyway, it overlooked the town’s park, and what I thought was simply a beautiful place to see, especially in moonlight.  Mostly, because I made it home in one piece, and as other friends who were killed in Vietnam, never had the opportunity to see their home-town again; which, I knew quite well and in my thoughts constantly.  Most Vietnam Veteran’s know exactly what I am talking about here.

While sitting, just gazing at the beautiful green-colors in the moonlight, in reality, the quiet never felt so good . . . I heard the tavern’s back door slam shut.  I turned and saw Jim The Greek walking toward me – indeed, an old friend.  He was a gambler, a older man and quite the gentleman.

He had known me since I was a child.  Been around town for a long time, Ol’ Jim, and a lot of gambling and knowledge reaped from all of it. He was an old philosopher, and just an all around descent person, and always said hello with respect, ever since I could remember.


He sat on the old sidewalk, nodded a hello, then gazed at the park, quietly.

Jim The Greek:  Glad you made it back. We were all worried about you.

He was a good man, I reached over to shake his hand; gladly I might add.

John:  Thank you, Jim. Good to be back.

We sat there for I do not really know how long, until Jim spoke again.

Jim The Greek: Beautiful, isn’t it. Ya know, I was in a war. It was tough. . . Not the war, really.  But being back.  Being alive. . . when all my buddies were killed.  That makes it tough, I know.

John: I know. It’s . . ..

Jim The Greek: (sitting looking over the park). . . Ya, I know.  You don’t have to talk about it.  I found later in life, the Blues. It dug me out of that ditch, and I could see sunlight. A little bit anyway. It’s the words they sing, like talkin’, it’s their story — but the guitar, the harp . . . It’s the guitar strings, the harp, that’s you’re story.  You gotta feel it, and when ya do, boy or boy . . . Light . . .

Jim got up, he stood for a minute and looked at the park, for one last and long moment.

Jim The Greek:  Beautiful, isn’t it — the moon, the trees, the green . . .

He then stepped over, reached down and put his hand on my shoulder.

Jim The Greek: . . . It’s your song, son.  All of it — and life itself. Standup.  Hell, stare at the sun if you want — and sing it . . . We’ll listen, for sure.  All of us, alive and dead.

Jim The Greek died two days later. I felt I was indeed the recipient of his last words of wisdom, his choice, and cherished them my entire life.  God Bless kind and compassionate people, always . . . as they know . . .

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Notes From The Cascades: The Pesticide PZP – False Premise and Lies

john tree headerNotes from the Journal – The Cascades.  In the mountains 24/7 while Observing our Natural Ecological Systems and Wildlife in the Cascade Mountains of the Northwest.

The Premise of “All Is Connected” on this planet Earth, is an Absolute Truth. It is the very basis of what others and myself write about, photograph, and explain in consistent information given to the public.

Our government and special interests, for the almighty dollar, set this “Truth” aside, as if it does not exist; which promotes lies, they distribute misinformation, and basically sell their false-ideas and gimmicks, just as Snake-Oil Salesman used to do, as some type of necessary truth.

Poor and outright erroneous decisions, within our environmental management, our nations and worlds wildlife, and even our Humane Principle’s, all adjusted to these false gimmicks and ideologies – which equate to the slow demise of our planet and our species.

The fact is the human species, out of greed and illusory Superiority, is destroying our very existence on this planet. Change needed . . .


A Note here – the fact many large non-profits, in particular those assuming assistance for animals and wildlife safety and security and humane treatment (which BTW does not include death as some would like to twist the terms Humane Reasoning) and to safe-guard them, have indeed twisted, and yes, even redone the term Humane. Many, including this writer, now see Humane as catering to an Industrial-Type of Humane, rather than its correct terminology and meaning – “Humane – having or showing compassion or benevolence . . .”

Perhaps many of these supposed animal welfare non-profits should change their non-profit status to a more Industrialized-style of Humane, which is far more truthful indeed, so people actually know and can acknowledge what it is they, indeed, are contributing to – as today it is quite obvious the term twisted, and the actions, in a reality, do not correspond with saving of animal life nor placing them into a safe environment —

Here is one example, and make no doubt many more available, our government and non-profits appeal toward — Today this is exemplified with the Pesticide PZP . . . and within this example —

foal“Interesting that we promote a Pesticide, and make-believe it is a supposed life-saving situation, even though it is a Pesticide — and those who support it, well, lie, misinform the public, and attest that was an error in registration process.

Well, no error what so ever! Over an extended period of several years, and failure to register the product Pesticide PZP with the FDA, that also agrees it is a Pesticide, it was finally approved for, essentially, a marketable product in the United States, and only as a Pesticide and by the EPA. Thereby, it is referenced correctly — The Pesticide PZP, and make no doubt of this classification and genetic alteration.

Then we move to the False Premise of Over-Population of Wild Horses. Well, once again we look at lies, misinformation given to the public, and those who sell the ideas of this Pesticide also lie about wild horses starving on Public Lands (photos of one group of wild horses in southern Nevada being the promoting element of the lies, but derived from a questionable situation down there, at best) — the contradiction here very provable, are the facts of the horses still wondering freely on America’s Public Lands, that are very wholesome, healthy, and vigorous within their environment. Contradictory evidence of the promotion of Lies — yes, this simple, yet apparently ignored by many — IGNORANCE?

Greed and Illusory Superiority is an odd killer of our environment and wildlife today.

Then we go to the fact that Humane-Principle’s had to be changed, warped into an information package of utter irresponsibility, and the assumptive quality only being the fact of developing a birth control that pretty much sends the Wild Horses to Extinction — to supposedly Save their Lives, of America’s Wild Horses — a Commercialized rendition of Humane Principle’s — or Ignorance rearing its ugly face, again and again . . .

No Wait a minute — this has nothing to do with correct terminology what so ever — it has to do with human greed, with irresponsible people in charge of the well being of America’s Wild Horses, and Ignorance.

We need change — and from these types of people that would lie, misinform, and all around assume their objective, and no one else is of paramount significance — and despite the reality — Wild Horses Becoming Extinct, and very soon!

John Cox — Journal Log 6/1/2016 The Cascades

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Scarcity-Economics: Wild Horses, Wildlife, and Humans Death a Reality

john chiminey rougue sepia“A truth is simply the truth.  It cannot act or imply different.  Bothersome to some, perfectly acceptable to others.”  — John Cox

America’s Wild Horses — America’s Public Lands, show us a not so exclusive and ongoing paradigm of “scarcity-economics” alive and well. This overabundance and waste shows us all the tremendous conflict such a false-premise provides us, as our existence on this plant threatened just as often, daily now – and continues, largely due to apathy or acceptance of such a false premise or ideology of scarcity-economics.

We can use one example of many, many more — bothersome, for quite some time now and the controversial wild horse issues on our Public Lands, is the fact we are seeing a large overabundance of beef on today’s commercial markets. Continuous USDA statistics show us unnerving details of reality – 38% of commercial beef thrown-out from United States market-outlets yearly – 93 billion tons produced commercially, throw-away amounts = 35.34 tons (app.) of beef wasted . . .

Wild Horses Die, our environment threatened — much of it destroyed – but there is more, much more negative, and based on what is termed by many nothing more than scarcity-economics, or yet another false premise for few to obtain a lot of profit and a lot of power – mostly through fear-based ideology.

To say we are sacrificing America’s Wild Horses is and remains an understatement. We are, in reality, not only sacrificing billions of dollars’ yearly to support an industry that provides “overabundant amounts of beef commercially in the U.S.” and to the American Public, but more billions of dollars of taxpayer money (i.e. welfare ranching) to Public Lands Grazing (PLG) of cattle and sheep that in truth supply less than 1% to this same over-abundant market.

The fact is, Welfare Ranching gives nothing to America, nor are they an icon of historical America – but more of an oxymoron within America. They are and simply remain, mooches off of America’s Federal Lands. To assume anything differently, is preposterous and false.

Another unwanted truth, most of PLG-welfare ranchers and their agricultural or beef product — PLG export margins as high as 48% throw-away amounts of overabundant beef within foreign markets, yearly (the deception is that wild horses overpopulate our Public Lands and as we are currently led to believe; but in truth it is cattle, within an 1,800 to 1 ratio – cattle in reality are extremely over-abundant all the while destroying ecological zones, our environment, and public lands over-all, and more added daily onto Public Lands) . . . “Scarcity-Economics” at its falsified and false-premise best . . . and more industries involved, this one simply highlighted here . . .


To appeal toward an ideology, such as “scarcity-economics” is neither the natural way of living, nor is it consistent with fact. We simply develop this mind-set, mostly from what we are told, that there is “not enough” and the laws of modern industrialized markets have been devised to concur with this idea of “not enough” . . . and yet, this equates to scarcity-economics. Scarcity-Economics nothing more than a false premise, and American’s starting to take-issue at such a devastating premise built on falsified information and no fact in reality.

We’re challenged at every aspect of this situation, or mind-set, but ignore it most often. But as soon as we start asking questions, or faced with such situations as sufficiency, and this is the nature of our present knowledge, we remain faced with the same challenge – which is – false-premise versus fact.

Much of the information is available to everyone, all, and that includes government agencies, politician’s, and taxpayer’s – all. Again and again, it all comes back to our commitment; There is an economic premise of scarcity and, somehow, that premise of scarcity has governed our decisions.

This is the way it is . . . The danger? Once a premises accepted, all of the laws of economics automatically evolve – The Law of Supply and Demand, The Law of the Least Useful Unit (wild horses on public lands for example), and mostly the things learned in colleges, and the economic-androids sit and nod their heads, and say, “Okay. Sounds good.”

It is the shape of the world. This is the situation and we accept it – for decades now. Ironically, in all the hubbub of right and wrong, humane and inhumane, we have accepted this scarcity-paradigm as reality – as we nod our heads again and think, how moronic, and then do nothing about it. No one denies it. We are all hooked on scarcity . . . the “What If” syndrome, rather than living in Reality.IMG_0494-450x300

There is a definition of The Law of Supply and Demand that fits here quite appropriately. An economist by the name of Samuelsson, puts it: “When the rich man’s dog gets the milk that the poor man’s child needs to avoid rickets, is the system working badly? No. It is working as it is designed to do – putting goods in the hands of those with the most money or dollar votes.” (e.g. Super-delegates are dollar votes, make no doubt, an excellent term in Reality)

Do these facts sound reprehensible? Absolutely! In reality, it is colloquially well put and it certainly accepts the current economics – the exchange situation in our world. We have given up.

Since we all accept this false premise – there’s not enough – and since our world is governed with this false situation, the gaps increase between nations, between ethnic races and people, between the special interest groups receiving the benefits, and those who do not, between the mind sets of the older generation compared to the younger generation – and oddly all generations conform to it . . .

“. . . and if the scarcity doesn’t exist, by damn we will make it exist. Our science tells us we can manipulate things to make it exist. We call it job-security. . .” — Anonymous Research Scientist, Dept. of the Interior

It is this gap, within its many faces, that is, undoubtedly, our threat today. Because it is this gap, expressed in:

  1. The ecological zone and environmental destruction;
  2. The wildlife kill-off (i.e. 48% of our nations wildlife killed) since 2000 (mostly for ranching and over-abundance);
  3. Wildlife sent to extinction in the thousands (mostly due to corporate expansion upon land — or price increase of limited or extinct species, which ultimately remains, and mostly for bar-room brag);
  4. Wild Horses on the way to extinction (all for ranching and over-abundance, oil industry over-abundance, foreign land leasing, and on and on of false premise of necessity);
  5. Short-sighted humans do not see nor understand our own extinction within a few decades to come, as well, and all due to scarcity-economics.

Yes, the ultimate situations of empathy toward scarcity-economics exists as well, sadly. Often it is expressed in war or violence, or superiority – in a one-person superior over another-person mentality, and forced upon anyone with a different method toward life, or toward independence that does not include the scarcity-economic mind-set.

Yes, when noted as fact, it becomes quite obvious our system, both the false-premise of a functional system for all, remains sacrifice-economics, is indeed and in truth non-functional, as well as the facts that represent this paradigm as a one and only “fixed-system” is also untrue. So yes, change is inevitable, and it is simply a matter of an over-all adjustment in mind-sets – the seed has been planted . . . change must develop . . .

Sufficiency Economics

Ironically, the situation for change in “Sufficiency” can be accomplished. Odd to many who have discussed this situation, was the fact of how easy it can be done, without change to any group or any class of people. So the BMW people need not change to the truck crowd, or visa-versa, as one of many examples.

The fact is that neither over-abundance nor sacrifice need to happen, at all. The change is within the better use of what we have, and maintain a balance of necessity. This, Simply, creates sufficiency, an adequate or appropriate abundance of supply, within a manageable form. Currently, there is too much on the market, and simply mismanaged as well, due to simply too much – for example, way too much beef and way too much sacrifice, especially when considering the amounts thrown-away on a yearly basis (per USDA statistics).

“Someone many years ago stated, “Use what you need, leave the remainder for others. Can the human mind-set make this a reality?”

The fact is if we break through these basic constraints, which by the way is something our generation and this up and coming generation has been saddled with – the acceptance of scarcity – simply the implications alone will provide intent to move forward, to a more substantial and more manageable paradigm of sufficiency. Then it more than ever can become placed into action.

Abundance is an odd term. We can have abundant necessities within our life right now, that indeed can be classified as sufficient. My point being is – that with us common folks, nothing really has to change.

The mind-set of corporations, or the faulty misinformation to conduct birth control of a harmless species, for example the wild horses on public lands, and absurdly be led to believe 1 horse can do the damage of 100 cattle, remains preposterous and simply untrue. But based on the scarcity-economics paradigm, and fear, this can become true because a horse remains less than a cow mathematically, so the horse, despite true or not, needs to go – The Law of the Least Useful of scarcity-economics will indeed have its ways.

Sufficiency is more of a “Balance” between Supply and Need. It is very possible to maintain, and manage appropriately effective supply to accommodate necessity, and remains accomplishable within a present context of both the term and life of the current market. Moderation is always beneficial, and here very much so, within an appropriately abundant paradigm. So we can now use the term “abundance” quite eloquently and informed, rather than a form of leading people to a wrong conclusion from misinformation. Scarcity-economics, or a fear-based paradigm, is simply used in order to accumulate more product to the market, which in over-abundance provides scarcity within its natural resource environment, but truthfully merely appeals to aspects of product waste within large volume (i.e. in food supplies for example). This is what we can term as an ascertainable, or mathematical as a realizable fact.

Probably here it would be good to use the term “realization”, as a key element in “not-producing” to an over-abundant situation and accumulation. Because of the fact “all” humans can benefit, is oddly knowledge that divides many people. And yet, it is the fact of over accumulation and its necessity, yes scarcity-economics mind-set strikes again, is truthfully the cause of wars and human dissatisfaction toward other humans and animals alike . . . Interesting complex of issues when researched. . .

Sustainability and Sufficiency Co-Exist

So how do we go about this? One resolution, or option of many others available, and far more definable as truth when compared to the untruth of scarcity-economics. We set forth that all the world is the marketplace, and that there is availability to supply all of the world, when managed with nature and sustainability a priority for consistency, then incorporated with sufficiency of product. Accumulation simply destructive and non-resourceful toward replenishment of product, as well as other apparent problems.

In the beef example above, there existed over 35 tons of beef yearly thrown away, due to selective market values – which did not have to be produced at all, in reality. This tonnage, in reality, and if managed properly, could have fed many others in 2/3ds of the world markets now ignored – or many see these markets as non-profitable, so people starve. Yes, people starve, another direct development of the scarcity-economic mind-set, and the over-accumulation of product and “let it rot” mentality, as long as profits obtained for a few. Have you had enough yet?

The interesting situation here is the present channels and present means of distribution do not change. What does change is Priorities.   Competition takes-out the useless and non-necessary entities of, for example agricultural producers. Those who destroy their lands or environments, and expect taxpayer money, for example to cover them, or simply move to other sections of Public Lands, would be inappropriate and non-feasible.john tree header

The aspect of accumulation gone from the sufficiency-economic paradigm, so sustainability once again becomes the paramount concern for producers of agricultural products, rather than just implied, as currently the implication provides more of America’s lands destroyed under false premise, as well as the Global Warming crisis.


There is quite a bit more to get into and within this particular paradigm of economic-sufficiency, but all of it very positive, as it has got to do with human mind-set and priorities of humane significance, rather than riches or power based false premise. The cohabitate-situation, and respect toward wildlife, ecological systems, and other humans, and within a Humane Context, is the way of the future – out of necessity.

We as human’s are on the road to destruction, where self-destruction of our species is a “truism” indeed – all scientific and other information is pointedly showing us this to be a fact. Many choose to ignore this situation.

The fact is the Earth, once we are gone, will simply replenish itself over a time-period. The only difference being is the fact we, the human species, will simply not be here. Over time the ruins of our civilization will deteriorate, and afterward, simply will be gone.

Sustainability and Coexistence a very important paradigm to consider, right now. Oddly, respecting all life on this planet a very substantial and very easily accomplished methodology – it is human mind-sets that remain difficult, obtrusive, and certainly apathetic to what our situation is currently on our planet.

So many things outright broken by us and within nature, and our representative management systems simply and neglectfully ignore, through improper management paradigms, this reality.

Oddly, many people fear, or ignore the positive, in order to maintain the negative situations so apparent to many others. . . One-day change will happen, and our world can become extraordinary again . . . – John Cox, The Cascades


Wild Horse Sterilization Government Programs: Ethics? Morals? or Humane Decay


Sterilization of Wild Horses on Public Lands? We see an ongoing travesty here, within government agencies of the Bureau of Land Management, the Humane Society, the Wild Horse and Burro Board, and other affiliated non-profits and corporations alike – the Travesty?

The travesty, in reality an ethical and moral horror show, is the fact the sterilization of wild horse’s entire premise, yes, the very basis of reasoning remains and is false. Yes, a lie of tremendous proportions, and its ongoing misrepresentation of facts . . .

You see, the facts can be exemplified, 5,000 cattle that roam over a thousand acres on our Public Lands, often destroys these same lands – truthful and non-manipulated science makes this very clear. In truth, and on our Public Lands, we have a problem with cheat grass, wildfires, and we have a problem with extreme weight-bearing cattle hooves, the way cattle eat and disturb the roots of vegetation destructively, and the emission of gases over abundantly into the atmosphere; we have a problem with cattle and cheat grass attracting Crows, which then attack an endangered species of Sage Grouse as good non-manipulated science shows clearly as well. But the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management, to get along with welfare ranchers, well, Lie. “We Blame the Wild Horses,” they say.

Suddenly it is not the 5,000 cattle on a few thousand acres, that is an over abundant amount as well per square-footage of range-grazing use – rather, it is the wild horses, 200 of them, on the same thousands of acres, that are, as BLM-DOI-Humane Society-and other non-profits want us to believe, is the burden. But why?

This is what those who want to continue experimentation and sterilization of America’s Icon (similar in all aspects of Icon as the Bald Eagle, it is safe to state as fact) want the public to believe – it is the 200 horses that cause the damage, and place an endangered species, the Sage Grouse, in jeopardy as well.

Money and power, and despite what they state as necessity, the corruption is and remains tremendous within all of the wild horse management people and organizations involved right now.  One could, in real-time, state clearly and without hesitation the Organized Crime element exists within this situation — America needs, no allow me to say, America “Demands” its Checks-n-Balance System back, and take care of situations like this, and in an appropriate manner, and legally.

A History

“COMPULSORY STERILIZATION, 1933-1939 When Adolf Hitler took power in Germany, one of his top priorities was to purify the race and to build the genetically pure Aryan man. It was an objective he had discussed in his early manifesto, Mein Kampf. One of the first major laws passed by the Nazi regime in 1934 was the forced sterilization program of those with hereditary illnesses. This program was intended to develop eventually into a full-scale program of euthanasia for those judged “unworthy of life,” especially the mentally and physically disabled. To prepare public opinion in greater Germany, a systematic and widespread propaganda campaign was put into effect to provide the scientific and political rationale for these proposals and to build support among the public at large.

The Nazi propaganda program took advantage of a well-developed German film industry that was already being retooled as an instrument of the state in order to maintain and expand backing for the regime. The general pattern of slick, well-produced films utilized repetition of misleading and erroneous scientific information and statistics, coupled with powerful emotional images that confirmed pre-existing prejudices and stereotypes. These techniques were particularly effective when applied to the forced sterilization program and to the euthanasia program that would follow when public opinion was sufficiently prepared. These techniques were also used to inform and indoctrinate those personally involved in carrying out the initiatives and to help maintain their level of commitment.hitler and freedom

The scientific and medical communities that would implement these programs were already well-disposed to accept their theoretical underpinnings. . .”

“. . . As early as 1920 Karl Binding, a legal specialist, and Alfred Hoche, a psychiatry professor, had published an influential book entitled Permission for the Destruction of Unworthy Life. Hoche in particular advocated the idea of an organic state that must amputate any useless or diseased limb in order to assure the survival of the body politic. A series of training films were produced to indoctrinate medical personnel. They were widely shown at medical conferences, and we have evidence of one that was viewed at a 1935 national meeting of the Nazi partyi

One early 16mm film Erbkrank (“The Hereditarily Ill” or “The Genetically Diseased”), variously dated as 1934 (U.S. National Archives) or 1936 (Bundesarchiv, Koblenz) was presented as an educational documentary by the NSDAP, the agency for racial affairs of the National Socialist Party. It begins by citing the influence of the “Jewish Liberal thinking” that led to a situation in which mentally ill and handicapped patients were being cared for in “palatial” sanatoriums by “the cream” of the medical profession, the best-educated, best-trained, and healthiest nurses and doctors. These idyllic scenes are intercut with contrasting scenes of average, hard-working German families living in abject poverty within over-crowded hovels, and the implication is that their situation is the result of the same misguided policies: “Healthy families are housed in sheds that are falling apart and in dark alleys, but for the insane… palaces have been built.” This was a particularly telling argument for the average German worker, impoverished during the terrible economic times of the Weimar Republic.

. . . The problem is presented in Darwinian terms: only the healthy will succeed in the new state and become “good Nazis” capable of building the Thousand Year Reich. . .”

Concern Rather Than Emotion or Contempt

“Another example of concern, I recall, was the 16mm films like Das Erbe (“The Inheritance”) hammer home the theme that the weak perish and the strong survive according to the natural law and God’s order. Through footage of stag beetles battling and plants fighting for survival, the point is made that “we all live in a battle in which the weak are eliminated.” Once again this wisdom is imparted by a doctor, a scientist who studies the natural world where war and survival are the rule.

Techniques of horse breeding are explained, with the implication that they can be applied to racial breeding. The example of an American family called the Kallikaks, a staple of the Nazi propaganda films supporting sterilization, is trotted out to demonstrate how bad genes and illnesses can be widely distributed through otherwise healthy families, bringing misery in their wake. Another often repeated image appearing in the background is a dictum attributed to Adolf Hitler: “He who is not healthy and able, both physically and mentally, may not immortalize his body in that of his child.””

So many of these people involved in the sterilization of wild horses from Public Lands, will state Horse Advocates, for example, deal in emotion-only reflexive action in the matters of the wild horses. Well no, that is yet another untruth they pander to the public. The concern is the Gorilla in the Room Complex – the fact the entire Wild Horse and Burro Program, as it is today, is built on false premise, and in direct violation in the matters of many of the laws that are inclusive within the Wild Horse and Burro Act, and of course when situations like this do exist, corruption abounds . . .

There is simply no truth given to the public by the Bureau of Land management, the Department of the Interior, the Humane Society, or any others attached to these Wild Horse Programs, and as they exist today.

Then we move to Welfare Ranching on Public Lands, which is an entirely different, yet associated with false premise combined with the lie or myth of ranching of yester-years entirely. This government subsidy program is nothing more than corruption within other subsidy programs in the billions. Once again the taxpayer’s ripped off entirely, with nothing to show for their tax-dollars given in subsidies!Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-215-0366-03A,_Russland,_Soldat,_Pferd_im_Winter

Yet, taxpayers, who indeed pay for this entire mess of corruption, pay the bills and remain either ignored, or become part of the supposedly terrible Horse Advocates – who are indeed only concerned about saving the Wild Horses. Then the Gorilla in the Room rears its ugly head once again, we find very questionable people, in the wild horse management realms, that apparently have sold their souls within the pools of immorality, no ethics, and move along with an astounding and corrupt procedure, or ethical boundaries of the Nazi’s within the early part of this century – Sterilization for . . .

Well, who knows, because what it is today and under the paradigm of False Premise, can be changed tomorrow, in order to coverup the lie from yesterday, in order to ignore Environmental Health, and prescribe roundups next week of America’s Icons, the Wild Horses under the guise of damage the horses pose on America’s Rangelands – and the lie and flow of misinformation continues –


The Nazi propaganda effort in support of forced sterilization and euthanasia was in many ways a classic campaign to win public acceptance and understanding of a controversial policy. It was built on accepted scientific theories current at the time and took them to their logical conclusion. The triumph of eugenics and social Darwinism provided the scientific footing to justify many actions that would otherwise have been reprehensible. The propaganda also provided a moral sanction for these activities by claiming to restore God’s order to Christian Germany, an order that was upset by the advent of liberal Jewish doctrine. This was a theme that the Nazis used to great effect.

TIME FOR CHANGE is and remains an understatement. America is better than what these government agencies involved, as well as the Humane Society and other non-profits demonstrate today. None of them, currently, represent the American Intelligence and Ethics so many have fought for in all wars and in all circumstances.

We defeated the Nazi’s – not from hatred, but from motivated paradigms from such honesty as the difference between Right and Wrong – and a truth from all of our hearts that life is to be respected and cherished – not slaughtered or sterilized out of existence!

What is needed to provide change? Honesty is needed here, not corrupt ideologies nor a broken-wildlife management procedure, and based from a war of mental attrition by the Nazi Party – who by the way were defeated entirely by American knowledge, motivated by patriotism and ethics – something those involved with the Sterilization of America’s Wild Horses should learn, as obviously they have not a clue about our history nor Ethics, nor Morality in America!

But the more American’s know and acknowledge what is ongoing on our Public Lands, the filth and corruption evident, then soon, these entities will be introduced to America, the Good America that has ethics and standards of, yes, even management and respect for our Nation’s Wildlife – All Wildlife! — John Cox, Note Filed in The Cascades


Michael Burleigh, Death and Deliverance: Euthanasia in Germany, 1900-1945 (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1994) p. 97. I am deeply indebted to Burleigh’s book throughout this paper. See also Robert Jay Lifton, The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Pathology of Genocide (New York: Basic Books, 1986).

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